Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Military Mindset (Kleenex alert!)

In conversation with Alison, she told this story, and we asked her permission to share it....her first note is on the Hero Blog--->"A much bigger difference".

My favorite story about these cards is about when Bill sent one to me almost as soon as he arrived in country.  He had been traveling for 5 days, 6 flights, and still had 1 more flight before reaching his FOB.  The base he was on was attacked almost as soon as he arrived, and the security went sky high very suddenly.  So he grabbed one of your cards, and in typical male-brain fashion simply told me that there had been a breach of security and he had only one minute to say hi.  That was it.  So I get this card 10 days later, and I'm expecting some outpouring of love and adoration, right?  Instead a card travels 8000 miles and all it has is 2 sentences, telling me nothing more than just "Hi."  I of course being Right Brained thought he was already pulling away from me!!

Eventually I came to understand I was completely wrong in my interpretation of that card...

As I thought about it more, and filtered it through the lens of who Bill is, I suddenly got it:  Bill has deployed before, he's 54 and been in for 20 years.  He knows EXACTLY how fragile life is over there.  So in his mind, if he was going to die in an attack, he wanted to drop something in the mail to me that I would have to hold on to, and in that moment of rushing, all he could think of was to say "Hi and love."  I suddenly loved him more than ever. 

It helps to understand the military mindset!  Otherwise, these short, terse cards make no sense in our world back home.  It's now my favorite card and is taped to my bedroom wall so I can see it every day and be reminded of his love...and your organization that helped him reach me when he felt he was at risk.

Thought you'd enjoy that.  :-)



StampinSher said...

I am so happy you love your husband and he most certainly does love you. Thank you for sharing your story. It is nice to hear that OWH card was received and appreciated.

Mary said...

Your letter could not have been posted at a better time, yesterday we had our first get-to-gether to make cards for OWH....we made over 200 cards. Your letter is why we do what we do....Thank You!

Wendy said...

Wow! This is an awesome story. Thank you, Alison, for sharing with us.

Dixie Cochran said...

What a terrific story! Thanks for sharing! You're right, the military mindset is quite different . I hope others read this and learn from it.

Lulu said...

It's so touching that in a moment of panic and danger he thought of you and awesome that he had a way of writing you. It makes all the difference to hear stories like yours because to those of us back home who make cards and wonder if they are really of any help it is such a motivator for renewing our efforts to get those cards out to our servicemen and women. I can't wait to get back to work on more to send out.

Debi Rice, otherwise known as Sparky! said...

Love is often an unspoken language, it is true! :O)
Thanks so much for sharing! It helps knowing that the cards made through OWH are helping!