Sunday, November 15, 2009

OWH Veterans Day Bloghop

While the 'hop' is now over, you can still visit the posts. The links in this blog post go to the individual bloghop posts (while their links in the posts lead to the latest post on that blog) so use the links to see what everyone posted for the hop. Prize offerings are no longer open, but leave comments anyway!
 Welcome to the start of the BLOGHOP!

Visit 76 craft blogs for our Veteran's Day Bloghop .... and honor those who serve our great nation!
How it works:
  1. Bloggers signed up over the last few weeks, and agreed to all post about OWH today....a few cards they made, links back to our site, and talk about whatever they want about their participation.
  2. YOU get to go visit all the blogs! Each one should have a link to the following blog....if one does not, come back to this post and see the list at the bottom of this post - and pick up where you left off!
  3. Leave comments on the blogs! Everyone loves feedback on their work and writing. We encourage you to comment specifically on what you liked about it if you're able! Some of them are offering prizes/RAKs/blog candy, so read their instructions on how to enter.
  4. Join us on the OWH finale post — we'll have winners of five prizes drawn from all the comments left on that post!

For this hop, we have two cards to share....the first is an "AnyHero card" (with a note inside for a deployed hero), and the 2nd is a Valentine for a hero to send home to a sweetheart!


Click to go to the next blog!

Below is the list of blogs participating in the 'hop! Each of the links below is a "deep link" - so you can come back and look again to get the specific bloghop post later on if you remember an idea you wanted to see again!
We removed the links to the blogs who weren't able to participate.

1. Nancy
2. Aimee
3. Anita
4. Kyra
5. Barbara
6. Lee
7. Lori
8. Christine
9. Andrea
10. Rebecca
11. Teresa
12. Caryl
13. Kay
14. Dawn
15. Phindy
16. Nora
17. Kathy
18. Michelle
19. Kelly
20. Cassie
21. Donna
22. Sarah
23. Loni

25. Judy
26. Stacy
27. Erika
28. Karen
29. Patti
30. Celeste
31. Peggy Sue
32. Karen
33. Sandy
34. Greta
35. Maggie
36. Cyn
37. Wendy
38. Tammy
39. Kas
40. Carolyn
41. Holly
42. Karel
43. Paula
44. Shelly
45. Fabre
46. Seongsook
47. Shelly
48. Maryellen
49. Patricia
50. Paula
51. Catherine

53. Jennifer
54. Kathy
55. Joscie
56. Dana
57. Carmen
58. Heather
59. Heather (yes a 2nd Heather!)
60. Yapha
61. Cindy
62. Rhonda
63. Tracey
64. Lindy
65. Nathalia
66. Kelly
67. Debby
68. Jillian
69. Christine
70. Kate
71. Jennifer
72. Peggy
73. Carla
74. Cindy
75. Cathy
76. End of the hop!

Below are the initial instructions given for the hop.

The Bloghop details:
  1. Hop date: Nov 14th (Veteran's Day is Weds the 11th, so we're moving our celebration to the weekend to give us time to hop and be inspired!)
  2. Sign up by midnight on Nov 11 by sending an email to Include your name, your blog title, and your blog's url, and let us know if you'll be offering a prize drawing on your blog. (You can change your mind later, this is just so we have a heads-up!)
  3. Blog posts can be set up ahead of time - however, please remember that your readers will get all confused if you say in it that the hop has begun. So it's best to set your post as a draft and not publish til it's time.
  4. On Friday evening Nov 13th, bloggers will receive an email from our bloghop email address with a link to the blog that follows theirs.
  5. On Nov 14 by 10am PST, post an AnyHero card (or a dozen!) and a Valentine card that you'll be sending to OWH. You'll also need to include a link back to the OWH homepage, the Homefront Blog (start of the Hop), and a link to the next blog after you. (See below for an easy list of things to include.)
  6. Feel free to add more to your blog post...something on the OWH page or blogs that you find interesting or inspiring, or a video, news article, a tutorial, or a story about your own family hero...whatever you'd like!
  7. Then join in the hopping! You'll want to check out the blogs, the hearts behind all these cards, and the prizes you could win just for leaving comments! (Not all blogs will have prizes.)
The short list of things to include in your bloghop post:
  1. Link to Operation Write Home -
  2. Link to Homefront Blog (start of the hop) -
  3. Your cards and any details you wish to share about them
  4. (optional) Anything from our website or Homefront or Hero Blogs that you find interesting/helpful, or your own story of why you support our nation's heroes. Videos, tutorials, photos, whatever you'd like.
  5. (optional) Any prize your blog is offering, and what people need to do to qualify.
  6. Prominent (ie large/bold) link to the next blog after you

Spread the word!
You can post right now on your blog about the coming hop to try to help us get even more bloggers involved! Check our Photobucket album to find graphics you can post in the sidebar of your blog.

