Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday: February 18, 2010

We received 4,732 cards this week! It's always so amazing to see the faithfulness of soooo many cardmakers across the USA. People of all stripes, types, talents, locations - you are all wonderful in your support of our heroes. THANK YOU!

The photo here is Sandy's mail on Tuesday...the bottom boxes are filled with 125 empty flat rate boxes for packing up cards; the middle horizontal box is 6,000 envelopes purchased for the cards that come without envies; and all the ones on top are cards! And, of course, the furry redhead with all four legs on the floor is Ciara. :)

  1. Ginny H. in Calabash, NC! Your Easter bunnies rock! Thanks for the terrific package of cards. Thanks too for the big envelopes. They'll certainly be used.
  2. Thank you Etta D. in Elizabethtown, PA for the terrific cards! I really liked the butterfly card! My favorite.
  3. Thank you, Therese D. in Lewiston, ME! Your cards are beautiful! And so many too! Thanks for tucking the back flaps in the envelopes! You rock!
  4. Ms Zickmund, Plainfield IL.....thank you for the great cards!
  5. Valerie B, Farmington NM....thanks for the great birthday and St Patty's Day cards!
  6. Beverly D, Rochester NY....thank you for the great cards!
  7. Sue S, Hendersonville TN...thank you for the wonderful cards and Any Hero letter!!
  8. Mary Lou H, Jenison MI......What wonderful cards and such a nice assortment.  Thank you!
  9. Lori N......another fabulous box of cards!!! Thank you.
  10. Lorraine D, Norwood PA.......these Easter cards are GORGEOUS!!! Thank you so much!!!
  11. Laura C, Park Rapids MN - perfect selection and timing! Your Easter cards filled out one last box that I was packing. Thanks soooo much!
  12. Kim N, Bloomington IL, I love your cards so much! Our heroes certainly do too...thank you!
  13. Judy B,Cleburne TX.....thanks so much for the gorgeous cards and the many Any Hero letters!!!  
  14. Deb S, Farmington NM..... thank you so much for getting your son's class involved in making these cards.  They are wonderful!!
  15. Joan J, and Beckie, Lodi CA - wonderful cards, thanks from our heroes!! Joan, bless you for your generous donation too!
  16. Lina W, Hampton VA ....congratulations on finding out how many cards you made! Well done! Thanks for these to add to your 2010 total :)
  17. Penny G, Swall Meadows, CA, your cards are always so nice, so much TLC poured into them. Thanks!
  18. Terri O, Wyndmoor PA, thanks for the lovely cards and donation for shipping...glad you got your prize! :)
  19. Cathy B, San Pedro CA - thank you, your cards and donation are a huge blessing!
  20. Kelly M, Redwood City CA, thanks soooooo much! I love the stitching on your cards, they're wonderful!
  21. Leslie F and friends, thanks soooo much! The St Pat's and AnyHero cards are getting packed up right now! :)
  22. Thanks so much for the wonderful cards Celeste---LaiLynn's are soooo cute too, give her a big hug for us!!
  23. Thank you, Diane W. in Stoneham, MA for the terrific cards and the generous donation! I love the cards with the spinners! So clever!
  24. Thank you Alice S. in Philadelphia, PA for your artful cards! They are beautiful and so unusual! Thanks for the shipping donation too!
  25. Thank you, Paula S in Stamford, CT for the huge box of outstanding cards for our heroes! WOW! Thanks too for the the AnyHero cards and the generous donation! You rock!
  26. Thank you Lorraine S in Orrington, ME for the terrific collection of cards. Love the iris folding! Thanks for sending the envelope supply too!
  27. Thank you Solon Middle School Student Ambassadors in Solon, OH for the terrific cards for our military heroes! Well done!
  28. Thank you, Lisa E. in Taylorsville, NC for the terrific cards! My favorites are the "friend" cards! Thanks for the hero cards too!
