Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday Dec. 3, 2009: 8,579 cards!

Many thanks once seems so small a thing to say thank you....but you all bless our heroes so faithfully every week! Bless you all!
  1.  Susan S. and the Big Wills Creek NSDAR, Gadsden, AL - Thank you for the fantastic three boxes of cards!  You will make a lot of happy heroes!
  2. Lori R., Springfield, VA - Thanks for answering the call for some kids cards - they were simply adorable!  
  3. Diane W., Stoneham, MA - Awesome kids cards - of course you know the dinos were the favorite!  Thank you!
  4. Virginia H., Hamilton, OH - Thank you for the wonderful box of cards, thanks for sending a great assortment (and a very nice shipping donation also)!
  5. Missy S. and the students at Philadelphia University, Philadelphia, PA - Thank you so much for the wonderful any hero letters - the drawings were especially fun!
  6. Ruth T and Mason C, Carpinteria CA - thanks soooo much for all the valentines!!!
  7. Gabrielle W and Brownies Group, Houston TX......thank you girls for the great cards you made for our Heroes.  They will love them!!! Great job!
  8. Louise S, Milwaukee WI.....thank you for the beautiful cards.  Love them!
  9. Hannah M, Naples FL.....WOW, these tins are so cool.  I know the service members will love these for keeping pictures of their loved ones in!!!
  10. Dolores A, Frederick MD - you're doing so GREAT at making cards, Mom! Thanks!!!!
  11. Jody S, Franklin WI.....wonderful cards!!! Love these....THANK YOU!
  12. Christine C, Forest Lake MN.....thank you for the lovely cards!!!
  13. Sonja H and Beta Epsilon Chapter., Snyder TX.....these cards are gorgeous.  Love the thick felt ribbon you used on some of the cards!
  14. Jen H. and the ladies of Gamma Sigma Sigma, Slippery Rock, PA - Thank you so much for the cards for our heroes!  
  15. Carol S, Milwaukee WI....a great package of cards.  Thank you!
  16. Christine Z and the second graders, White Lake MI....your AnyHero letters made me smile SO big, I know our heroes will love them all!
  17. Tony F, Marina CA, thank you for your generous donation!
  18. Stacy C. and the Creative Crafts Group, Bluffdale UT - Thank you so much for arranging for a collection point at all of the Creating Keepsakes Conventions, thanks to you, well over 3,000 cards have been sent to our heroes this year!  Happy Holidays!
  19. Kathryn G., Washingtonville, NY - What a beautiful box loaded with cards, thank you so much!
  20. Martie M, Dayton OH........Beautiful, absolutely wonderful cards!!! Appreciate the Any Hero cards as well!
  21. Kathleen R and Brownie Troop 20042, Chicago IL......girls you did a fantastic job on these cards!!!  So bright and cheery!! Thanks.
  22. Mindy A. and the Ellicott City Rubber Stampers, West Friendship, MD - The Valentine's cards are spectacular, and thanks for preparing them perfectly for shipping!  
  23. Cheryl Y, South Pasadena CA, so many beautiful cards...thank you thank you! Your donation is a big help too!
  24. Sue B., Grand Blanc, MI - Thanks for spreading the word about OWH, and thanks for the cards!!!
  25. Becky F, N Highlands your cards so much! And the AnyHero cards are adorable...thank you!
  26. Ann L, Orem UT - you're so faithful to our heroes, God bless you real good!!
  27. Seongsook D., Elk Grove, CA - Thanks for the wonderful kids cards, and some any hero letters too!  Very appreciated!
  28. Nancy S., Potomac, MD - What a fabulous assortment of cards, thank you so much for sharing them with our heroes!
  29. Denise I., Williamsville, NY - Those coloring cards were adorable - what a great ideal to use Crayola valentines and create a beautiful card around them - thank you!
  30. Joanne M., Allentown, PA - Thank you for the adorable winter cards, they will bring a touch of home to a place far away!
  31. TILL Inc., Watertown, MA - Thank you so much for the lovely collage postcards - great job!
  32. Greg B, Virginia Beach VA - thanks soooo much for sponsoring boxes of are an awesome hero!
  33. Becky and Marilea, Elk Grove CA, oh how I love your cards, and our heroes will too! The AnyHero cards from kids are precious...thank you!
