Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Why do you make cards for our heroes?

With the new year approaching, it's a great time to reflect on why we are all involved in helping our heroes through a program like OWH. Our shippers receive little notes on packing slips all the time, and it's an encouragement to know why you've joined the OWH family!
  • What has your participation meant to you? 
  • Who shared OWH with you?
  • Who might you invite to join in the fun?

Please leave a comment at the end of this post about why you make cards for our deployed heroes....we'd all love to be encouraged by each story! To get you started, here's just one sweet note we received this week from one family who have become involved:
Dear wonderful people,
I'm packing up the 129 cards my 82 year old mother made with love. My sister, Christine W, found your site a few months ago and shared with us the wonderful work you're doing for our troops.

Please know you are appreciated for the good you're giving to the troops as well as to us, those who want to help in some kind way.

With great appreciation,
Melinda G.

P.S. My mother's life has been enriched by this project—beyond words! Thank you!


Rhonda Miller said...

I love to send cards to OWH. It's just one small way I can pay these wonderful people back for their hard work and devotion to keep us all safe. I found our about OWH from a website who had a link on their sidebar and I share it with everyone I can.

Velda said...

I found this group during the Memorial Day blog hop. I enjoy making the cards because I really appreciate what the troops do for us. My hubby is retired military and we have 3 grandsons currently in the military. Velda

Anita said...

Fabre found me and invited me to be part of a blog hop. The military holds a special place in my life. My husband served 8 years in the Air Force. My family is involved in Sea Cadets which is a jr. Navy program. I love the idea of someone being able to use my creations. I encourage my friends to send cards to OWH.

Caryl P said...

I'm not sure how I first heard about OWH, but I became involved and made cards after the Memorial Day blog hop. I can't always make a lot but I know many hands make light work so I try to keep them coming.
Six years ago my brother was in Afghanistan for a few months when he was in the Air Force. I don't know that I sent him a single card, and I regret that so I suppose this is my way of making sure the heroes can write home even if their sisters are focused on other things!!!

Dixie Cochran said...

My nephew is a soldier, and I sent cards to him in 2007 and 2008 when he was in Iraq the first time. Later, I saw a post on 2 Peas about Cards for Heroes. I knew I wanted to get involved when I retired from teaching. I just had NO idea how involved I was going to get!
I love making cards! I love sending them to our heroes in faraway places. I hope my cards bring a little joy to someone's life.
I've gotten a lot of high school students to write Any Hero Letters. I'll be hitting the middle school soon!

Denise I. said...

My husband's cousin is deployed as is my step-nephew,this is the way I feel I can give even just a little back. I am a Marine "Brat" and proud that my parents served our country so many years ago!!! I love to make things and if my gift can put a smile on another's face or help put a Mother's fears at ease, I am happy!!!

Betty said...

I blame my friend Alex She is one of the most caring and sharing people I know and when she takes up a cause you just help be get as excited as she is. Love Ya Girlfriend!

It also helps that I have several family and friends in Military service (both here and in my native Canada) and I am humbled by those willing to risk their well being to keep be safe. This is the least I - we, hubby (he is a civilian employee of the State Military Division) has been helping make cards - can do. Local Guard members have started deployment to Afghanistan and a dear friend is currently embedded with a Unit there now we have told both about OWH and hope they get signed up.

AK Donna M said...

I make cards for OWH in memory of my dad. He was in the Army for 20 years, serving in Korean War & two tours in Vietnam. I still have the one Christmas card he sent me from Vietnam when I was a little girl. I don't even know how he found a place to buy a card. The front has a silk print of a boy & water buffalo. And it still has that musty, mildew smell (everything was always damp where he was).

Times were so different back then. I know what it means to our troops and families today to have your support. Thanks to everyone out there for what you do!

Fabre said...

I found OWH after we had done a family project making cards for one particular contact in Iraq, found through one of the stamping message boards. She came back home safe and sound (YAY!) but I still wanted to make more cards - I was hooked! My husband's best friend from high school is a Colonel in the army, and he has told us of his challenges keeping in touch with home while he is deployed, and he fully admits that he has more access than most to e-mail and phone. I sent my first box to Sandy, and the rest is history! I love being able to use my creative talents to create something that will become a family memory for someone else. Bravo to Sandy, Kris, and the board for the wonderful work that you all do!

Debra said...

I came across a link of OWH a few months ago. When my husband was stationed in Saudi Arabia years ago, I had to send him cards to send back to our sons. Our oldest son is now in the Army (just finished his training). It is a small way to thank those who serve our country.

Anonymous said...

