Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday Nov 5: 12,099 cards!

 Wow! So many wonderful cards are coming in! If you missed the Christmas deadline be sure to scroll down a few posts and see how you can continue to help our heroes!

  1. Patricia at The Paper Temptress---thank you so very much for the great shipping donation!!
  2. Irene S and Card Swapping Club - thanks so much, these are great cards!!
  3. Jennifer M, Marshfield WI......Thank you for the wonderful cards!  Very pretty!
  4. Debby P, Buffalo MO......What an awesome package of Christmas cards!  These are stunning!!
  5. Rebecca P., Virginia Beach, VA - Your box was loaded with holiday cheer, thank you so much!
  6. Donna S, Arlington WA - thanks so very much for the awesome cards!
  7. Seongsook D., Elk Grove, CA - Thanks for making some Christmas and other cards for our service men and women!  And big thanks too for the shipping donation!
  8. Laura P, Seatac WA - awesome cards - and thank you for coordinating the drive at Paper Zone!
  9. Christy G, Anaheim CA, fantastic cards, wow - thank you! And the AnyHero cards and letters are superb!!!
  10. Julie W, Greenfield WI.....WOW! What a package.....these Christmas cards are gorgeous!
  11. Cindy M Normal IL......WOW....these snowflakes are gorgeous. The servicemembers will appreciate having them to decorate with.
  12. Sandy A,Elizabethtown KY......Gorgeous Christmas cards! Thank you for the Any Hero notes as well!!!
  13. Lisa P, Post Falls ID - great Christmas cards. And thanks for pulling through for Chaplain H, too!!
  14. Kim N, Bloomington IL, wow! What awesome cards, THANK YOU!
  15. Jayne R-E, Fortson GA....WOW! What a wonderful box of Christmas cards.  Thank you!
  16. Joan W, Tacoma WA, thanks for yet another envelope of beautiful cards!
  17. Gai J, Dallas TX......Love these Christmas cards!! Thank you.
  18. Sharla V, Topeka KS.......another great package of beautiful cards! Thanks!
  19. Tammy B, Chaska MN.....Stunningly beautiful cards!!! THANK YOU!
  20. Etkind Family, San Jose Ca - bless you for your ongoing help! And thanks for the wonderful AnyHero notes to enclose!
  21. Debbie S., Gastonia, NC - Thank you so much for the wonderful cards and generous shipping donation!  Our service men and women will be so grateful!
  22. Carol N, O'Fallon MO....thank you for the great box of cards.  They are Beautiful!
  23. Mary E, San Rafael CA, thanks so much for the cards, generous donation, and treats!!
  24. Cheryl Y, South Pasadena CA, lovely cards, thank you so much - and the AnyHero cards and generous donation are appreciated!!
  25. Debbie M and Peace Grouping Sisters, Phoenix AZ - what beauuuutiful cards, thank you so much!
  26. Barb K, Escanaba MI.....what great cards and Any Hero letters! Thank you!!
  27. Megan B, San Marcos TX....Gorgeous Christmas cards!  Thanks so much.
  28. Karla M, San Diego CA - thanks so much, your cards are lovely! And your shipping donation means so much :)
  29. To our donor in Spokane - awwesome cards, thanks so much!
  30. Rosemary W, Elgin SC....thank you for the great cards and the Any Hero letters!  
  31. Diane L, Wichita KS.....thank you for the gorgeous Christmas cards.
  32. Kathie V, Gig Harbor WA, I love your cards and our heroes will too!
  33. Anita K, Sealy TX...thanks for another great package of cards.  They are gorgeous!
  34. Jessica C, Roy WA - lovely vintage cards, thank you!!!
  35. Carolyn E. and the NYU Students, NYC, NY - Thank you for the wonderful "any hero" letters - perfect to top off our boxes!
  36. Lois Y, Tacoma WA, great cards - thank you for participating in the PZ drive!
  37. Greta P, Milford OH - thanks for the cards - and the donation and hero contacts!!
  38. Kathryn M, Denver CO - wowsers bless you for all the AnyHero mail!!! And of course for your cards and donation too :) :) :) Thanks!
