Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday: January 14, 2009

We've finally packed up the last of the beautiful Valentines everyone sent in...and our shippers are exhausted from all the late {heart}mail! 9723 cards had to be processed and hurried into the mail this week—pray that the postal service sprouts wings to carry the late cards out to our heroes on time!
  1. Thank you New Hope Ladies Group for your terrific cards and AnyHero letters. Your work will bring smiles to our heroes and their families!
  2. Thank you, Tina A. from Winter Springs, FL. Your cards and the AnyHero messages are wonderful! Your cards are a lovely assortment for our heroes. Thanks!
  3. Esther E and Ellen H, your cards are soooo pretty, thank you so much!
  4. Karen G, Oakland Park FL, thanks for ALL these cards, wow!
  5. Terri L, Grants Pass OR - awesome valentines, thank you!!
  6. Cheryl L. from New York, thank you for your awesome cards and generous donation. Loved the super-sized sparkly Valentines. Well done!
  7. Ann L, Orem UT - it sure looks like you did love making these, thanks so much!
  8. Barbara M, San Carlos CA - I love your wonderful cards, our heroes will too!
  9. Darlene Mc, Ridgecrest CA, thanks so much for the great Valentines!
  10. Kelly M, Redwood CIty CA - thanks for the fantastic cards! Love them all!
  11. Thank you, Lori R. from Springfield, VA. The "Cat's Meow" stamp made me chuckle. Bet our heroes will chuckle too! Thanks!
  12. Cyndy R from Contoocook, NH, your cards are lovely. The "Cuckoo for you" is wonderful! Thanks for your hard work.
  13. Jean U, Palmer AK, what sweet cards! Beautiful!
  14. Christine W, Sacramento CA, thanks so much, I love your cards!
  15. Danielle A, Houston TX.....WOW! A great box of cards.  Thank you so much.
  16. Anita A, Turlock CA, beautiful cards, wow!!! Thank you!!!
  17. Maude B, Las Cruces NM.... thank you for the wonderful cards!
  18. Martha B, Santa Rosa! You make me smile, I love your cards! Thanks for your donation and your heart for our heroes!
  19. Carol B, St Louis MO.....what an awesome box of cards.  Very pretty!
  20. Tammy B, Chaska MN.....these are wonderful cards.  Thanks!
  21. Diana B, Forney TX....these are great cards.  Any Hero cards are appreciated as well.
  22. Grace B, thank you so very much for the donation!
  23. Thank you Gayle C. from Carlisle, PA.  Your cards are beautiful. I loved the wintery "Thinking of You" cards especially!
  24. Carol C and Sue S, Papillon NE.....ladies, thanks for another wonderful box of cards.  Love them!
  25. Cynthia C, Scottsdale AZ - fantastic package of cards, thank you!!
  26. Kay C, Minnetonka MN.....thanks for the wonderful cards.  Love them.
  27. Priscilla C and Girl Scout Troop 3310, Norman OK......thanks girls for the great Any Hero cards.  Our heroes will love these.
  28. Donna D. from Monroe, LA, thank you for the lovely cards for our heroes. Loved the big square ones and the heart-in-the-box cards. Thanks to for ALL the AnyHero notes!
  29. Sheryl D, The Woodlands TX..... Awesome Valentines day cards!  The giraffe one made me chuckle!
  30. Leigh E, Geri A, Sarah R and Nancy R, Houston TX........Ladies, these are wonderful cards.  Thanks for spending the weekend making them.
  31. Stephanie and Robin G, New York NY.....ladies thank you for the great variety of cards.  They are beautiful!
  32. Nora G, Medford OR, thanks sooooo much, awesome valentines!
  33. Tammy H, Harrisburg PA......very nice Valentines Day cards! Thanks.
  34. Sallie H, Adel GA, .....thank you for the pretty cards and the Any Hero letter!!
  35. Mary Anne H and Unity Church of Peace, St Louis MO.....thank you for these beautiful Valentines Day cards.  Love them.
