Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday Nov 12: 7,833 cards!

Our shippers are packing up boxes like crazy now...lots and lots of Christmas joy is packed inside each and every box! Many thanks to all of you who make this possible on behalf of our heroes....check out the Hero Blog to hear their gratitude direct from their hearts!

  1. Jennifer H., Laurel, MD - Thanks for another great package of holiday cards!
  2. Judy B and Cruisin' Contessas Red Hat Society, Cleburne TX.......a great package of Any Hero cards.  Thank you ladies for sending in so many of these much needed notes.
  3. Eydie & Jessica B., Cherry Hill, NJ - Love the style of your cards - thank you so much for sharing them with our heroes!
  4. Laura C, Park Rapids MN, fantastic cards as always! Love the extra treats too, and they will too!
  5. Chris C, Chicago IL - beauuuuutiful cards, thanks so much! Nice to see them in "real life" now, they're even nicer!
  6. Patti E, Scotts Valley CA - great cards for Eileen, thank you!
  7. Tonya F., Anchorage, AK - Thank you for the generous shipping donation!
  8. Stephanie G., Robin G., Roberta H., and Cassidy B., New York, NY - Thank you so much for a great box of assorted cards - perfect to get some boxes packed this weekend!
  9. Linda H, Circle MN, you make such cute cards! Thank you so much, you've made a LOT of Christmases merrier. Your donation is so generous too!
  10. Marcy K., Sutton, MA - Beautiful cards, our heroes will absolutely love them!
  11. Marcy K. and Daughter, Canton, OH - Fabulous holiday cards - thank you so much ladies for making them for Operation Write Home!
  12. Cheryl L. and the Manhattan Scrapbooking Meetup Group, New York, NY - Thanks for sending the few late arrivals in order to make it in this years shipment - we really appreciate it!
  13. Jeanette M, Oliver Springs TN......Great cards! Thank you.
  14. Jennifer N, Sioux Falls South Dakota :).....thank you another package of gorgeous cards!
  15. Traci O, Lansing MI.....great Christmas cards. Thank you.
  16. Carol P, Peoria AZ, what pretty cards for Eileen, thanks!
  17. Kay P., Fleming Island, FL - Fabulous package of holiday cards, thank you so much!
  18. Shelly P., Royal Oak, MI - Stunning cards - thank you for supporting our heroes with your lovely creativity!
  19. Pat Q, Pittsburgh PA, thanks for cheering up our hero, she's going to smile!
  20. Pat Q., Bethel Park, PA - Thank you so much for the fantastic holiday cards, and a few others too!
  21. Robbie R., Hollywood, MD - What a wonderful group of holiday cards - just beautiful!  Thank you so much!
  22. Paula S., Stamford, CT - Thank you for being so dedicated to our heroes and to OWH - you are a blessing!  
  23. Brenda V, Antioch CA, your cards are fantastic, thank you!
  24. Christine W, Melinda G, and Nina L, Sacramento CA - what a great family joint effort for our heroes! Thank you all!
  25. Marietta W, Akron IA, beautiful cards for Eileen, she'll love them!
  26. Janice, Angie, Amber, and Roni, Bountiful UT - what a bountiful bunch of cards for our heroes, thanks! And the card for Eileen is wonderful!
  27. Dani B., Rockville, MD - Thank you so much for the wonderful package!!!
  28. Darcy B. and the Scrapbooking Etc. Group, Huntersville, NC - Thank you so much for the beautiful cards - a wonderful donation!
  29. Kay Ann B., Fox Lake, WI - Thank you for the wonderful box of holiday cards!  Lovely!
  30. Debbie B, Boise ID - thanks so much for your cards for Eileen - and for your postage donation!
  31. Cathy B, Columbia SC......WELCOME! This was a great first package of cards.  Gorgeous!!
  32. Kelly B and kids at Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran School, Apple Valley MN......thank you all for the wonderful Chrsitmas cards.  Kids you did a great job coloring the images.
  33. Ana C, Hayward CA.....thank you for the great Christmas cards.
  34. Donna C., Leesburg, FL - Beautiful cards, thank you so much!
  35. Mary Ellen E. and the students at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA - Thank you so much for the great package of cards on made together - they are super!
  36. Mary H., Windham, ME - Thank you for the beautiful cards!!!
  37. Rebecca J, Provo UT - beautiful cards, thanks sooooo much!
  38. Rita J., Lincoln Park, NJ - Great package of assorted cards, they are just perfect for our service men & women!
  39. Jennifer K, Annandale VA.....thank you for the wonderful cards.  
  40. Karen L, Glen Haven CO.....thank you for these great cards!
  41. Kari M., Mattawan, MI - Thank you for a lovely box of holiday cheer!
  42. Denise N, Bloomington IN......Welcome to OWH!  Great Christmas cards. Thanks.
  43. The Patterson family, thank you for your lovely card for our hero!
  44. Irene P. and Jennifer, Fairfield, CT - Thank you so much for taking your time together to make cards for our heroes!
  45. Lynn R, Alberta Canada - what wonderful cards!! These are awesome as are you - thank you for your service to the USA!
  46. Althea S., El Segundo, CA - What a creative way to use fabric on your cards - nice!
  47. Cyn T. at River Dog Prints, Avon, CT - Thank you so much for the beautiful digi cards!  
  48. Pat T. and colleagues, NYC, NY - What a fun work project to make some cards for our heroes - great job!
  49. Mariam W., Centreville, VA - Your cards were absolutely darling, thank you for your donation!
  50. Kristina S, Petersburg WV - wow such cute cards, I love the snowglobes!
  51. Tara P, Chippewa Falls, WI, pretty cards for our injured hero, thank you!
  52. Mary Anne H and Unity Church of Peace, St Louis MO.......what a wonderful box of Christmas cards.  Beautfiul!