  39. Barb Y, Aurora CO....thank you for the package of cards! Beautiful.
  40. Carol M, Fort Worth TX....thank you for the very pretty cards!
  41. Cindy H, Edgewater WA - beauuuutiful cards, thanks so much..and thank you for the shipping donation!
  42. Cindy B, Dearborn Heights MI....Thank you for the beautiful cards!!  Love them.
  43. Tabitha C, Wamego KS.....great cards! They are beautiful.
  44. Sarah S, Tacoma WA, thanks so much for donating your great cards to the PZ drive!
  45. Jennifer H., Laurel, MD - Thank you so much for a wonderful donation - your cards are stunning!!!
  46. Penny G, Swall Meadows CA, bless you for the wonderful mix of cards!
  47. Cheryl H, Silverdale WA - love your style - thank you for the cards!
  48. Sue N, Duluth GA......Welcome to OWH! Your cards are BEAUTIFUL!!!
  49. Rebecca G, Vero Beach FL.....thank you for the beautiful cards!!
  50. Chris F, Monument CO......Awesome cards! Thank you for your continued support!!
  51. Tammy H, Harrisburg PA....thank you for the beautiful Christmas cards! Love them.
  52. Janice L, University Place WA - fantastic cards, thank you so much!!
  53. Mario G, San Francisco CA.....thank you for the wonderful Christmas cards!
  54. Sandy T, Santa Clara CA, fantastic cards, thanks so much for each one, plus the donation!
  55. Jenifer H, Gig Harbor WA, thanks for the cards!!
  56. Donna D, thank you so much for your generous shipping donation! You're awesome!
  57. n/a
  58. Ken D. and Denise H., Souderton, PA - Thank you so much for your wonderful holiday cards - how wonderful an activity for a father / daughter team!
  59. Erica C., Kenmore, NY - Your holiday cards are perfect - with a few general cards to send along too - big thanks!
  60. Anita A., Turlock, CA - Thanks for the Chanukah cards, as well as the holiday and general cards too!  A great package made with heart is always so appreciated!
  61. Harriet C., Winston-Salem, NC - Not one but two great packages of all-occasion cards - thank you so much!!!
  62. Mary Lou H., MI - Thank you so much for the wonderful cards- the Santa belts made with pop tops were so creative and I'm sure will put many a smile on the heroes faces!
  63. Gurtha M., Lakeland, FL - A box of Christmas love straight from Florida - thank you so much!
  64. Debbie K., Burke, VA - Thank you SO much for the great assortment of cards, and big thanks for having them organized so well for shipping!
  65. Connie A., Carollton, VA - Thank you so much for the SWEET Christmas cards!
  66. Judy C., Lockport, NY - Thank you for the beautiful holiday cards!!!
  67. Mardy F, Tacoma WA, your cards are just wonderful, bless you for helping our heroes!
  68. Jackie P., Concord, NC - Thank you for a lovely package of cards, each one was unique!
  69. Cheryl L. and the Manhattan Scrapbooking Meetup, New York, NY - Thank you so much for the AMAZING box of cards!  Great job, as always!
  70. Tracey E, Goodyear AZ - fantastic box of cards, thank you so much!
  71. Kathy S, Reedley CA - thanks so much, your cards are beautiful!
  72. Leigh E, Houston TX - sweet Christmas cards, thank you! Your donation and AnyHero card are also MUCH appreciated!
  73.  Joan T, Mooresville IN - thanks so much, these are great!!
  74. Leslie M, Kailua HI - I always love your beautiful cards from the islands...can you send sunshine and warmth next time too? :)
  75. Chris C, Parkland WA - thanks for dropping off your awesome cards, it was nice meeting you finally!
  76. Gail D, thanks for the lovely Christmas cards!
  77. Joan W, Tacoma WA, thanks for more supercute cards!
  78. Theresa D, Kent WA, wow!! These cards are just gorgeous, thank you so much!
  79. Denise W, Las Vegas NV, another super box of cards...bless you! Your shipping help is truly appreciated, thanks!
  80. Fran T, Cabot AR, thanks for the great package of cards and AnyHero cards - and your wonderful donation for shipping!
  81. Kristi G, San Antonio TX - wow, what beautiful Christmas cards, thanks - our heroes will love them!
  82. Jeanette B, Tuscaloosa AL - wow! Our heroes will be thrilled with these cards, thank you for the generous donation too!
  83. Esther E, Vancouver WA, love your cards, and our heroes will too, thank you!
  84. Joli P, Hill AFB - thanks so much for the cards and donation - and for telling us about your hubby sending a card to you!
  85. Karen B.....thank you for the wonderful package of cards! They are beautiful!
  86. Joanne W....thank you for the gorgeous Christmas cards! Love them.
  87. Cheri J.....thank you for the wonderful cards!
  88. Dee J......Stunning Christmas cards!  Thank you so much!!
  89. Patricia F.....Welcome! This is a great first package of cards.  Love them.
  90. Maria P at A Scrapbook Store.....Thank you for the beautiful cards!!!  The many Any Hero letters are apprreciated as well.
  91. Jean H and kids at Irving Elementary.....thank you for the awesome Any Hero Christmas cards.  They will bring smiles to our service members faces!!!
