Saturday, January 23, 2010


Cardmaker Kathy S is very observant—she found a major error on our OWH Calendar! The Mother's Day deadline was accidentally placed on the 14th of April rather than the 1st. The 14th is our last day to get the boxes to the Post Office, not the last day to mail Mother's Day cards to us...!!

Please either re-download the full pdf and reprint page 5, download page 5 only, or mark the printout you've already made to reflect the accurate date.

And while we've got your attention on deadlines - please try to aim for a week or two before each of the posted deadlines. Those dates are for the last-minute Charlies....we start shipping boxes with holiday cards about 7 weeks prior to the holiday itself, sometimes more - and need holiday cards much earlier than that. Plus, the last-minute rush means our shippers get little sleep during the final week - so if you're an OWH 'regular', you can help your shipper a lot by getting your holiday cards in much earlier.

Oooh and I just remembered a note from one shipper - she found some Valentines that only said Happy Valentines Day on the especially if you send cards during that last week or two, be sure to call out the section of holiday cards so they don't get missed.

Thanks everyone!

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