  36. Judith H, Chesterfield MO.....these are great cards.  Appreciate the Any Hero letter too!
  37. Renee H, Andover MN.....thanks so much for these beautiful cards and Any Hero letters!!
  38. Joan H, High Ridge MO.....another fabulous package of cards! Thanks!!
  39. Dianne J, St Petersburg FL.....thank you for the nice cards.
  40. Michelle J, Wake Forest NC.......WOW!! What a great box of cards. These are beautiful.
  41. Linda K, Indianapolis IN.....thanks for the great Valentine's Day cards!!
  42. Joan K, Avon IN......these cards are wonderful! Thanks!
  43. Teresa K, Vancouver WA, I love your style, these are so pretty. Our heroes thank you! Bless you for your generous donation too!
  44. Nancy K, Hattiesburg MS....thanks for the great Valentine's Day cards.  So glad you saw us in CardMaker Magazine.
  45. Anita K, Glenview IL......thanks for these great cards!!
  46. Donna K, Gainesville MO....another great package of cards! These are wonderful.
  47. Kimber K, Albany OR - thank you so much for all these awesome cards!
  48. Anita K, Sealy awesome package of cards.  Thanks.
  49. Thank you, Golden Hands Craft Group in Geneseo, NY. What a terrific package of cards! The big inserts will make writing home easy for our heroes.
  50. Carolyn L, Darien IL - what amazing cards, thank you so much! The extra envelopes will come in VERY handy, bless you!
  51. Barb L, Fairfax MO....Great cards!!!
  52. Kelley L, Butler IN.....thanks for the wonderful cards.
  53. Celeste L, Panama CIty Beach FL - WOW! What an amazing box of goodness, thanks so much!
  54. Carol M, Itasca IL.....thanks for the great Valentine's Day cards.
  55. Reta M, Fair Oaks Ranch....these are beautiful cards. Thank you!
  56. Cindy M, Normal IL....thank you so much for these beautiful cards. Love them!!
  57. Lyn M, Simi Valley CA, thanks so much fr your challenge cards....way to go on them all!!
  58. Ann M, Hutchinson MN......this is a great first box of cards! Welcome to OWH.  
  59. Debby M, Las Cruces NM.....these are great cards! Love them.
  60. Cindy M and Checkered Cottage Friends, St Louis MO....WOW! This is an amazing box of cards!!! Thank you.
  61. Jody M, Scottsdale AZ, your cards are just sooooo pretty, thank you so much.....And yes, we'll get a box out to your hero!
  62. Janice M, Ponca City OK.....awesome cards. Thanks so much!
  63. Jeanne N, Murfreesboro TN.....thanks for these wonderful Valentines Day cards.  Love them!
  64. Sue N. from Duluth, GA, thank you for all the cards for our heroes. Thanks too for sorting them by theme. Very helpful. Loved the die cut hearts and the popped-up hearts!
  65. Joy O, Carmel IN.....a great big box of cards!! Thank you. They are wonderful.
  66. Anyta P, Phoenix AZ.....thanks for the awesome cards.  Love these.
  67. Debby P, Buffalo MO.....thanks for your regular boxes of cards.  Love your style!!! Your automated donation is a great idea too!