  92. Linda W.....Thank you so much for the wonderful cards!  Love them!
  93. Cheryl A, Kurten TX.....thank you for the beautiful cards!  Love them.
  94. Mary L and Nimble Fingers Crafters, Kurten TX.......Ladies these are WONDERFUL cards! Thank you so much.
  95. Teri M, Bird Island MN....A wonderful package of cards.  Thank you for having your grandma and her friends help you with this project.  The cards are beautiful!
  96. Joshua N, Jacksonville FL......You did a GREAT job on making these cards with your mom.  Thank you so much!!
  97. Bridget N, Jacksonville FL......this is a great package of cards! Beautiful and lots of them.  Thank you.
  98. Linda M, Marietta GA....WOW! Another wonderful package of cards! Thank you.
  99. Cindy & Barbara C, Spring TX.....awesome package.  Cards are beautiful!!!
  100. Anita K, Glenview IL.....another wonderful package of cards. Thank you.
  101. Yvonnne M, Waco TX.....pretty cards! Love them...thank you!
  102. Wendy G, Hayward CA.....thank you for the beautiful Christmas cards.
  103. Barb L, Fairfax MO.....a great first package! Cards are wonderful.  Thank you.
  104. Mary P, Racine WI....beautiful cards! Thank you.
  105. Sue A, Rockford IL.....another great box of cards.  Thanks for the assorted themes.
  106. Betty T, Salina KS.....Wonderful Christmas cards! Thank you.
  107. Pamela R, Florence KY.....a wonderful package of cards.  They are beautiful.  Any Hero notes are appreciated!
  108. Jeany F, Webb City MO.....gorgeous cards!!  Thanks for writing some any hero notes as well!
  109. Deloris T., West Salem, OH - Those kids cards stole our hearts, thank you so much!!
  110. Alyssa M., Jewett City, CT - Your cards are so hip!  Thank you so much for donating them to Operation Write Home!
  111. Tracy O. and Sandy R., Lawrence, MA - Thanks for the great box loaded with Christmas cheer!  
  112. Lori R., Springfield, VA - Those folded holiday cards were fantastic - very creative - thank you so much!
  113. Kathleen B., Wilmington, DE - Thank you so much for the sweet box of cards - our heroes will love them!
  114. Ann M., Fleetwood, NC - Thank you for the fun digi cards, and the any hero letters too!  
  115. Pamela D., Bradenton, FL - What cute and fun any hero cards, as well as some blank cards too - thank you so much!
  116. Elaine R., Sebastian, FL - Thank you for the lovely holiday cards, and the any hero letter too!  
  117. Janine C, El Monte CA, your cards are so pretty, thank you! The donation is overthetop-generous, bless you for your support!
  118. Tracey S, Rohnert Park CA, what a beautiful box full of cards, these are terrific!!!
  119. Nancy C and friends, Hollister CA - yowsa! TWO boxes full of so many great Christmas cards, our heroes will be so happy!
  120. Karen G, Oakland Park FL, awesome job on all these cards, thanks soooo much! And your donation for envelopes is super, bless you. Tell everyone at Mainstreet Christian Church a big thankyou for the letters!
  121. Melissa R, BethAnn A, and Jen H, Marysville WA - thanks so much for the cards for Eileen...she'll love them!
  122. Jean U, Palmer AK, such fantastic cards - you did perfectly! Thanks so much for the shipping donation as're awesome!
  123. Donna D, Monroe LA - terrific cards, our heroes will love them all!
  124. Nancy B, El Cajon CA, your cards are just wonderful, thanks - and your donation is an added blessing!
  125. Anna S, Bremerton WA - lovely cards!! Wow! Thanks - and we appreciate the shipping donation too!
  126. Mandy A, Pembroke MA, awesome job on the cards for Eileen - thank you!!!!
  127. Alyssa M., Jewett City, CT - Your cards are so hip!  Thank you so much for donating them to Operation Write Home!
  128. Sharon T., Ijamsville, MD - Lots of love in the big square box - thank you so much!!!
  129. Cindy R. and the MOCHA Stamp Group, Neptune, NJ - What a GREAT assortment of cards for our military men & women - thank you soooo much!
  130. Laura O., Cottontown, TN - Your support of Operation Write Home is amazing, thank you so much for another great box of cards!
  131. Tracey P., Johnstown, PA - Thank you so much for the holiday goodness!  Your donation is very appreciated.
  132. Susan S. and the Big Wills Creek DAR, Gadsden, AL - Thank you so much for the GREAT batch of holiday cards!
  133. Corina S., Forked River, NJ - Thank you so much for that wonderful any hero letter from your son, and some wonderful cards also!  
