Saturday, December 18, 2010

OWH's Biggest Needs

If you're looking to target what the biggest needs are for Operation Write Home, you've come to the right place! We'll update this post from time to time - rather than on the Mailroom Monday posts. We also have a link to this post on our homepage, so you can always find it quickly! You can also click on the "Needs" category off to the right.

Note: We accept any themes your creativity produces - so if you're not in the "zone" to meet the requests on this post, please don't hold back on what you have to offer for our heroes!

OUR OCT 30th DEADLINE HAS PASSED FOR CHRISTMAS CARDS! You can send them, but we'll be holding them for next year; if you have storage space, please feel free to send them next fall instead.

Valentines are due Jan 7, but sooner is always better so we can get some boxes packed ahead of the deadline.

Kris:After packing up 16 boxes in the past two days, I'm in serious need of Thank You, Thinking of you/Miss you, love and Valentines. Also need Any Hero notes.

Sandy: I'm starting to worry about the heroes on our waiting list for over a month now! I still have tons of heroes waiting for their next boxes....can't wait til the holidays are over so we can get back to getting boxes out. My shelves are nearly empty, I can use everything - birthday especially!
Dixie: My needs are for Miss You, Thank You, Thinking of you, and general cards.
Other ways you can help:
Post on your blog, Twitter, or Facebook about OWH.
Find friends who have a "stash" of cards that's collecting dust.
Host a cardmaking party of your own.
Set up a challenge for your friends online or at your stamp club.
Ask a local retailer for their old sample cards.
Help out by hosting a challenge on the Stars and Stamps blog!


Paper Potter said...

I wish this was available in PDF format. I have cardmaking classes all the time and we all participated in the 25/2 challenge this year. I'd love to pass this information to my stampers during our December 19th class and again in all the January events.

Cathy said...

Glad to see that someone in NC is going to be a shipper! Because...well...that's where I am! Thanks! :O)

Lynn (toomanycrayons) said...

I'm having such fun making up my first cards to send to Dixie. I'm not a speedy card maker but I've been wanting to get in the habit of making multiple cards in a session, instead of just one-offs anyway. I missed the Valentines deadlines but am happy enough to be making general sentiments and striving for "really pretty" too !

Anonymous said...

I will be shipping out my first ever batch of 20 "missing you" for kids this week. Can't wait to get started on more. This has been so uplifting for me to be able to share. Thanks girls, for all you do!

Melissa Bi. said...

I have a box of 25 cards going out to Dixie very soon. There's a mix of "birthday" and "you're special cards", plus quite a few without sentiments. Hope that's ok! Thanks again for all that you do ladies!

Debi Rice, otherwise known as Sparky! said...

Dixie... I hear you... sending a package of 25 cards your way... Hugs, Debi :O)

Tereza Crump said...

I am making a huge batch of "Hugs and Kisses" cards in an attempt to meet the needs of "thinking of you" , "love", missing you, "happy birthday" cards and so forth. would that work for you ladies? please let me know...thanks , Tereza
PS you can see a sample of them in my blog...I have a little YouTube video now showing a tutorial.

Lena95469 said...

I would love to make some of these "much needed" cards. Where do i send them? Just the regular address with attention ________ on it or do I send to a person specifically?

Lena95469 said...

never mind i found the answer haha.

Scrapinkats said...

Dixie.. we hope to fill your cupboard! Mailed 541 today stamped& tucked, somewhat sorted...
Scrapin Kats Scrapbooking

Unknown said...

I am working on my first box of cards and will host a card-making day especially for OWH. The way I see it is it's the least I can do since I am a card-maker. Thank you to all you ladies helping out! Diane