Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thankful Thursday: January 7, 2009

 Not a bad way to start off the new year - 5,610 cards this week! Thank you everyone!
  1. Sue A, Rockford IL....another wonderful package of cards.  Thanks so much for you regular contributions!
  2. Kathy A, Gilbertsville PA - thanks for the awesome cards - they're really pretty!! And your donation is a blessing!!
  3. Patricia A, Tulsa OK.....another great box of cards!  Thanks for all your support!
  4. Patricia B. Cleveland OH........Oh My Word!!! I can't stop laughing!  These cards with the gogglie eyes are just too funny!! These will definately brighten someone's day!
  5. Kay C, Minnetonka MN, thank you so much for the donation!
  6. Laura C, Park Rapids MN - wow! Another awesome box. And what sweet treat packs for our heroes too! Thank you!
  7. Beverly D, Rochester NY....thank you for the great cards and Any Hero letter.
  8. Peggy D, Huntley IL....WOW! Lots and lots of cards.....beautiful cards! Thank you.
  9. Jeanine D, Cleveland TN.......WOW!!! Awesome cards!!
  10. Deb F, Watertown MA.....thank you for the cards made by the men and women at Till Inc.
  11. Monica J, University Place WA, thanks so much for the beautiful cards!
  12. Marian J, Huber Heights OH......your cards are beautiful.  Thank you.
  13. Jan K, Raleigh NC......great cards!!!  Thank you.
  14. Flossie L, Eugene OR - fantastic cards once again - thank you from our heroes and their families!
  15. Randa M, Columbia SC.....thanks so much for the awesome cards!!!!
  16. Kelly M, Redwood City CA - wow! Beautiful cards, and what awesome AnyHero letters. Thanks!
  17. Linda P-K, Millersville MD.....beautiful cards! Thanks so much!!
  18. Debi R, Bainbridge NY - awesome cards for the challenge, thank you!
  19. Jane S, Lakewood WA - thanks so much for the awesome cards! Our heroes will love them.
  20. Christine and Dennis Z, White Lake MI - I love your cards, they're adorable! (I need to try the "wine" trick!)
  21. Kelly B. of Norcross, GA. Your cards are delightful. Your work will bring a lot of smiles to our heroes and their loved ones.
  22. Lori H, Federal Way WA - these are adorable cards, thank you soooo much!!
  23. Thank you Ramona M. in Warrior, AL. Your cards are a work of art! Thanks too, for the AnyHero letter.
  24. Rebecca P of Virginia Beach, VA, thank you for ALL the cards! Beautiful. The AnyHero cards are most appreciated! Thank the little ones.
  25. Thank you Sally S. of Virginia Beach, VA! Your cards are terrific, and will make many smiles!
  26. Tammy A, Aurora CO......LOL!! These cards are just way too cute and funny.  THANKS!
  27. Jeanne B and 5th graders at Winkelman Elementary, Glenview IL......great cards, Awesome Any Hero letters.  Our heroes will love these!
  28. Thanks Phyllis B. in Jasper, GA. Can't believe you're a beginner. Your cards are fabulous. Thanks too, for the donation.
  29. Thanks, Melissa C from Martinez for your beautiful cards and the donation. Thanks too for the Any Hero card. You are very thoughtful.
  30. Kathy C. in Ilion, NY, Thanks for the cards! You sent a nice variety. Our heroes will love them.
  31. Welcome, Maureen D. of Waldwick, NJ, to OWH. Your cards are wonderful. Love the buttons. Thanks too for your donation and Any Hero letter.
  32. Susan D, Tinley Park IL....thank you for these great Valentine's Day cards!
  33. Chris F, Monument CO......WOW! These cards are awesome.  LOVE THEM.
  34. Thank you, Denise I. from Williamsville, NY! Your cards are terrific embellishment masterpieces! Our heroes will love them.
  35. Karel J. of Hilton, NY thanks for the wonderful variety of Valentine cards. Lots of sweethearts will be happy!
  36. Gale L, Gouverneur NY......WOW! What a box of cards.  These are great!
  37. Carol M, Ofallon MO...Thank you for the wonderful Valentine cards.  
  38. Pat Q. in Bethel Park, PA, your cards are a gold mine of birthday wishes! Thank you!
  39. Joyce R-G and Omni Montessori School, Charlotte NC.....WOW! What fabulous Any Hero letters.  Thanks so much.
  40. Thanks, Alice S. in Philadelphia for your cards. They're very creative, and their messages will make heroes and their loved ones smile.
  41. Diane W. in Stoneham, MA, you made the shipper job easy! Beautiful gems on the cards! Thanks for the donation and Any Hero card.
  42. Geri A, Mercer Island WA, thanks for the fantastic valentines, and your shipping help too!
  43. Dolores A, Frederick MD - awesome job on your cards...thanks so much for the donation too, Mom!
  44. Jan A, Los Gatos CA, thank you so very much for the great package of cards...and your shipping donation is a blessing!
