Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday: February 25, 2010

Check out this "AnyHero Sculpture" sent in by a young person from Utah! How wonderful - and one of our heroes is going to totally TREASURE this!! (It folds down flat - his neck detaches from his head. Otherwise we'd need a big box to ship it in!)

This week saw 8,352 cards arriving with our shippers....lots and lots of sorting, stamping backs, tucking into envelopes, and prepping to mail. Thank you everyone!
  1. Kristi G, San Antonio TX, thanks for the fabulous Easter cards!!
  2. Teresa K, Vancouver WA, thanks...your cards are so precious! Thanks much for the donation too!
  3. SuzAnn H, Salt Lake City UT - your cards are so lovely, bless you!
  4. Nora G, Medford OR, thanks so very much, love your flower cards! The donation is a huge blessing too!
  5. Ann L, Orem UT - wow, these cards are so pretty, thank you! Bless you for your constant donations, you're making a huge difference!
  6. Judie F and Robin G, Coeur d'Alene ID, what great cards!! Thanks especially for the Easter ones, I needed those! Your generous donation is muuuuch appreciated!
  7. Dee N, Duluth MN, thanks for cleaning out your stash for our heroes - they're going to love them all!
  8. Thank you Samantha M and the Future Leaders of Mentor High School in Mentor, OH!! Your cards will bring a lot of joy to our heroes! Thanks too for the generous donation to purchase envelopes. You all rock!
  9. Thank you, Debra K of Burke, VA for another beautiful collection of cards! I love the "Happy-O-Meter" cards! So clever! Thank you too for the donation for shipping!
  10. Thank you Lori R in Springfield, VA for the beautiful box of cards. Every box you send is a pleasure to see!
  11. Dawna L, Bloomington IL......what a wonderfully organized box of beautiful cards! Appreciate you having them so neatly organized by theme for me!!!
  12. Susanna H, Olympia WA, thanks so much, your cards are very nice!
  13. Kathy S, Reedley CA, I love all your springy cards!
  14. Lina W, Hampton VA - WOW! All the great Easter and Scripture cards...beautiful!
  15. Sandra F, Irvine CA - thanks so much for the cards, our heroes will love them all!
  16. Erika P and sis, W Jordan VT, wow, such awesome cards!!!
  17. Dee H, W Jordan VT, thank you for your pretty cards!
  18. StampinSher, thanks so very much for all your lovely cards - and for such a generous donation!
  19. Thank you children from the First District Elementary School in Meadville, PA. Your hero letters are terrific. So many nice messages for our heroes!
  20. Thank you, Diane G. in Barberton, OH! Your cards are beautiful and such a nice variety! Thanks for making cards that will appeal to children. Thanks too for the hero card.
  21. Thank you, Kathy P. in White Lake, MI! Your cards are outstanding! Thanks for the cards for our heroes to send to their children! Thanks too for the Hero letters!
  22. Thank you, Donna D. in Monroe, LA! Your cards are a breath of springtime! Lovely! Thanks too for the card for a hero!
  23. Lisa S. in Jacksonville, FL, thank you for the cards and the donation. I love the Easter cards! They're beautiful!
  24. Lindsay M. in Carrboro, NC, thank you for the cards and the donation! You sent a package of springtime!! These cards will brighten someone's day.
  25. Carol B. from St. Alban's, ME, thank you for the beautiful card and the letters to Any Hero! Loved the snowman card!
  26. Shirley S. in Columbus, MS, thank you so much for the beautiful cards and the generous donation. LOVE thos black and white cards! Classy!
  27. Nancy K, Idaho Falls ID - great cards, and congrats on your efforts selling Valentines to benefit OWH!!!
  28. Cheryl Y, S Pasadena CA, love love love your pretty cards!! Thanks for the generous donation once again too!
  29. Denise W, Las Vegas NV, thanks for getting these to us quickly...praying for your husband!
  30. Cindy E and Los Gatos Elks Lodge, San Jose CA - love love love your cards! Those Mother's day cards are many Moms will be thrilled!
  31. Stephanie H, Seattle WA - great cards, I love your floral photographs!
  32. Gayla G, Dillsboro IN, these are fantastic - love the sentiment on your thinking of you cards :)