  134. Linda K., Millersville, MD - Thank you so much for the holiday cards - they were adorable!
  135. Melissa S. and the Traildames, Tucker, GA - WOW!  A fabulous box of cards for our heroes - thank you!
  136. Mindy G. and the residents of Glenmoor, St. Augustine, FL - Glad to see that you are having so much fun making cards for our military men & women - they are loving them!  
  137. Martha B., Santa Rosa, CA - Those owl cards were simply adorable!  Thank you for sending those and all the other wonderful creations for our heroes!
  138. Pat G., Upton, MA - Thank you so much for the package of holiday cards, and your help with OWH!  
  139. Mary Alice M., Rochester Hills, MI - Thank you so much for the wonderful cards, and for all the support you have shown to Operation Write Home!
  140. Jean B., Meadville, PA - Thank you for your first donation to Operation Write Home!  Great job!
  141. Nancy B, El Cajon CA, your cards are just wonderful, thanks - and your donation is an added blessing!
  142. Carole Ann S and friends, The Woodlands TX......Stunning!! These cards are gorgeous.  Thank you.
  143. Marietta W, Akron IA.....WOW! What a box of Christmas cards!! Thank you.
  144. Carol M, Itasca IL....beautiful Christmas cards!  Thank you.
  145. Donna K, Gainesville MO....another wonderful package of cards! Beautiful!!
  146. Joanie K, Avon IN.....a wonderful box of cards. I appreciate the general themed cards!
  147. Marian J, Huber Heights OH......thank you for the beautiful cards.  
  148. Cynthia B, Cypress TX.....wonderful cards!  Thank you.
  149. Lindy M, Warrensburg MO....GORGEOUS Christmas cards!! Thank you!!
  150. Lori N and friends, Jefferson City O......WOW! What an awesome box of Christmas cards.  Thank you all so much!
  151. none
  152. Cynthia H., Alexandria, VA - Thanks for joining in on Elle's Studio challenge - and for sending our heroes some wonderful cards!
  153. Cynthia C, Scottsdale AZ, thanks so much! Welcome to the addiction of supporting our heroes - your box was just perfect!
  154. SuzAnn H, Salt Lake City UT, thanks so much fo the great cards - and the generous Paypal donation! We appreciate your faithfulness to our heroes :)
  155. Sandi M, Fremont CA, thanks so much for all the wonderful Christmas cards and Anyhero notes!
  156. Carol P, Peoria AZ, thanks so much! Your donation, cards, and AnyHero notes are all fantastic :)
  157. Nicole M, Draper UT, thanks so much, your cards are lovely! We appreciate the shipping help so much too!
  158. Patti E, Scotts Valley CA, your cards are fantastic - your donation is wonderful - and plllleease tell your 5yr old a big thank you! Those cards are particularly sweet!!!
  159. Greta B, Clio MI, I love all your cards! Thanks so much for your generous donation, and the card for our hero - she'll love it!
  160. Denise W, Las Vegas NV - thanks for the goodies for our special hero!!
  161. Kate M, Bossier City LA - another wonderful box, thanks for your donation and your wonderful packing job tooooo! :)
  162. Patti S, St Louis MO, thanks for your wonderful donation - you're a blessing!
  163. Rosemary D, Tacoma WA - finally got your cards -- worth the wait, they're goorrrgeous! Love your style! :)
  164. Kathay P, Humble TX - WOW! Oh my, these are all so pretty, thank you!
  165. Jen G, San Ramon CA - thank you for the lovely cards--beautiful work!! The extra envelopes are a big help too :)
  166. Erica C, Kenmore NY - thanks for blessing our special hero! :)
  167. Martie M, Dayton OH, these are great cards for our hero, thank you SO much!!
  168. Jennifer N, Sioux Falls SD - love your rock star card for Eileen, soooo cute!
  169. Teresa K, Vancouver WA, thanks so much for all the fantastic cards and generous donation!
  170. Barbara S, Los Angeles - what beautiful cards these are - our heroes are going to LOVE them!!
  171. Dixie C and friends, Harrisburg NC - these cards are perfect for AnyHero notes - thank you!!! Thanks for the cards for our hero too.
  172. Sandy K, New Berlin WI.....What great cheery Christmas cards! Love this image!! Thanks.
  173. Cindy M and friends, St Louis MO.......WOW! What a great first package of cards.  These are WONDERFUL!
  174. Julie F, Shreveport LA.....Thank you for the wonderful package of cards.  
  175. Christine C, Warren MI....Welcome!! A GREAT first box of cards!!!
  176. Anne F, Vadais Heights MN......WOW! Awesome them!! Thanks.
  177. Renee H, Andover MN.....a great package of cards.  Love your style!
  178. Michelle B, Louisville KY.....thank you for the great package of pretty cards.  Love the bling!
  179. Lindsay M, Carrboro NC......I love your style! Very pretty cards!

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