Monday, March 15, 2010

Mailroom Monday: March 15, 2010

This week 1,645 cards were shipped out to heroes deployed overseas...and those watching the Mailroom Monday posts know that's a very low number compared to our usual. Before you panic, remember that last week we shipped out 12,315 cards! We had gotten the last of the Easter cards shipped out, and this week we could rest—just a little—as we take a deep breath before Mother's Day cards start winging their way overseas next.

Please note that Kris is on vacation this week; her mail carrier is holding her packages for her, and she will get to opening, sorting, and reporting as soon as she's back! We'll be holding off on drawing the winners of the Half & Half challenge til then, so those whose packages arrive at Kris' house today will still qualify for entry.

To  heroes in Afghanistan:
 325 cards to a Marine unit
 330 cards to an Army unit
To heroes in Iraq:
 330 cards to an Army unit
 330 cards to an Army unit
 330 cards to a USO serving the Army

Other fun statistics:
Number of boxes sent: 708
Number of hero contacts:1,297
Total cards sent: 359,659

Deadline reminders:
St Patricks Day: passed 
Easter: passed 
Half&Half Challenge: by today in the hands of the shipper!
Mother's Day: April 1  

Shipper needs this week: Now updated on our "Biggest Needs" post here.

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