Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday: January 28, 2009

This week we received 4,467 cards...thanks SO much, everyone!
  1. CDR Booth! You are so wonderfully generous, thank you!
  2. Joscie C, Honolulu HI, your cards are just so CUTE! Thank you so much!!
  3. Patti S, St Louis MO - beautiful cards, what a nice selection of themes - thank you!
  4. Thank you, Kathy W. of Scrapin' Kats Scrapbooking in Cullman, AL. The cards you sent are delightful. Please pass our thanks to the girl scouts! Thanks too for the donation. The cards and pictures from the seniors to our heroes are lovely!
  5. Melinda B, Tulare CA - awesome box of cards, thanks so very much!
  6. Katherine F. of Bel Air, MD, thank you for your beautiful cards for our heroes! You do lovely work. Thanks too for tucking the the back flap in the envies! Wow!
  7. Thank you Elaine H. of Keene, RI!! Your Valentine/Hero notes are beautiful, and they will surely bring smiles to the recipients. Loved your picture selection!
  8. Brandi Z. of Bristow, VA, thank you for the large collection of cards, your note to a hero, and generous donation. You do lovely work. My favorite was the dog tag "i miss u" cards. Clever!
  9. Thank you Jeanne B of Glenview, IL, thank you and the 3rd Grade Art Club at Winlelman School for the beautiful selection of cards and the many hero notes. Well done!
  10. Paula E. in Virginia Beach, thank you for all the cards! I must say, you sent some fun cards! Love the hats for St. Patrick's Day! Thanks too for the generous donation!
  11. Thank you Lisa H. in Hopedale, MA! Your third graders did a super job making cards for our heroes and writing letters to them as well. These will bring a lot of smiles to our heroes and their families. Well done!
  12. Thank you Marge M. of Wayne, NJ for your beautiful cards for our heroes. They're so bright and happy. Just what we need for spring!
  13. Lori R in Springfield, VA, thank you for the cards for our heroes to send to their families! I especially loved the "Friends" cards. Your talent will bring many smiles!
  14. Michelle S. in Bucyrus, OH, thank you for your cards and Hero letter! I LOVE the St. Patricks cards! Your cards will be appreciated by our heroes and their families!
  15. Lina W, Hampton VA - thanks for the's hoping your creative block passes quickly!
  16. SuzAnn H, Salt Lake City UT - thanks for the wonderful selection, these are fantastic cards!
  17. Thank you, Salina K. in Cary, NC. Your cards are delightful! Such a nice collection of colors, sentiments, and techniques. Thanks for sharing your talent!
  18. Becky N, Elk Grove CA, thanks for the AWEsome AnyHero letters from your students!!
  19. Many thanks to the Women's Missionary Union of the Union Level Baptist Church in South Hill, VA!! 974 cards! That's a lot of happiness for our heroes and their families and friends!
  20. Christine W, Bothell WA, your cards are wonderful, our heroes will really enjoy writing home on them! Your financial donation means so much as well, thanks!!
  21. Arkport UMC - thanks so much for the wonderful cards!!
  22. Sue A, Rockford IL....WOW! Two packages in one week.....gorgeous as usual.  Thanks so much!!
  23. Barbara B. in Center Valley, PA, thank you for the lovely cards! They're my favorite color combination! Yummy! Thanks for the generous donation too!
  24. Cindy B, Dearborn Heights MI....Love these Easter cards.  Thanks for sending them in early!!
  25. Diane B, Forney TX, your cards are so cute!!! Thanks for the donation too!
  26. Leah C, St Paul MN.....another great box of cards! Love your style!!
  27. Kay C, Minnetonka MN.....thank you for the beautiful cards and for so many different themes.
  28. Many thanks to the ladies at Scrapbooks & Etc. in Harrisburg, NC! Thanks for the cards, the treats for troops, and helping the east coast shipper. You all rock!
  29. Karolyne D, Houlton WI....Love that every card in the box has BLING on it!!!  
  30. Katherine D and Women's Bible Study, Tallmadge OH.....ladies thank you for these beautiful cards!!
  31. Rhonda G and Southern Hills Christian Church Women's Group, Edmond OK......thank you so much ladies for the awesome box of cards!
  32. Ginny H in Calabash, NC, thank you for the terrific cards! Beautiful St. Patricks cards! Such a nice variety!
  33. Karen H, Monticello MN.....FABULOUS!!! WOW these cards are great.  THANKS!
  34. Sherry J, Minnetonka awesome box of cards.  Appreciate that there are lots of different themes.
  35. Esther & Eileen J, El Paso TX......thank you ladies for these beautiful cards and Any Hero letters!!
  36. Nancy M, Fremont CA - your cards are always so wonderful, thank you so much!!
  37. Cindy M, Normal IL....WOW! What a box of awesome cards! Thank you.
  38. Medeiros & Marote Family, New Bedford MA.....thank you for the great cards and Any Hero letters!!!  
  39. Kelly M, Redwood City CA, these are sooooo cute! Love the stencil painting - thank you!
  40. Thanks Dawn M and Debbie T. in Charlotte, NC for the terrific cards. You two always make beautiful cards for our heroes! Thanks!
  41. Jennifer M, Marshfield WI....Thanks so much for these gorgeous cards! Love them!!
  42. Rebecca N, Kankakee IL...WOW! A box of gorgeous cards and lots of them.  Thank you!
  43. Lori N, Jefferson City MO.....fabulous cards! Thanks for your continued support.
  44. Mary P, Little Falls MN....thank you for the beautiful cards!
  45. Michelle R, Aurora your layouts and colors.  Beautiful cards!! Thanks!
  46. Mary S in Camden, NY...Wow! What a neat collection of cards and techniques! Thanks for the cards, the donation, and the treats for our heroes!
  47. Deloris T and Linda and Anne, West Salem OH......ladies, thank you for the beautiful cards!!! Much appreciated.
  48. Claybon Elementary School first graders, Forney TX - love your valentines, and our heroes will too. Thank you!
  49. Kay V, Jupiter FL - super cards, thank you so much!

An extra snippet of gratitude—that the card hospital cards in WA pictured here have finally been "triaged"!

To keep your cards out of the hospital—and save our shippers hours of labor on them—1) be sure that any you make using dark cardstock have light colored liners in them, since our heroes don't have white pens; 2) be certain to use good adhesive so googlie eyes and ribbons stay where you put them; 3) add cardfronts to cardstock. We're happy to do this work as we have time, but sometimes it means cards will sit for a long time in a box waiting for some TLC....and some of the ones in this pile missed this Valentine's Day, so will still be waiting for 2011.

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