Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Announcing...a new blog!

At our cardmaker-bloggers' request, we've begun a brand-new blog! It's called "Stars and Stamps" (http://www,owhstarsandstamps.org)—and will be populated with challenges, inspiration, product reviews, tutorials, and any other content our cardmakers can generate! A link has been added to our drop-down menu of blogs on our main site - and you can go there now by clicking on this image below (but read on first!)

Please consider sharing your knowledge. Are you an expert at a technique? Are you a stickler for testing and reviewing products like inks or adhesives? Do you enjoy creating sketches for others to use for their cardmaking? Even if you're not a blogger, you just may have information you'd like to share, and we'd love your help! Go visit the blog, sign up to receive email updates if you want...and join in the fun!

Posts about the cards themselves will now show up on the S&S blog—thus keeping all the crafty inspirational posts over there, and nuts-and-bolts business over here on the Homefront Blog. If there's any news of utmost importance for everyone to see, THIS is the blog where it will show up (or we'll link over to the other location), so if you'd like to limit what you want to visit, you're in the right place!

Bloggers: Check the blog roll we've begun, and be sure to go visit your fellow OWH cardmakers! Share some warm fuzzies...you know how we all enjoy feedback on our work!

Non-bloggers: If you'd still like to participate in our challenges, you can post your photos on a photo site, on our facebook fan page, or elsewhere—just leave a link on the challenge post! And of course everyone is welcome to visit our OWH bloggers and leave them feedback!

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Rhonda Miller said...

This is great. I found the blog this morning and am ready to get started.