  29. Marian J, Huber Heights OH.....gorgeous cards! Thank you.
  30. Janis D, Olustee OK.....these are fabulous cards!!! Thank you.
  31. Karen H, Monticello MN.....WOW! Awesome cards!! Love your style.
  32. Ann M, Hutchinson MN......thanks so much for these lovely cards and the Any Hero letter.  
  33. Hannah M.....thank you for the St Patty's Day and Any Hero letters.  I was in need of both kinds. Thanks.
  34. Mary E, San Rafael CA, thanks for the awesome cards! Love your "made by me" signoff on the backs - cute!
  35. Buffy F, San Francisco, CA, your cards are lovely....the papers are delicious!
  36. Cheryl G, Edmonds WA, your cards are fantastic - thanks for the candies for our heroes, too!
  37. Melissa R, Marysville WA, thanks so much for the cards - thanks for finishing the ones from the cardmaking party a few weeks ago!
  38. Linda G, NJ, thank you so much for your generous donation!
  39. Thank you Lauren L in Plainfield, IL for the HUGE collection of beautiful cards! Thank you too for the letters for our heroes! Your work will bring LOTS of smiles!
  40. Thank you Kathy C. of Ilion, NY for the terrific cards! I love the thumbprint cards. So clever!
  41. Thank you Dolores A. in Frederick MD, for the outstanding Easter cards you made for our heroes. Thanks too for the cards your wrote to our heroes!!
  42. Thank you Melissa L in Rockville, MD for the terrific cards you sent for our heroes! I love the "Welcome Spring" card best!!
  43. Thanks Debbie K. in Burke, VA for another package of beautiful cards and the generous donation for shipping! Your bunny cards make me smile, and I know our heroes and their families will too.
  44. Thank you Cindee N in Harrisburg, PA for the terrific cards and the donation! The "Love You Lots" cards are my favorites!
  45. Big thanks to the Manhattan Scrapbooking Meetup Group in NY!! What a lovely box of cards! Thank you to for the generous donation for shipping!
  46. Renee H, Andover MN.....cute cards, especially the St Patty's Day cards! Thanks!!
  47. Joan W, Tacoma WA, thanks for all the love you pour into your cards!
  48. Brenda R, East Bethel MN, thanks so much for your donation!
  49. Stephanie G, New York NY, awesome box of cards, thank you so much for the donation and pens toooo!
  50. Patty S, Santee CA, what a great first package of cards!! Thank you!
  51. Laura O, Cottontown TN, thanks so much for the fantastic cards - and the pens and treats for our heroes!
  52. Patti S, St Louis MO, thank you, your cards are wonderful as always, and your AnyHero letters and donation are appreciated!
  53. Janice A, Bountiful UT,love love love your cards! Thank you for the generous donation too!
  54. Alexandra L, Boise ID, bless you for sharing your talents with our heroes!
  55. Betty W, Mountain Home ID, your cards are lovely, thanks!
  56. Pam J, I love your cards, and our heroes will too, thanks!
  57. Seongsook D, Elk Grove CA, your cards are so pretty...thank you for so faithfully supporting our heroes!
  58. Donna M, Ft Wainwright AK, thanks to you and the students for all the wonderful cards!!
  59. Laura C, University Place WA, thank you for the cards!!
  60. Joyce N, Lakewood WA, thanks so much, the cards are wonderful!
  61. Denise W, N Las Vegas NV, thanks once again - awesome!
  62. Thank you Caro H in Mint Hill, NC for the terrific cards! I can't wait to put those baby cards in the boxes for our heroes!
  63. Patti C. in Ruby, NY, thank you for the terrific cards, the generous donation, and the card for a hero! I just love those pocket cards with the bunnies!
  64. Nikki your package today.  These cards are awesome!! Thanks!
  65. Donna D, Monroe LA - thank  you SO much for your generous donation!
  66. Kimberley M, Kennewick, WA, your cards are wonderful - I love love love those chocolate bunnies!

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