  45. Janice A, Bountiful UT, I love your style...such lovely colors! Thanks so much for the generous donation too!
  46. Lee B, Dalton WI - wowsers, so many wonderful cards, our heroes are going to be thrilled!
  47. Jan C, Phoenix AZ - lovely cards, what a great selection! Thanks for the generous donation as well :)
  48. Cathy C in Winston Salem, NC, thanks for the cute "Whoo loves you?" cards! They'll make a lot of smiles!
  49. Nancy, Ruth, Jennifer and Melissa, Hollister CA - amazing box of cards, ladies, WOW!
  50. Donna D, Monroe LA, thank you so much for the generous donation!
  51. Debbie F, Comstock NE - your cards are fanTAStic, thank you soooo much!
  52. Jeany F.....another box of fabulous cards!
  53. Shirley H, Kent WA - I love your cards, they're so pretty..thank you!
  54. Lily H......WOW!!! This box of cards is awesome.  Thank you so much!!
  55. Sue M......thanks for the box of Beautiful cards!! Love them.
  56. Sarah M, Austin TX.......Great job on these cards!!!  Thanks so much for supporting OWH and our HEROES.
  57. Thank you Dawn M. and Debbie T. at Family Memories in Charlotte, NC! It was great to meet you! Your cards are terrific! Thanks!
  58. Kim N, Bloomington IL, thanks so much for sharing your talents with our heroes!
  59. Terri O, Wyndmoor PA, your cards are so swet - thank you so much for the donation too!
  60. Leanne P, Columbus OH - Beauuuuutiful cards, our heroes will love them, thank you!
  61. Ellen P, Vernon Hills IL......WOW what great Valentine/love themed cards.  Thank you.
  62. Kelly S and 4th graders at Glengany Elementary, Commerce Township MI.....GREAT JOB on the Any Hero letters.  Our heroes will love these!
  63. Sarah O, Arlington TN......thank you for the beautiful cards and Any Hero letters.
  64. Sherry N, Bonney Lake WA - wow! What pretty cards, thank you so much!
  65. Debbie F, Nampa ID - thanks so much for the cards, and for getting your kids to help! These are wonderful!
  66. Jennifer D, Meridian ID - such great cards....please tell Sam and Max thanks for their cards too---the kids did a great job!
  67. Diane Y, Sebastian FL, great cards - thank you so much!
  68. Cindy K, Boise ID - lovely cards, they're all just so pretty. Thank you!
  69. Betty W, Mountain Home ID, beautiful cards, bless you!
  70. Alexandra L, Boise ID - beautiful box of cards, thank you!!!
  71. Helen S, San Diego CA - thanks so much for the pretty valentines, wow!
  72. Pam C, Los Angeles, wow, these cards are stunning! Thanks!
  73. Greta P, Milford OH, thanks for yet another package of awesome them!
  74. Amber M, Goshen IN - beautiful valentines, thank you so very much for them, as well as the donation!
  75. Kit P and Scrap Happy Sisters, thanks so much, your cards are beautiful! Your donation for shipping is a real blessing!
  76. Rebecca W, Surprise AZ - thanks so much for the great cards!
  77. Denise L, Pismo Beach CA - awesome box of cards, thank you!
  78. Sandy Mc, Kennesaw GA - holymoly, your cards are stunning! Our heroes are going to love them...thank you!
  79. Joan K, Rio Rancho NM - thanks for filling your box with love!
  80. Kimberley M, Kennewick WA - your valentines are so cute, thank you!
  81. Rosemary D, Tacoma WA  - your cards are so LOVELY! Thank you so much for the box on my doorstep! (Glad you found the right house! :)
  82. Thank you Melanie J and the Inky Paw Club of Westerville, OH for your beautiful assortment of cards! Had to stop sorting to admire the talent!
  83. Thank you New Hope Ladies Group for your terrific cards and AnyHero letters. Your work will bring smiles to our heroes and their families!
  84. Thank you, Jean B. of Meadville, PA for the terrific cards. Such a nice variety!  Thanks too for the AnyHero letters. Our heroes will appreciate your work.
  85. Thank you Debbie K. of Burke, VA for your cards and the generous donation! You sent a beautiful variety of cards! Loved the hearts on the envies!
  86. Thanks, Carol L. from Gilbertsville, PA! So many techniques packed in one box! Our heroes will love these.
  87. Thank you Carmelita G. in Aruba for the cards and the donation! Loved the big heart cards!
  88. Thank you Pat G. in Upton, MA for the sparkly cards! Thanks too for tucking them in envelopes! Big help!
  89. Thank you Jamilie R. in Marietta, GA for the spectacular Valentine cards! Thanks too for the donation.
  90. Thank you Caro H from Mint Hill, NC! Your cards are beautiful. We needed some children's cards to send!
  91. Thanks Erica C. in Kenmore, NY. You sent a beautiful variety of cards. Thanks to for the donation and the AnyHero card.
  92. Thank you, Paula S. in Stamford, CT for the beautiful cards! So many! What a nice variety to send to our heroes! Thanks too for the donation.
  93. Thanks, Pamela L from Mineral Bluff, GA! Your Valentines and love you cards are terrific for our heroes.
  94. Thank you Marianne P. in North East, MD. What wonderful variety of cards and envelopes you sent for our heroes!

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