Monday, December 21, 2009

Mailroom Monday Report: Dec 14, 2009

Merry Christmas! This week the Post Office in Washington got a special treat — they work so hard in processing all of your packages that arrive, as well as those that are sent they received cookies and a card. The small one fit into Sandy's small box for her carrier, with a packet of cookies; the large one went to the Post Office itself with the huge box of cookies. And you know whose photo had to be inside....our smiling Marine!

3,310 cards sent this week:

To  heroes in Afghanistan:
 328 cards to an Army unit
 328 cards to an Army unit
 328 cards to an Air Force unit
 328 cards to a civilan to share with an Army unit
334 cards to an Army unit
25 AnyHero letters to an especially lonely hero 

To heroes in Iraq:
 328 cards to an Army unit

To heroes in Kuwait:
328 cards to an Army unit 

To heroes in the Philippines:
328 cards to a Marine unit

To heroes in Kosovo:
 328 cards to an Army unit 


Other fun statistics:
Number of boxes sent:1,083
Number of hero contacts:631
Total cards sent: 290,533!

Deadline reminders:
Christmas and Hannukkah: passed 

AnyHero Christmas letters: passed
Valentines: postmark by Jan 5
Scroll down a few posts to see the calendar you can download with all our deadlines for 2010! 

Shipper needs this week: Now listed on our "Biggest Needs" post here.

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