Saturday, December 26, 2009

Attn Washington and Oregon crafters

All of the Paper Zone stores are collecting cards for OWH on an ongoing basis; if you'd like to save yourself some shipping, drop them off there!

Please be sure to include a packing slip with your information if you'd like to get credit for them. And if you wish to make a financial donation, please mail it to our Federal Way address rather than leaving it in the package, since the cards will await pickup when there's enough to warrant a trip and we don't want that to get separated.

Holiday cards may not make it on deadline if they're dropped at a Paper Zone - they'll be collected and sent when the store is able, not necessarily meeting our deadlines. But they can be saved for the following year. (If you drop holiday cards at the Tacoma or Tukwila stores, Sandy can drive over to pick them up, so email to let her know.)

Thank you Paper Zone for your partnership! You're awesome! (Store locations can be found on their site.)

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