  68. Shelly P, Royal Oak MN.....Love your clean and simple style.  These are gorgeous!
  69. Lynn R, High River Alberta Canada - wow, thank you for another packet of love from up north!
  70. Carol C and Sue S, Papillon NE......thank you for the wonderful cards and your continued support!
  71. Mary S, Taunton MI.....more wonderful and beautiful cards!!! Thank you.
  72. Carole Ann S, The Woodlands TX......these are too cute!! Love them.  THANKS!
  73. Leslie S-C, Georgetown TX.....thanks so much for the beautiful cards!
  74. Laura S, Charlotte NC....thanks for the wonderful cards.  Love them!
  75. Peggy S and the Seniors at SEMCAC, Rollingstone MN.......Great job on these cards!!!  Love them.
  76. Frances T, Cabot AR - thanks for yet another package of lovely cards!
  77. Chandra T, South Haven MN....these are beautiful cards!!!
  78. Susan T. Cypress TX.....these are awesome cards! Love them!!
  79. Joanne W, Fort Mill SC.....thanks for the wonderful cards!  
  80. Marietta W, Akron IA....Thank you for the gorgeous cards!!! Very nice!
  81. Beth W, Vancouver WA, your cards are awesome, thank you!
  82. Cynthia C, Scottsdale AZ - fantastic package of cards, thank you!!
  83. Brenda R, East Bethel MN.....thanks so much for the great cards.  I appreciate the St Patrick's day ones arriving early!!
  84. Rebecca G, Vero Beach FL....Awesome cards! Love this style.
  85. Cheri S and Girl Scout Troop 9343, Kingwood TX......Great job girls!  These cards are great!!!
  86. Paula F and Milton Elementary School, Rye NY.......thanks kids for these great cards and Any Hero Valentine's day cards.  GREAT JOB!
  87. Sandi M, Fremont CA......these cards are wonderful!  Love what you did with the dog pictures!
  88. Ms Roeske, Hartland MI.....thank you for the great box of cards.
  89. Kyra S, Fredonia AZ.....Stunning cards!!! Love them! Thanks so much.
  90. Cindy E, El Cajon CA, your valentines are adorable---thank you so much!
  91. Laura P, Seatac WA, thanks so much for the great mix of cards...your talents are going to great use making these for our heroes!
  92. Jessica C, Roy WA - lovely lovely valentines and other cards....beautiful!
  93. Joan W, Tacoma WA - thanks to you and Diane D for your lovely cards. Hope you're back to creating again soon!
  94. Joyce N, Lakewood WA - two boxes of such pretty cards, thank you!
  95. Leslie M, Kailua HI, your cards are so very beautiful...thank you! Good luck catching the Obamas for us on their next sure to tell them all about OWH!
  96. Nancy J, Lodi CA - what a GREAT way to spend New Year's Day - making cards for our heroes! Thanks so much for the donation too!
  97. none
  98. Kathy P., Windham, NH - Our heroes will LOVE getting all of those beautiful Valentines - thank you so much!
  99. Liz J., Londonderry, NH - Awesome Valentine's Day cards, thank you so much!
  100. Lucille P., Londonderry, NH - Thanks for sharing the love with our heroes, great cards!
  101. Michelle H. in Merion Station, PA, thanks for the cards and the generous donation! Terrific Valentines using traditional and nontraditional colors! Something for everyone!
  102. Janet M in Biddeford, ME...Thanks for the terrific Valentines! Loved the owls with "WHOO loves you?"
  103. Fonda D. in Brunswick, GA...what stunning color combinations on your cards! Thank you for the cards and the letter to AnyHero!
  104. Martha D. in Alpharetta, GA, thank you for the beautiful Valentines for our heroes to send to their sweethearts! Thanks too for your generous donation.
  105. Lisa E from Taylorsville, NC, thank you for the cards, AnyHero notes and the donation! What a nice assortment you sent. Loved the "Hello There" cards.
  106. Thank you Cyn T. in Avon, CT. Your cards are lovely. Thanks too for the really red envelopes! Our heroes will love them.
  107. Thank Pam C of Schenectady, NY for the beautiful cards! The poems on the Valentines are perfect. Thanks to for starting my stash for future holidays!
  108. Andrea Mc. in Ithaca, NY, thank you for the beautiful cards! Thanks too for the donation. Your AnyHero cards have such fun pictures on them.  Our heroes will appreciate the Sharpies you included. Very thoughtful!
  109. Thank you, Sandra H. in Millbrook, AL for the nice variety of cards. I loved the "You and Me" cards most of all. Great talent!
  110. Thank you Dani B. in Rockville, mD for the terrific cards. I loved the Scrabble "Miss You" and the snowmen with the buttons cards especially! So cute!