  33. Carole G. in Tuxedo, NY, thank you for the beautiful cards for our heroes. Thanks for the letter to Any Hero too! I love the bear cards best!
  34. Thank you Eileen M. and friends AKA Card Making for OWH of St. Marys, PA! You packed a lot of love in that big box! Thank you too for the cards for Any Hero and the generous donation!
  35. Thank you Lily H. in Pittsburgh, PA for the lovely cards, donations, pens and extra sentiment labels! You are so thoughtful! And very talented!!
  36. Patricia B. in Winchester, VA, thank you for the terrific cards for our heroes! These are bound to be a big hit.
  37. Joanne M. in Allentown, PA, thank you for the lovely cards and generous donation. Your Easter cards are fun!!
  38. Thank you Gamma Sigma Sigma at Slippery Rock University in PA for the card for our heroes! Thanks too for your generous donation.
  39. Allison L. in New Market, MD, thank you for these terrific cards! Such a nice variety of occasions and techniques!
  40. Allison L. in New Market, MD, thank you for these terrific cards! Such a nice variety of occasions and techniques!
  41. Thank you Elaine H in Keene, NH for the cards you made for our heroes. Your thoughtfulness will bring joy to many hearts! Thank you.
  42. Thanks Ramona M. in Warrior, AL for the terrific variety of cards! Thanks too for the letter to a hero. I love the cards with frogs!!
  43. Jann H, Ravensdale WA - love your package of springy cards, thank you!
  44. Beth F, Bothell WA, love your style---thanks for the goodies to use for prizes too, wow!
  45. Esther E, thank you so much, your cards for Easter and other occasions are just fantastic!
  46. Thank you Harriet C in Winston-Salem, NC! Your cards are terrific, especially that bear card! My favorite. Thank you too for the donation and the letter to a hero!
  47. Thank you Elizabeth S. in New Canaan, CT for the HUGE collection of cards!! Oh, my. So many pretty cards! You are very talented!
  48. Luann H, Sturgeon PA---thanks for the wonderful donation!
  49. Andrea Mc. and Family in Ithaca, NY, I wish you lived next door! Thanks for the box of perfectly packaged and beautiful cards! Thanks to for all the terrific letters to our heroes! You all rock.
  50. Jean U, Thanks so much for the wonderful Easter cards! Your donation is wonderful, bless you for your generosity :)
  51. Louise F, Frazier Park CA - wow, these cards are incredible! LOVE the's springggg!
  52. Jaime M, Spokane WA - these cards are stunning, thank you so much!
  53. Sandy H and Agnes M, your cards are just lovely, bless you, ladies!
  54. Brenda V, Antioch CA, Love all the Easter joy, thank you!
  55. Rachel P, Marysville WA, your cards are so pretty - our heroes are going to love writing home on them!
  56. Melinda B, Tulare CA, love love love your style, thank you for these cards!
  57. Nancy M, Fremont CA, love the cards with your new origami designs! Way to go!
  58. Cheryl B. in Mansfield, MA, thank you for the beautiful box of cards for our heroes! Your cards will bring lots of smiles!
  59. Thanks Caro H of Mint Hill, NC for the terrific cards! I loved the pocket cards. So clever!
  60. Thank you, Nicole S. in Pittsboro, NC! Your cards are always beautiful! Love the terrific baby cards! It's always nice to include a couple in each box.
  61. Thanks Paula E in Virginia Beach, VA! You sent some terrific Easter cards for our heroes to send to their families! Thanks too for the donation for shipping!
  62. Thank you Kelly B. in Norcross, GA for the box of cute bunnies and chicks for our heroes! Love the bunny in the grass cards the best!
  63. Pat G. in Upton, MA, thank you for the cards for our heroes! I needed those bithday cards for kids. Your Easter cards are beautiful!
  64. Thank you Julie C of Princeton IN for the great cards and the generous donation for shipping. I love your "Miss You" cards!
  65. Thank you Penny P. in Parkesburg, PA! Your cards will make a lot of heroes and their families smile! I love the cards with buttons!
  66. Thank you Cecilia S in Raleigh, NC! You packed a lot of cute bunnies in that package! I love these cards! Perfect example of "less is more."