I've been making Christmas cards for troops through a scrapbook magazine for the past few years. I think I found this website through a search, and I'm thrilled with this program. Imagine - something I enjoy doing that can be enjoyed four times: by me when I make them, by the shippers when they sort and send them, by the troops, and by their families. It's a little something that I can do to help.

Anonymous said...

My sil found your website in a little ad in a scrapbooking magazine; became a fan on facebook, then told me about it. I don't get very many cards made, but as I'm making them, I pray for the senders and their families. This is my way of supporting them, letting them know they are appreciated, and someone is thinking of them at home. Now that I don't need my dining table clear for Christmas dinner; I can get my supplies out and work on them whenever I feel like it. Joan in California

Paula S. said...

I found OWH (Cards For Heroes) back in April 2008 through a web search. I had made some cards being sent to soldiers for a RAK at the PaperCrafts Magazine site and realized this would be a perfect way to rediscover a hobby I had abandoned because I simply couldn't use all of the cards I made. I eventually found CFH and knew it was the perfect match. It's just a small way to say Thank You to those who protect and preserve the freedom I love. It has been a blast to see this group grow by leaps and bounds and being a part of OWH has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.

Cyn said...

I found OWH through another blog. My husband volunteers at a wildlife shelter..that is not my thing and I have always wanted to "volunteer" my time. In March my sister in law was deployed to Afganistan. A few months after that a lady at work's son was deployed for the 2nd time to IRAQ. I was doing my normal Blog hopping and came across a lady's blog that makes cards for OWH. I was so touched by this site and thought..hey I have some time and LOVE scrappiing and making cards I could do this. It is my way of saying THANK YOU to those who serve and protect me so that I can have the FREEDOM to craft. I hope that each card I make, eventually, brings someone a smile somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I think I found OWH when looking for card making related sites this fall. I have accumulated some paper crafting supplies and this seemed like good way to grow in my papercrafting abilities and to serve others. I have only made about a dozen cards so far, but my ladies Sunday School class is planning to make some this Sunday. I have invested in some more tools of the craft and hope to continue to make cards for OWH and to encourage others to do so.
Jean in PA

Anonymous said...

I found your website through DRS designs, when I made cards to send to them that they then sent to you. I previously had been sending cards to the troops through Angel Stampers for Soldiers, which shut down. I love making cards for the troops; it's one small thing I can do to pay them back for all their effort and sacrifice and courage. I am so glad to have found this site so that I can keep sending cards to the troops. Keep up your great work. Carol

SuzAnn said...

OWH has literally kept me sane this year. Going through a divorce made it difficult for me to scrapbook but I still needed my creative outlet so I am really thankful I had discovered CFH/OWH last Christmas through a post on a scrapbook site. It gives me a chance to work with paper and glue and also keeps me humble. I love searching for new ideas for cards and talking to others about this amazing project. Let's see if we can double it again in 2010!

Operation Write Home said...

[This was emailed from Esther]

Dear OWH,

I found out about OWH from Carol H in Vancouver. Your website gave me all the tools and information I needed to send a BIG box of Christmas cards first. Since then I always have a small box beside my desk that I add cards to almost every day. My friend Ellen H gives me her cards. When the box is full, I mail it to Sandy and start a new box.

The Homefront Blog always contains news and needs that help me decide which cards to make and put in the box. The Valentine Challenge is my first challenge. My goals for 2010 are to make cards for every holiday and participate in all the challenges.

I have sent emails to everybody I know with a forward of "The Sweetest Envelopes" blog from Dec 16. Presently beginning to plan a card-making session at Eastwoods Presbyterian Church.

I am glad there is a way I can touch the lives of deployed heroes and their families. What I do is small compared to what they do and how the families have to cope with deployment.

My hope is my effort brings smiles and feelings of joy to others and the knowledge that they are loved..

Esther Ellis

morningDove said...

Aimslee on "On The Wing" gave us your info after we sent packages to a group in Kenya for children there.
i found the envelopes today 100 @ $5.00 in Staples. i purchased two sets. i think i will go back and buy the other three packages of envelopes.
i'm working on my first bunch to mail the first week in new year. i think it will be the best project i could do to begin anew.
thanks for the opportunity to share.

Diane said...

I have been donating cards for the troops for a while thru various sites, drop offs at CKC, etc- but found OWH (when it was CFH) on a message board. I was really impressed by Fabre's rapid response that she received my package- and she extended me a HUGE welcome and thanks! That kindness made all the difference for me--I am now a dedicated OWH gal! I love the website-the hero blog is so touching- their comments always motivate me to create more cards! Oh- and my favorite man is being deployed this month- so I have an extra personal reason why OWH is so dear to my heart! And I made a new friend (but feels like I have known her forever) ---Fabre! How one organization can spread happiness on so many levels is awesome!!!! Diane