Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Patience .... and a request!

First the patience: We'll be picking winners for the bloghop drawing soon. Our shippers are packing all the last of the holiday cards - and working out which units get the final boxes!

And the request:
We've been inundated with requests from heroes in the last couple days --- 11 new ones just today! (11 x 300 cards...you can do the math about what's needed for those boxes alone!) Plus with all the extra holiday shipments and requests we've fulfilled, we now have a lot more contacts who will be wanting regular shipments of cards. As an example — Sandy's hero list now has 56 heroes to send to monthly instead of less than 40...eeep!

So...please help us spread the word that we need lots of cards!
  • Post on your Facebook page or Twitter. Let your crafty friends know that their stash of cards can be put to good use right away with OWH! Post one of our videos, use our avatars (profile pics), and post photos of what you're creating for our heroes to inspire them to help too.
  • Talk with your local scrapbooking or stamping store and get others involved. Post a flyer, talk with your fellow customers and craft-classmates!
  • Talk it up on your favorite message board! (But please don't break their TOUs!)
Thanks - and we'll get the prize winners posted later this week!

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