  67. Thank you Leslie T of Willoughby Hills, OH! Your cards are beautiful! So many techniques for so many occasions! Thank you!
  68. Thank you Cyndy R in Contoocook, NH! Your cards are wonderful! Thank you too for the generous donation for shipping and the letters to our Heroes!
  69. Thank you Erica C. in Kenmore, NY!!  Your Easter cards are terrific! I love the cards with the buttons! You rock!
  70. Karen B, Ft Worth TX.....thank you the this wonderful box of cards. WOW!
  71. Dena L, St Cloud MN......this is an awesome box of cards.  Beautiful!
  72. Sue A, Rockford IL......again, another package of beautiful cards and Any Hero letters!!
  73. Brenda R, East Bethel MN......these are great Easter cards!! Thanks.
  74. Jennifer M, Romeoville IL....thank you so much for this great package of cards!
  75. Anonymous donor in The Woodlands TX......these are beautiful cards, thank you!
  76. Karen H, Monticello MN.....gorgeous cards!  Thank you.
  77. Cheryl K, Crest Hill IL..thank you to you and your grandson for making these wonderful cards!!!
  78. Ellen P, Vernon Hills IL.....great thank you cards and just in time as I was out of that theme.  Thanks for the Any Hero letters!
  79. Tammy A, Aurora CO.....these cards are so cute! Thanks.
  80. Polly P, St Paul MO......I can tell you got new stamps and love them. These are great cards!!
  81. Sherry J, Minnetonka MN.....another package of great cards! Thanks.
  82. Susan T, Kansas City MO....Yeah! A package from KC!! These are wonderful...thank you.
  83. Betty R, Houston TX.....thank you for these wonderful Easter cards!
  84. Ms Rice, Houston TX....thank you for the beautiful cards.
  85. Maude B, Las Cruces NM....I love these Easter cards!!! Beautiful!
  86. Chris F, Monument CO....thanks for the wonderful cards and ink pens to send along with the cards.
  87. Fowler and Friends, LaGrange IL.....ladies these are awesome Easter cards.  Thank you!!
  88. Deb J, Bolckow MO....WOW what a package.  These are gorgeous!
  89. Debby P, Buffalo MO....wonderful cards and Any Hero letters. THANK YOU!
  90. Diana L, Wichita KS....thanks for the great cards!!
  91. Laurie B, Greenfield WI....Thank you for the beautiful cards and Any Hero letter.
  92. Linda M....what a great box of cards.  Love all the different themes.  Beautiful!
  93. Dee N, Duluth MN.....WOW! GORGEOUS cards and so many of them.  Thank you!
  94. Barbara B, Lakewood CO...thank you for these great cards!
  95. Mary B, Kenosha WI.....thank you for these beautiful cards!!
  96. Jennifer M, Marshfield WI....these are gorgeous cards.  Love them all!
  97. Deloris T, West Salem OH.....wonderful cards. Thank you!
  98. Kathleen J, Brownsburg IN.....thank you for these wonderful Easter cards.
  99. Betty and Marilyn S, Columbus OH.....thank you ladies for these great cards.
  100. LeAnn M, St Paul MN.....thank you for the wonderful spring and Easter cards.  Love them.
  101. Valerie B, Farmington NM.....thanks for the wonderful cards.
  102. Joan K, Avon IL....these are beautiful.  THANKS!
  103. Nancy K, Hattiesburg MS....great box of these!
  104. Tammy F and Trevor's Tuff Mamma's, North Judson IN....thanks for the awesome box of cards!!
  105. Mary S, Taunton MN....thanks for the great cards and Any Hero letters.
  106. Lori N, Jefferson City MO...very pretty cards!! Thank you.
  107. Pamela L, Jefferson City MO....thanks for the wonderful cards!
  108. Maureen L and Friends, Cedar Rapids IA.....thank you for these beautiful cards!


Paula S. said...

WOW, that sculpture is awesome. I just know that will end up on display and bring a lot of smiles to a lot of heroes. Absolutely fantastic job!

Carol L said...

It must take an unbelievable amount of time to compose this list and personally thank each donor!! How thoughtful of you to continue doing this to recognize those who contribute! A huge page on the back for your dedication to this great organization!!

Merry's Musings said...

Ditto- me too- Our Little Inspirations, thanks so much for posting this list. I love reading this list every time its posted and seeing where we are all from.

Amazing work on that sculpture, just amazing.