Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday Nov 26: 7,904 cards received

We've shared this before....but Thanksgiving day seems a good day to post it once again.

We're up to 2,879 cardmakers now! Can we make it to 3,000 before the end of the year?

We are SO grateful for all our cardmakers and financial donors — and of course our heroes! This project is such a wonderful joining of efforts among so many, and it's hard to say thank you in the limited words we have in the English language!

Much gratitude to all the donors this past week:
  1. Harrisburg UMC, North Carolina - what amazing AnyHero letters! You all have blessed sooooo many heroes, I can hardly wait to get these in the mail! Bless you for taking up such a wonderful collection for shipping funds too!
  2. Back Creek Youth - oooohhh my! I am so glad Ms C gave me a kleenex alert - your AnyHero cards are so special!
  3. Dixie C and friends, Harrisburg NC - these cards are perfect for AnyHero notes - thank you!!! Thanks for the cards for our hero too.
  4. Cindy E and the Los Gatos Elks - beauuuuutiful! Thank you so much especially for all the looovvveee cards!
  5. Debbie G, Magna UT - wow on all these wonderful cards - THANKS!
  6. The Emmanuel Fellowship Church, Akron, OH - Thank you for the any hero letters!
  7. Nora G, Medford OR, I love seeing your bloghop cards in person...even more special! Thank you for your shipping help too! :)
  8. Lindsay M, Carrboro NC, thank you for joining what's turned out to be "AnyHero Day" at my house, these are fantastic cards! And your shipping donation means so much - thank you!!
  9. Kathy R, Duncan SC, your AnyHero cards from the hop are just YUMMY! Love these....thank you so much!!
  10. Sharon S, San Jose CA, thank you so much for this great package of cards....just lovely, bless you!
  11. Mary Ann S, Fontana CA - you make such pretty cards....I love all the blingggggg! Thank you so much for your donation and ALL those AnyHero cards too...what a wonderful box :)
  12. The Abner Creek Church, Greer, SC - Thank you for the box of cards and all the extra envelopes, they will definitely go to good use!
  13.  Maggie, thanks for coordinating everything in PA! Thanks to Alex, Bernie and Jillie C, and Jennifer H, Katina T, Dianne M, and Toni L from Pittsburgh; and Maggie and Doug J, Joy B from Cranberry Township. Y'all ROCK!
  14. Kathy P., Windham, NH - Thank you so much for the holiday cards, they are going out in the last of the holiday boxes on Monday!
  15. Patricia A and kids at Bartlesville High School, Bartlesville OK......thank you for the wonderful Any Hero cards.  Much appreciated.
  16. Rosemary D, Tacoma WA - thanks so much for the shipping donation!!
  17. Janis D, Olustee OK......Great Valentines Day cards!!!! Thank you!
  18. Jeanine D, Cleveland TN.....thank you for the great package of cards!!!  Beautitul!!
  19. Cindy E, El Cajon Ca - thanks so much for the fantastic valentines - and the ANyHero cards! Awesome!
  20. Kristin G and Alpha Phi Omega, Fayetteville AR......these are wonderful Any Hero cards.  Thank you.
  21. Cheryl G, Edmonds WA - and friends - thank you soooo much! Your AnyHero cards and others are just wonderful! Thanks for the Paypal gift as're a blessing!
  22. Cindy H, Lori H, Dee M, and Rosemary D - thanks for getting together to make so many beauuuuutiful cards, ladies! What fun it was, as well as productive! :)
  23. Gai J, Dallas TX.......Beautiful cards!!!  Love them!
  24. Janet J, Minneapolis MN....thank you for the cards.
  25. Teresa K, Vancouver WA, thanks so much for all the fantastic cards and generous donation!
  26. Cindy M, Normal IL.....great box of cards in assorted themes.  Appreciate the Any Hero cards as well.  THANKS!
  27. Dee M, Puyallup WA, thanks for even more awesome cards!
  28. Traci O, East Lansing MO.....these cards are wonderful.  Thank you!
  29. Michelle P, Montgomery IL - lovvvve all the AnyHero cards, thank you! Please tell your daughter a HUGE thank you---what a great card SHE made too!