  111. Monica and Jessica L of Brentwood, TN, thank you for the terrific assortment of cards! I love the transparency cards!
  112. Jennifer H. in Laurel, MD, thank you for the cards! I loved the tri-folds! Very clever and fun!
  113. Thank you Andrew N. of Jacksonville, FL for your terrific cards for our heroes to send to their families!
  114. Thank you Josh N. of Jacksonville, FL for your terrific cards! Your AnyHero card will surely warm a heart.
  115. Bridget N, of Jacksonville, FL, thank you for the cards and the generous donation! Loved the ribbon cards especially! So clever!
  116. Jessica B. and Eydie B in Cherry Hill, NJ, thank you for all the cards! Loved the wintery themes. Thanks too for the generous donation! Please thank the Kresson Elementary kids for the terrific AnyHero cards!
  117. Caryl P. of Manchester, NH, thanks for the Valentines and birthday cards. Loved the cards with pears! Thanks too for the Hero card and the donation!
  118. Gurtha M. in Lakeland, FL, thank you for the lovely assortment of cards. I laughed at the Valentine card with the dog saying, "Do I have to beg?" So cute!
  119. Elli P. and Craig H, Nicerville, FL, Thank you for the really red Valentines! Thanks too for the matching envelopes!
  120. Therese D. in Lewiston, ME, thank you for the beautiful assortment of cards! These will be well received by our heroes and their families!
  121. Wendy H and friends, San Carlos CA - oh my! So many pretty cards, thank you!!!!
  122. Thank you Cristy D. in Charleston, WV for the beautiful "love" cards. I loved the soft ribbons! That's a lot of tying!
  123. Donna M, Fort Wainwright AK - thanks so much for the kids AnyHero drawings for Valentines Day! (Oh and all the pretty grownup cards too!! know me with the kids' art!!)
  124. Debbie B, Fishers IL.....thanks so much for having a card making event at work.  These are wonderful cards and awesome Any Hero letter!
  125. Beth L and 4-H Moms & Teens, Howell MI......What an awesome box of cards!  Thanks so much for these great cards.
  126. Polly P, St Paul MN.....beautiful cards as always!  Thanks so much. Appreciate the Any Hero cards as well.
  127. Esther E, Vancouver WA - thanks for the St Patty's cards - they're wonderful!
  128. Karen S. in Mt. Juliet, TN, thank you for the terrific cards and the donation. My fav card? The cow that says, "What's Moo?" LOL
  129. Etta L. from Elizabethtown, PA, thank you for the beautiful collection of cards and the donation for shipping. I really liked that card with the stitching!!
  130. Lorie A, Ellensburg WA - wow, two boxes full of beautiful cards! Thank you!!! Your donation is also a huge blessing! :)
  131. Julie F, Shreveport LA, what a great mix of cards, thank you!
  132. Kate M, Bossier City LA, thanks so much -- the cards were worth the wait! Thanks so much for your donation as well!
  133. Chica Chicks of Wickford, RI, thank you for ALL your beautiful cards! Wow. They'll bring a lot of joy for our heroes! Love the dry embossing! The cards POP!
  134. Melissa B. In Montreal, thank you for the beautiful cards! They're so sparkly and happy! I needed those anniversary cards! Thanks for the Hero card too!
  135. Janine C, El Monte CA - wow! Beautiful cards once again, thank you!
  136. Rebecca W, Surprise AZ, love your cards...our heroes will too! Thank you!
  137. To our friends at AEP, thank you so very much for having a cardmaking party at work....y'all did GREAT!
  138. Stampers Six Club and Friends in Thomaston, GA...oh, my goodness. Such goodness in a box! Terrific cards and a terrific variety of sentiments! Thanks for the Hero cards and the donation too!!
  139. Christy S, Londonderry NH - awesome cards, thank you soooo much!! Your donation is an added blessing!
  140. Kathy R, Duncan SC - thanks so much, every card counts so much!
  141. Tammy W, Walnut Creek CA, what beauuuuutiful cards, thank you so much!

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