Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Christmas Report - plus a challenge!

Now that our holiday shipping is done....it's time to let you know what you achieved in these last few months!

This has been an amazing season—the amount of cards, the number of new folks joining our OWH family, the numbers of heroes requesting cards....not to mention the incredible creativity packed into every box and every card!

For those who love numbers, here you go...these compare the months of September, October, and November of last year and this year!
2008: 39,632 cards mailed
2009: 100,006 cards mailed
2008: 129 boxes shipped
2009: 326 boxes shipped
2008: $1,335.38 shipping costs
2009: $3,658.47 shipping costs
OWH more than DOUBLED last year's cards sent to our heroes! Congratulations to the cardmakers, financial donors, and shippers, as well as the heroes and families who receive the cards!

If anyone wonders why our shippers are just a little tired, and possibly a little less than responsive lately....hopefully this explains it! :) They've done a beautiful job processing, counting, sorting, stamping, and shipping for months, and work so hard to make sure our heroes get wonderful selections in each and every box. A hearty thank you to them for all they do!

Now, lest anyone think the work is over, here's the challenge set up in the numbers above. Remember the 326 boxes shipped? Most of those will want a box for Valentine's Day! You know what that means: it's time for a challenge:
We hereby and forthwith challenge each cardmaker to send in 25 cards in December - valentines or love cards, birthday cards, thank you cards, general cards - and 1 AnyHero card! Send them to any shipper, and you'll be entered in a drawing — we have 20 prizes available thanks to Elle's Studio!
Include this Packing Slip to send in with your cards, as well as add 'Operation Write Home' to the backs of your cards, so our shippers can take a little less time processing your gifts while they also try to take time for their families for the holidays!

Bloggers, we have new badges to get your readers thinking about sending in Love cards - check them out here and link them to this post on our Homefront Blog - so they, too, can see the size of the need we're going to be having.


tammy said...

I am so grateful to live in America, where we appreciate our heroes. I am also proud of being a very small part of this endeavor. Thank you to all the shippers and donors, your generosity will not go unsung.

Rhonda Miller said...

I have enjoyed sending cards for this great cards and will be picking up some love from the local elementary school and shipping them out today to give our Heros a little cheer. WaHoo!!

Susan S said...

These numbers are incredible. I whole-heartedly agree with Tammy - thanks to our shippers and donors. I can't wait to build my card pile back up so I can get more sent!

Merry Christmas to all of our OWH people and to all our troops and their families.

Karen Howard said...

I'm so glad to be a part of OWH... everyone is so amazing! Sandy, thank you for helping me find my mojo again! I love this months challenge... reminds me that just by doing a little as a group we do a lot!!! And did I mention that I'm an accountant... I mean a bean counter!

morningDove said...

i can't get the packing slip off this blog message. any other place to retrieve it. thanks in advance

gab said...

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