Monday, November 2, 2009

Host a cardsigning event!

Veteran's Day is on a Wednesday this year - so stretch the celebration of our heroes to the weekends on either side! Host a cardsigning at your church, club, school, at a parade or other event—anywhere people gather. You'll be surprised how many people are happy to take just a moment to write a quick thankyou note! A few notes not included in the video:
  1. The written notes can be very short - "Thanks for your service, I appreciate you!" is fine if that's all they want to write.
  2. The notes can also be long and chatty - telling the hero about life at home, their school or neighborhood, talk about the weather, etc.
  3. These can be on handmade cards, note paper, storebought cards, or anything.
  4. Children's letters can be creative! Turn them loose with art supplies to draw pictures. (Please, NO GLITTER.) We also have some kids coloring pages available for download ---> here <---, and we have more details and ideas for kids --->here<---
  5. Sign cards and letters with first name, first/last, hometown - anything is okay. Hometown is a lovely touch so they know where the sentiment is coming from! Addresses and email addresses are okay (except from children!) but do not expect a letter; they may or may not be able to write back.
(A side note: in the years we've been doing cardsignings, we've found that people are more comfortable putting their letter into a private box like this; if they hand it to a person, it's as if they're worried someone will read what they've written, and it makes them nervous! So a box like this makes it feel private, even though OWH will review the letters to be sure they're appropriate. People are funny, huh!)

Here are some resources for you: an "instruction sheet" you can post on the table that explains simply what people should do, and also a little arrow you can put on your collection box if you make one like the box shown in the video!


Anonymous said...

I can't get the instruction sheet to download. It says that page is not there.

Operation Write Home said...

Ooops! Html goofup. It should work now, let me know if it doesn't!