Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thankful Thursday Dec. 31, 2009

**REMINDER: Today is the last day to make a tax-deductible financial donation to OWH for 2009; you can send it via Paypal by midnight tonight!**

One last big thank you to all our donors in 2009....stay tuned soon for some amazing statistics from the year, once we crunch some numbers and create some pretty graphs! This week we received 5047 cards from the following rock!
  1. Pat C and Pacesetters Stamp Group, Shalimar FL......ladies, thanks so much for the great box of cards!!!
  2. Diana KI and Robson Ranch Stampers, Denton TX.....WOW Ladies! What awesome cards.  Thanks!!
  3. Jennifer M, Marshfield WI......thanks so much for the great cards. Love the Valentines Day cards!!!
  4. Teresa W, Daphne AL......thanks for the great cards.  Love them!
  5. Anonymous in Richmond VA.....thank you for the great cards.
  6. Karen K, Murchison TX....these cards are wonderful. Love the shades of pink and red!
  7. Krista T and employees at Accenture,St Charles IL......thank you for these great cards!!!  Thanks for taking time at your holiday party to make these.
  8. Baptist State Convention of Michigan.......thank you so much for this wonderful package of cards!!!
  9. Cindy J, Greenacres FL.......a great box of cards. Thanks for having them sorted by theme!!
  10. Greg B, San Diego CA - thanks so much for sponsoring so many boxes for your fellow heroes....we're so glad you enjoyed them so much while you were deployed!
  11. Cindy B, Dearborn Heights MI......thanks for the awesome box of cards.  Love them!
  12. Teresa C, Campbell CA - thanks for the wonderful package of cards!
  13. Kathy C, Ilion NY and Mr M's class at Reminton Elementary School: your wonderful cards and letters will really make some heroes happy - thank you!
  14. Mali C, El Cerrito CA - thanks for both your fantastic packages of cards!!
  15. Chris C, Chicago IL - such pretty valentines, thank you!
  16. Esther E, Vancouver WA and Ellen H - lovely lovely cards, thank you ladies!!!
  17. Cindy E and the Elks Lodge - you're all so amazing, thanks for the great cards!!
  18. Penny G, Swall Meadows CA, your cards are so pretty, thank you!
  19. Stephanie G, thanks so much for your awesome package of cards!
  20. Melinda G, Sacramento CA - thank you for the shipping donation, and your support of your Mom's cardmaking!
  21. Joan J, Lodi CA - thanks so much for the shipping donation and your wonderful cards...our heroes will love them!
  22. Ann L, Orem UT - you are such a faithful cardmaker and donor to our cause, thank you soooooo much! Hugs!
  23. Nina L, Sacramento CA, thank you so very much for your lovely cards and your donation. What a blessing to know how much you love doing this for our heroes!
  24. Nancy M, Fremont CA - these cards are so cute, thank you for joining in the challenge!
  25. Shirley M, Ruidoso NM, what a blessing to get all these beautiful Valentines! Thanks so much for your donation as well!
  26. Cindy M, Pewaukee WI - fantastic Valentines, thank you so much!!
  27. Gurtha M, Lakeland FL, fantastic selection of cards, wow! Bless you!
  28. Cindee N, Harrisburg PA - what awesome cards! Thanks so much for the shipping help too!
  29. Becky N and Marilea P, Elk Grove CA - thank you for such a generous donation, so many wonderful cards - and great kids letters! You must be so proud of your students! :)
  30. Lynn R, High River, Alberta Canada - such pretty, cards, thank you so much, Lynn!
  31. Kathy R, Duncan SC - what sweet cards! Thanks so much - we'll be getting a box to your hero later this week :)
  32. Donna S, Sheridan WY - thank you for your cards and generous donation - Merry Christmas to you too!
  33. Helen S, San Diego CA, thank you for another great package of cards!! Your shipping donation is a great help too :)