  34. Tina H, Cosby amazing box of cards. They are all all the layouts and colors you used!
  35. Louise F, Frazier Park CA - oh my what beauuuuutiful love and miss you cards! Our heroes are going to LOVE them, thank you!
  36. Chris N, Big Fork MT - your cards are just wonderful, and have such a Montana flair to them...thank you to you and your friends!
  37. Fran T, Cabot AR - your winter cards are just so cute, thanks soo much!! Your donation is a blessing too :)
  38. Joan W, Tacoma WA - ooooh more of your cute bears! Our heroes are going to love sending these to their kiddos. Thank you!
  39. Martha G, Elkins AR......WOW! These cards are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you!
  40. Christina R-K and Brownie Troop 978, Tallahassee FL......great job on the cards girls!  
  41. Laura B, Oroville CA - cute cards, and what a lovely selection of themes - thank you!
  42. Dee M, Puyallup WA - love your you have a magical munchkin multiplying your stash? (He's a talented munchkin if so!) Thanks for the goodies for our next challenge too!!
  43. Debbie B. and the employees at Charles Schwab, Fishers, IN - Thank you for the box of any hero letters as part of your Veterans Day project!
  44. Kathy C. and the St. Augustine's Church, Ilion, NY - Thank you for the any hero letters!
  45. Kathy N, Athens AL......great cards! Love all the love themed ones!
  46. Ruth B and the Girl Scouts, Hillsborough NJ......what awesome cards for our Heros.  They will so appreciate these wonderful notes from  all of you!!
  47. Jeannine B and kids at Hackett School, Philadelphia PA......Great job on the Any Hero cards! Our heroes will love these!
  48. Rico R and kids at SER Metro-Detriot.......Great job.  These cards are wonderful and will bring smiles to the faces of our Heros!!!
  49. Jeanne T, Barrington IL....thanks for the great cards and Any Hero letters!  Much appreciated.
  50. Michelle G., Ellicott City, MD - Welcome to OWH and thank you so much for the fantastic donation!  
  51. Kirstie H and Crafty Ladies II Craft Guild, Black Diamond WA - thank you so much for all the wonderful cards---and the generous donation! You're all a blessing!
  52. Debbie K., Burke, VA - Thank you for sending the great cards, and for thinking of cards for children - awesome!
  53. Susan C, Brandon FL - Love al your great cards, THANK you!!!
  54. Therese D., Lewiston, ME - LOVE the Valentines, and the other great cards too - thank you for your donation!
  55. Lyneen J, Bremerton WA - just love all your vintage cards, thank you!!
  56. Danyse K., Charlotte, NC - Thank you so much for the wonderful cards and pens too!  
  57. Cindy M, Pewaukee WI, so many great cards, thank you so very much!
  58. none
  59. Stephanie G., New York, NY - Thank you so much for your wonderful donation - your cards will be snapped up!  
  60. Victoria L, Cullowhee NC - I just love your cards! Thanks for joining the "miss you" day at my house! :) Your AnyHero cards and shipping donation are a blessing!
  61. Nancy C, Hollister CA - thank you sooooo know how much I love sending miss you cards, don't you!
  62. Diane M, Kenmore WA - oh my!! So many beauuuutiful cards, thank you so much!
  63. Denise W, N Las Vegas NV, thank you for yet another wonderful box of cards!
  64. Lauren L, Plainfield IL....WOW! What a nice large box of cards!!!  You sure packed alot of cards in there and they are great!
  65. Anonymous in Austin TX......thank you for the beautiful cards! 
  66. Leah C, St Paul MN......great cards! Love them all!
  67. Sharla V, Topeka KS......great cards and Any Hero letters.  Thanks for your continued support!
  68. YCMA Headstart in Dearborn Heights MI.....the kids did a great job making Any Hero cards.  Thank you!
  69. Patricia F, Hixson TN.....another package of beautiful cards! Thank you!
  70. Sue A, Rockford IL.....another package of great cards.  Love the popcorn card!  Thanks!
  71. Phillina C, Gaithersburg MD.....Welcome to OWH! Your package was filled with beautiful cards.  Thank you.
  72. Akiko H and Girl Scout Troop 42067, Mill Creek WA....Great Job girls.  These cards are gorgeous!!!

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