  30. Wendy P and the Young Women's group at First Baptist, Paris AR....thank you for the wonderful Any Hero cards!
  31. Carole Ann S and residents of Bayou Manor and 1st grade students, The Woodlands TX......WOW! What an awesome box of Any Hero cards and letters.  Thank you!
  32. Mary U, Keysville VA.....thank you for the cute birthday card!!
  33. Joanne W, Dort Mill SC......WOW! Thank you for having a card signing day.  These Any Hero cards are wonderful.  The other cards are beautiful as well!!!
  34. April W, Weatherby PA.....what an awesome package of cards!  Thank you so much.
  35. To our donor in Chehalis WA - Thanks for all the great "warm winter" cards! Cute cute snowmen :)
  36.  SuzAnn H, Salt Lake City UT - your generosity is such a blessing, thank you for another wonderful gift!
  37.  Janice A, Bountiful UT - lovely love and winter cards - thanks so very much, your timing is perfect :)
  38.  Carol B., Saint Albans, ME - Lovely cards!  Thank you so much!
  39.  Castalia B., Fall River, MA - Thank you for creating some cards for our heroes!
  40.  Kathy C. and the St. Augustine's Church, Ilion, NY - Thank you so much for the any hero letters, and for the generous shipping donation!  Both are very appreciated!
  41.  Rita D, Charlevoix MI.....thank you for the package of cards.  I love that smiley face image!!!
  42.  Kelly H-R and Brownie Troop 3354, Parker CO......WOW! What a wonderful box of Any Hero cards.  Great job girls!!! These will brings lots of smiles to many faces!!
  43.  Andrea & Erin J, St Germain WI......thank you so much for the gorgeous cards!!! Much appreciated.
  44.  Mr. Leary and the Merritt Island High School, Merritt Island, FL - Thank you so much for your wonderful photo cards - what a great class activity!
  45.  Fran L, Clearwater FL.....thank you for the pretty cards!
  46.  Reta M, Fair Oaks Ranch TX - thanks so much for your cards last month....and for your persistence and grace you've shown us! :-)
  47.  Ann M, Brooksville FL......beautiful cards!!! Thank you.
  48.  Dolores M, Largo FL......a great package of cards! Beautiful.
  49.  Tina P and Cornerstone Croppers, Dalton OH......thank you so much for the gorgeous cards!!!
  50.  Melanie R and Cub Scout Pack 1, Webelos 1 Den, Waukesha WI.......great job!! These cards are wonderful.
  51.  Rebecca S, Munster IN......thank you for the beautiful cards and Any Hero letters.  Much appreciated!
  52.  Missy S and students at Philadelphia University......thank you for taking time to make and write notes to our service members!!!
  53.  Cassie T, Columbus GA......thank you for the wonderful cards.  
  54. Joan W, Tacoma WA, thanks for more supercute cards!
  55.  Cath E, Draper UT - WOW! So many boxes, so many cards! Thank you sooooo much!
  56.  Kay and Bob, thanks for an evening of helping hands! Plus the generous shipping donation, extra envelopes, and all the cards from you and're all so wonderful!!!
  57. Lina W, Hampton VA....sweeeeet cards, I love that sentiment! Thank you!
  58. Dolores A, Frederick MD - you're doing so GREAT at making cards, Mom! Thanks!!!!
  59. Christine C, Forest Lake MN.....thank you for the lovely cards!!!
  60. Hannah M, Naples FL.....WOW, these tins are so cool.  I know the service members will love these for keeping pictures of their loved ones in!!!
  61. Jody S, Franklin WI.....wonderful cards!!! Love these....THANK YOU!
  62. Louise S, Milwaukee WI.....thank you for the beautiful cards.  Love them!
  63. Carol S, Milwaukee WI....a great package of cards.  Thank you!
  64. Ruth T and Mason C, Carpinteria CA - thanks soooo much for all the valentines!!!
  65. Gabrielle W and Brownies Group, Houston TX......thank you girls for the great cards you made for our Heroes.  They will love them!!! Great job!
  66. Christine Z and the second graders, White Lake MI....your AnyHero letters made me smile SO big, I know our heroes will love them all!
  67. Karen G, Oakland Park FL - thanks so much for sharing your family's Christmas letter with our heroes...they'll love them!!

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