  34. Deloris T, W Salem OH, such sweet cards, thank you once again! Your donation and all the extra stamps for prizes are muuuuch appreciated!
  35. Jean U, Palmer AK - love all your cards for the challenge, thanks so much!
  36. Kay V, Jupiter FL - super cards, thank you so much!
  37. Christine W, Sacramento CA, lovely cards, thank you so much - you'll be making a lot of birthdays that much happier! :)
  38. Diane W., Stoneham, MA - Your cards are beautiful and made with love - thank you so much!
  39. To our anonymous cardmaker in Flagstaff AZ - these are beautiful cards, thank you so much!
  40. TT: Traci B. and the ladies of Scrapbooks & Etc in Harrisburg, NC, thanks for all the cards! All 1000+ of them. It's a terrific variety, and a great start for the new shipper!
  41. Joan L, Waco TX - thank you so much for your generous donation! Wow!
  42. Jannette D, Port Orchard WA - wow, thanks for the gorgeous cards!! Be sure to let us know when you have an addy for your son and we'll add him to our list! :)
  43. Seongsook D, Elk Grove CA - beauuuutiful cards as always, wow! Thank you so much!!
  44. Louise F, Frazier Park CA - oh, these cards are soooo pretty, thank you so much!!!
  45. Jann H, Ravensdale WA - these are such pretty cards, thank you sooooo much!
  46. Creating Keepsakes Conventions, Bluffdale, UT - The beautiful cards just keep on coming, thank you so much for your generous partnership this year!
  47. Thank you to the Missionaries of Life at Life Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC for your many cards for our heroes. What a wonderful mission for your group! Your work will bring many smiles!
  48. Debbie M, Sacramento CA - thank you so much for the generous donation!
  49. Chris T, Windermere FL - what an awesome package of cards!! Your donation is a big help too. Thanks for raising up a Marine hero!
  50. Ana T, Escondido CA - lovely Valentines, our heroes will love them all! Thanks for the shipping help as well!
  51. Denise W, Las Vegas NV, wow, thank you so much! Pass on our gratitude to your sister too...our heroes will love these!
  52. Emily W, Marissa IL......another wonderful package of cards! Thanks for your continued support.
  53. Betty T, Salina KS.....Great cards!!!  Love them!
  54. Mary H, Miamisburg OH......thank you for the wonderful cards and donation.
  55. Christine C, Warren MI.....thank you for the great package of cards.  Appreciate the Any Hero letters!
  56. Sherry T and Peace Speakers, Colinsville AL....thank you for the great cards! 
  57. Lynn P-R and Silver Stampers, Rockville MN....WOW! What great cards!!!  Thanks so much.
  58. Angie L, Indianapolis IN....Welcome to OWH!!! Your first box of cards was great.  These cards are beautiful!
  59. Susan C, Concord Township OH....thank you for the wonderful cards!! Much appreciated.
  60. Jess and Sandy C, thank you so much for another faithful donation! You're awesome!
  61. SuzAnn H, Salt Lake City UT - thank you so much for the're a blessing!
  62. Leah C, St Paul MN......thank you for another wonderful package of cards!!
  63. Linda K, Grant MI.....great cards and Any Hero letters.  Thank you.
  64. Chris T, Windermere FL....Thank you to your daughter for serving!! Thank you for supporting us so more heroes write home!
  65. Jane B, thank you so much for your end-of-year gift...our heroes will be blessed because of your generosity!
  66. Simsbury High School student council.......thank you for these awesome Any Hero letters!!!  Much appreciated.
  67. Velda S, Mesquite NV - lovely cards!! (And I love that you re-lined the card I had sent you! Recycle, baby!)
  68. Marianne C, Naches WA - thanks so much for sharing your talents with our heroes; these cards are stunning!
  69. Lina W, Hampton VA - your Valentines are just adorable!! Spouses and girlfriends are going to oooooh and aaaah over them! :)

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