Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dec challenge winners + January challenge ideas

Here are the winners, randomly chosen by crafters, 7404 cards! We'll get your little prizes out to you in the mail this week! Congrats!
  1. Diane W, Stoneham, MA
  2. Helen S, San Diego, CA
  3. Cindy  M, Normal, IL
  4. Jeanne B, Glenview, IL
  5. Janice A, Bountiful , UT
  6. Patricia F, Hixson, TN
  7. Velda S, Mesquite, NV
  8. Betty T, Salina, KS
  9. Ramona M, Warrior, AL
  10. Nancy M, Fremont, CA
  11. Helen M, Spring Creek, NV
  12. Cathy C, Winston-Salem, NC
  13. Cindee N, Harrisburg , PA
  14. Stephanie  G, New York, NY
  15. Debb R, Scotia, NY
  16. Terri O, Wyndmoor, PA
  17. Nancy F, Trexlertown, PA
  18. Sherry T, Colinsville, AL
  19. Lynn P, Rockville, MN
  20. Karen K, Murchison, TX

Jennifer posted on our Facebook page asking for a January challenge:

"We need a January challenge, please! No prizes - just a challenge. I have a newborn and if I don't have a challenge, I'm not likely to work on cards as much - and I need to keep creating!!"

So for those who need a "goal" to set in front of them, here are a few ideas:
  1. Missing My Kids: Create 20 missing-you cards appropriate to send to children and mail them to a shipper by Jan 31.
  2. Seventeen Green: Create 3 St Patrick's and 17 Thinking of you cards (since it's 3/17) and get them to your shipper by Jan 31 - beat that Feb deadline so we can get some boxes out early for the holiday!  (Lots of folks have been mailing well past our deadlines - help a shipper out by being early!)
  3. TwentyTen challenge: A bigger challenge that could last you all through 2010! One month you make and send in at least 20 cards, the next 10 cards, the next 20, and so on. It's small goals that can keep us moving!
Let everyone know what you're committing to by posting a comment on this blog post....let's see if we can find ourselves some goals we can meet!  (And if there's enough interest in any of these, we'll make some blog banners for you to post!)


Diane said...

wahoo- love challenges-very motivating! Have to decide which one is my top goal next- leaning towards the missing my kids challenge--but I AM Irish--so 17 Green is right up my alley! Can I handle both? YES!!!! Who is gonna join me! We have 3 weeks to complete this- easy peasy!!! And thanks for choosing me as a Dec/Jan challenge winner! LOL Great way to start my day!

Cathy said...

Squeal like a girl! I can't believe I won a challenge! Congrats to all of the other winners! Also, those new challenges sound especially tempting! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I do so much better with a challenge too!! So count me in on the Missing You kids challenge and 3/17. These will be my first OWH cards so I'm really excited to get moving!!

Erika said...

It's a busy month for us with my hubby deploying - but I'm definitely up for the Missing You cards and the 3/17! I don't think I could find a better way to fill my time until my hubby's return!

Cyn said...

amazing cards!!

LT Crystal D Lee said...

o my goodness... being the deployed Soldier and sending cards to my 3 kids every week; these are WONDERFUL!! my little ones love their cards! I try to match them to their personalities.. GREAT IDEA... GREAT JOB! LT Crystal D Lee

Anonymous said...

Hey Crystal!!! Another box is on it's way to you this week!!!

Can't wait to see which challenge all of our wonderful cardmakers pick.

Shipper Kris

Rhonda Miller said...

I missed the Valentine's deadline, but am already working on cards that are good for anything, love, missing you, thinking of you, etc... to send in. I'll also be starting some Easter cards.

SuzAnn said...

Oh I love a challenge and the "missing my kids" will be extra hard since I don't have kids but love trying to figure out cards that appeal to them, so count me in!

AK Donna M said...

I love St. Patrick's Day, so I'll accept that challenge. What fun! A great day to make cards because it is 20 below!

Jeanne said...

I'm up for the missing you and St. Patty's challenges! It's great to have a little direction when making cards. Thanks for choosing me as a winner from the December challenge.

Lynn said...

Well, I guess I was on the right track with 2 of the cards I made recently, one for "kidz" and the other St. Patty's. I am going to stretch my brain and see if I can make the other 19 for the Kidz!

JenN. said...

I am going to try to do the missing my kids challenge. I have got some fun kid stuff to use up. Sounds like fun.

Denise I. said...

My challenge to myself will be something like the 20/10 but I am going to try and make 30 cards a month--20 + 10!!!! Sound like fun!! Congrats to all the winners!!!

Seongsook Duncan said...

Great challenges! Thanks.