Friday, January 22, 2010

Take a moment for Amber

This is unrelated to OWH...but we know our cardmakers have big hearts!

Here's a call for cards that was posted on Facebook; take a moment and send a cheery card to this young lady! Below is a description of what she's going through; the update just sent to the Facebook Group last night said she's in an induced coma right now, and asked for prayer for her sisters Haley (11) and Taylor (almost 10) too as they continue watching their sister go through this; if you want to send three cards, I'm sure Haley and Taylor would smile as well!

Amber Dougherty
c/o Tony and April Sharer
2766 Bald Eagle Pike
Tyrone, PA 16686
Information from the Facebook group:
Amber Dougherty is a 13 year old from Tyrone, PA and is suffering from Severe Intractable Epilepsy, with a sadly grim prognosis. According to an email sent by a family member, the doctors don't expect for her to be with us next Christmas. Since Amber likes to receive mail, her family is organizing a card drive so that Amber can get mail from all over. She also has a more informative webpage at Her case is labeled damo56. 

Photo is from Jan 21

Join their Facebook Group if you'd like more info on Amber's progress, or would like to donate to help the family financially.

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