Sunday, November 8, 2009

Remembering a hero: SSG Amy Tirador

Operation Write Home honors another of our heroes who's given the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. SSG Amy Tirador, serving in Diyala Province in Iraq, was killed on Wednesday, November 4th, 2009.

Over 206,000 American women have served us in the current conflicts in the Middle East, primarily in Iraq. More than 100 servicewomen have died, and upwards of 600 have been injured. We are grateful for Amy's sacrifice - as well as that of all those who have served our nation over generations.

Following is an excerpt of a news article in
Staff Sgt. Amy Seyboth Tirador, 29, died from non-combat-related injuries in Iraq on Wednesday, her father, Gerard Seyboth, said in an interview Thursday.

The 1998 graduate of Colonie High School was working as an Arabic-speaking interrogator on her second tour of Iraq at the time of her death, he said. "I'm very proud of my daughter."
Tirador joined the military in 1999. She had met her husband, Mickey, while serving in the Army in Germany. They were married two years ago. Mickey was serving in his third tour of Iraq when his wife died, Gerard Seyboth said.
Tirador had seen action and saved at least one American life during her first tour, when she served as medic. In 2004, she was credited with saving an American soldier who had been shot during a convoy mission, according to military reports.

Condolence cards can be sent to this address and will be delivered to a local family member:
Operation Write Home, 35205 13th Pl SW, Federal Way WA 98023.

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Unknown said...

This message was left on my blog, where I have information regarding Amy posted:
I would like to comment on the fact about SSG Seyboth just saving one American life in Iraq. My name is SFC Robert Weppelman and then Specialist Seyboth worked for me at my Battalion Aid Station as an augmentee. SSG Seyboth also helped in the saving of countless Iraqis AND American Soldiers who had the misfortune to pass through my doors. I wish I had more Soldiers like her and her loss is felt by more people than you can imagine. You could not work with her without it leaving you a better person.