Never blogged before? 
Check out YouTube tutorials to set up a free blog on Blogger or Wordpress!

Do you have questions we should address in this post? Leave us a comment and we'll edit this to add the info!


Unknown said...

What a wonderful thing! I just sent in my email to join in!

Rhonda Miller said...

I love those cards. That eagle is great. Love the cute little mice on the Valentine card.

Always with a Sentiment said...

Hi there. You have made two lovely cards, great designs and colour combinations. The Eagle card is brilliant and the Valentine card is just adorable, cute image.
Love Sandra xx

JPScraps said...

Love the to start hopping :)

Cyn said...

Sweet Valentine card, just adorable. Off to hop!

Rhonda said...

Fantastic cards! So creative! Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea!

Shelley said...

This is such a heartening venture. Here in Canada, the painting guild I belong to also creates and sends cards for our troops. They range from painted, thru to stamped and embossed cards in every style imaginable and are received with great appreciation. It's such a little thing we can do for our heroes!

~ Shelley

Merry's Musings said...

So cute little mices! So rich, love those cards.

peggysue said...

What lovely cards! I was a bit confused about what time to put up my post, but its live now. I will be hopping later today, looking forward to all the patriotic eye candy. So glad you do this wonderful service for our nation's military.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic creations for such a great Cause!!!!
`Nathalia`s creations `Rock`....TFI:)xxx

Kas said...

enjoying the hop so far!!

GretaB said...

Wow - what great cards! The hero card is stunning and the eagle just captures my attention. I like the touch with the yellow ribbon.

I'm off to hop!

Marcy K said...

Adorable cards! Back to the hop!!

Catherine said...

Both cards are just wonderful!
Love the eagle - beautifully colored and LOVE the yellow ribbon and quote! Fabulous!

The Wired Angel said...

both of these card are phenomenal.. love that eagle card.

Maggie said...

Wonderful cards. I agree with all the other posts about the is stunning. Off to hop.

Carolyn Bounds said...

First, let me thank you for all that you do for our soldiers!!! As a daughter, sister, wife and mother of soldiers...this means more to me than I could ever express!!! My father served a few tours in brother is currently serving in husband served in Desert Storm (no longer in the Army) and our oldest son will be deployed to Iraq next year. It truly warms my heart to see all these talented people sharing their gifts with all those so far from home. It has been a true honor to participate in this hop alongside these amazingly generous crafters!!! Thank you for bringing us together and for giving so much of yourself to help others!!!!

I also have to add... BOTH OF YOUR CARDS ARE GORGEOUS!!!


Mary said...

Gorgeous cards!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous cards!

cr8iveme said...

love your AnyHero card. It's breathtaking and the Valentine's card is adorable.


SugarBeanz said...

Wow these cards are great!!!

debb said...

What a wonderful site and idea. I will be making cards and joining in on the fun. Thank you for all you do! I just finished the hop- boy was it a long one! I started very early this morning (before you changed your links!) and I think I went back and caught them all! I left a very early comment on the final entry before I was through with the entire hop but now that I am finished- whew- I'm exhusted! Great job to all!!!

Tammy said...

Gorgeous cards! Great hop!

Heather D. ~ Fresh Brewed Designs said...

Thank you for all you do. I am so touched by just reading and visiting your blog. I was honored to be a part of this hop. Your cards are gorgeous. Thank you for all the inspiration and for all you do for our soldiers

Anonymous said...

I just remembered I didn't leave a comment when I did my blog hop yesterday. Thank you sooooo much for the chance to be a part of your blog hop.
Wonderful cards.

Unknown said...

I wanted to thank you all so much for the wonderful experience I have with the Bloghop yesterday. I had so much fun!! I had 79 (!) comments left on my blog and gave away 12 pieces of blog candy. I mangaed to complete 60 Patriots Cards for family and friends connected with the service and put together a package with 50 AnyHero Cards (all signed), 20 Valentines and 30 Winter Greetings cards. It was a fabulous day, and I thank you all so much. I know the service people will be thrilled with the results of everyone's hard work. BTW, my comment candy is still up until tomorrow at 6:00PM EST---leave a comment under a Nov. 14 post and be entered to win!

paula said...

Beautiful cards!!!! thanks for doing what you do - enabling others like us to participate in a very worthy cause!!!