  53. Shirley M, Ruidoso NM, great cards for Eileen, thank you so much!! Your shipping help is a blessing too!
  54. Laura O, Cottontown TN, your cards for our injured hero are so lovely, thank you!
  55. Lina W, Hampton VA, glad to see you're back to making cards - these are so cute, thank you! Bless you for your financial gift tooooo :)
  56. Brendan F, San Francisco CA....thanks for the great Christmas cards!
  57. Beth L and Ranger's 4-H Club, Howell MI......Great package of cards! These are wonderful.
  58. Mary B., Londonderry, NH - WOW - Thank you so much for your great donation and for arranging for them to be dropped off!   Our heroes will love them!
  59. Mary V, Orangevale CA - your cards are soooo pretty! I love how you decorated the insides to match. Sweet! Thanks so much for the shipping donation too!
  60. Erika P, Clinton UT - fabulous box of cards, thanks so much!
  61. Amber S., Lynn Haven, FL - Thanks for joining Elle's Studio Challenge and making some great cards for our military men & women!
  62. Dee M, Puyallup WA - what an awesome box of cards....bless you!! It was so much fun seeing you at the OWH party :)
  63. Kathy P., Windham, NH - Thanks for being a great friend of OWH and for delivering the northern donations - and for making so many wonderful cards!!!
  64. Chica Chicks of Wickford, RI - YAY!  The Chica Chicks are back in full swing!  Thank you so much for the lovely donation of cards, hope to see you in january!
  65. Sandy D., Hanover, PA - Great donation - thank you so much!!
  66. Maggie W., Upton, MA - Thank you for the lovely holiday cards - and thanks for stamping the backs - it is so helpful!
  67. Pat G., Upton, MA - Thanks for donating some cards at our dropoff at A Time For Memories in North Grafton - they are wonderful!
  68. Kathy R. and the Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, Livonia, NY - Big thanks to you for the wonderful holiday cards!
  69. Sharon P, Victorville CA, your Christmas cards are just lovely - and your donation is a big help!
  70. Community Christian Assembly Women's Group, Tacoma - thank you all for hosting such a wonderful event for OWH!
  71. Marie S, Tacoma WA - wow on this big box of cards!!
  72. Nikki M., APO, AE - Thank you so much for the fantastic box of cards - they are really beautiful and were worth the LONG trip to get here - and they are already on their LONG trip back to our heroes - thank you!
  73. Sharon F., Stafford, VA - Awesome job on those beautiful cards - thank you so much!
  74. Joanne M., Allentown, PA - Thank you so much for the wonderful package of cards!  Happy holidays!
  75. Christine C., Bayside, NY - Thanks so much for the great cards, and for preparing them so well for shipping!
  76. Sara W, Issaquah WA - your AnyHero cards are just perfect! Both beautifully crafted and written - thank you!
  77. Susan S, Grove City OH.....Thanks so much for all the Any Hero letters!
  78. Sharla V, Topeka KS....was nice to meet you and your daughter! Thanks for the pretty cards!
  79. Priscilla C and Girl Scout Troop 3310, Norman OK.....thank you so much for the great cards!! Good Job girls!
  80. Sallie H and The Paper Bags, Adel GA.....Thank you ladies for the wonderful cards.  They are great!
  81. Paula W and Katy Card Swappers, Sugar Land TX......awesome box of cards!! These are WONDERFUL!!
  82. Arctic Light Elementary School staff and kids - WOW! What great letters!! (The cards from the grownups aren't half bad either!) Love you guys!!
  83. Becky and Marilea, Elk Grove CA - these biker dude cards are cute (and how often do you get to use "handlebars" in a sentiment?!) Thanks for all the cards, and the extra envelopes, and the Any Hero letters from the wonderful 2nd graders!!
  84. Joan W, Tacoma WA, I always look forward to your packets of cards - thank you so much!
  85. Sandy and Jesse C, bless you for your ongoing generosity for our heroes!
  86. To our donor in Newport Beach CA - thanks for the wonderful cards and cardfronts!!
  87. Carole D, Henderson WV, such beautiful cards, thank you so much for sharing your talents with our heroes...they'll love them! The AnyHero letters will be such a treat too!
  88. Jean and John D, thanks so much for sponsoring a box shipped overseas this Christmas!
  89. Angela F, N Las Vegas NV - I love your cards, they're adorable - thanks for sharing them with our heroes!
  90. Kimber K, Albany OR - wowsers, what awesome Christmas cards, thank you!
  91. Lina W, Hampton VA....sweeeeet cards, I love that sentiment! Thank you!
  92. Diane W., Stoneham, MA - Adorable holiday cards, and thanks for some general cards too!  Much appreciated!
  93. Elizabeth S., New Caanan, CT - Congratulations on making your holiday goal - our heroes will appreciate the cards so much!
  94. Michelle H., Merion Station, PA - Thank you so much for the stunning holiday cards!  
  95. Michelle J, Wake Forest NC.......WOW!! What a great box of cards. These are beautiful.
  96. Kathy P. and the Scrap Chicks, Middleboro, MA - Thank you so much for the wonderful package of cards!  
  97. Lori R., Springfield, VA - Thank you so much for your continued support of Operation Write Home!  Loved those wintery thank yous!
  98. Sandy M., Ona, WV - Thanks for the package of cards!
  99. Kelly D., Wilmington, MA - Thank you so much for the adorable penguin holiday cards!
  100. Debby B., Vienna, VA - Thank you for the great package of cards!
  101. Pam D., Durham, NC - Thank you so much for the donation of your wonderful cards!

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