Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday: March 11, 2010

On this Thankful Thursday, here's a great photo of some seniors in Minnesota who gathered a few months ago to make cards for our nation's heroes...just look at those smiling faces! We're reminded regularly how much OWH blesses those at home, not just our heroes overseas . . . and it's so great to know how much it means to you, the cardmakers, too! Feel free to include notes on your Packing Slips and share your experiences too...send photos if you're able, we love to share smiling faces on our blogs!

This week we received 6,259 cards....thank you everyone!
  1. Thank you Brooke B. in Leonardtown, MD! These are terrific cards! Love the "crabby" cards! LOL!
  2. Many thanks to the Scrapbooking Club at Wheelock College in Boston. MA! Your cards will help a lot of heroes keep in touch with home! Well done!
  3. Thank you, Cheryl B. for these beautiful cards. I love these birthday cards for kids! Terrific!
  4. Visual Art II Class at Coffee County Central High in Manchester, TN, your cards are terrific! Thank you for sharing your talent with our heroes so far away from home! Well done!
  5. Thank you Jennifer H. in Laurel, MD for the cards and the extra envelopes! I love that bird paper you used! Thanks for sending the pens for our heroes!
  6. Joanne W. in Fort Mill, SC, thank you for these lovely cards! Your cards for celebrating Mother's Day are beautiful and clever! Well done!
  7. Thank you Marlyn M in Fox Lake, WI for the terrific cards and the donation for shipping!
  8. Many thanks, Pam C. in Schenectady, NY! Your cards are wonderful and your donation is generous. Thank you!
  9. Thanks, Stephanie G. in New York for the cards. Those are some happy cards! Love the buttons! Thanks too for your donation for shipping!
  10. Thank you Caro H of Mint Hill, NC for the beautiful cards for the Half and Half challenge! Thanks for providing the color challenge for Stars and Stamps!
  11. Carolyn L, Darien IL, thank you soooo much for your beautiful cards! Our heroes will love them!
  12. Dawn B and Linda G, Cape May NJ - yowsa on the huge box of cards...thank you!!
  13. Thank you Kelli W. in Downer's Grove, IL, The Veterans of Foreign Wars Century Post 503 and its Ladies Auxiliary as well as Boy Scout Troop 181. This beautiful box of cards was the combined effort of ages 8 to 89! Well Done!!
  14. Marteena S and VFW Aux 4015 - wow, so many cards in one box - lovely, thank you!
  15. Paula P, Rathdrum ID, your cards are just yummy; thank you for the generous donation too!
  16. Thank you Sandy F for all the cards you've made this year! They are beautiful! Thank you too for writing notes to our heroes!
  17. Seongsook D. in Elk Grove, CA, thank you for this terrific box of cards for our troops! I really needed those "Thinking of You" cards! Love your style!
  18. Thank you Stephanie G. in New York, NY for sending the cards for the half and half challenge! Great cards!
  19. Thank you, Trudy P. from Merritt Island, FL for the terrific cards! They look like spring and summer! Thanks too for the generous donation!
  20. Anita S in Beaver Dam WI......thanks so much for collecting these wonderful cards from the community.
  21. Christine A in Downers Grove IL......thanks for these beautiful cards!!!
  22. Thank you Cindy J in Greenacres, FL for the boxes of cards for our military heroes!
  23. Debby M in Las Cruces NM.....another fabulous package of cards!  THANKS!
  24. Jackie E and Girl Scout Troop 3075 in Rockton IL......WOW! You girls did a fabulous job drawing and coloring these cards!  Thanks!
  25. Janice D in Rochester MN.....WOW! What a wonderful box of fabulous cards!
  26. Thank you Karen G in Oakland Park, FL! Tour cards are a treasure! Thanks for writing letters to our heroes, too! You rock!
  27. Karen B and ScrapNMemories in Ft Worth TX.....these are gorgeous cards! Appreciate your support!
  28. Kathleen M and Las Noches Woman's Club in Tempe AZ......ladies, thank you for all these wonderful cards!!
  29. Kathy R in Livonia NY.....Gorgeous Mother's Day cards.  They will bring a smile to a mother's face!
  30. Lauri I. in Hamden, CT, thank you for the lovely box of cards you sent for our heroes. Thank you too for the generous donation and the letter to a hero. Love the cards for children!
  31. Mara A. in Westminster, MD, thank you for these beautiful cards for our heroes and for the envelopes! Thanks for the generous donation for shipping too!
  32. Pat C. in N. Fort Myers, FL, thank YOU for this terrific box of cards! I can't wait to dig in and see all the good stuff you made for our heroes!
  33. Thank you, Particia M. in Nashua, NH! LOTS of pretty cards for our heroes! You rock!
  34. Renee H in Andover MN.....these cards are awesome! Thanks for all the different themes.
  35. Thank you Therese D. in Lewiston, ME for these beautiful cards!  I love the frog in the pocket cards! And the birthday cards for little boys!
  36. Thank you Cindee N. in Harrisburg, PA! Beautiful cards for moms! Thanks too for the generous donation.
  37. Cindy M in Normal IL........another absolutely fabulous box of beautiful cards.  THANK YOU!
  38. Cindy M, Pewaukee WI - love your cards as always, and our heroes will too! Thank you!
  39. Thank "Ewe" Cristy D. in Charleston, WV! These cards are great for our heroes! Ewe are very clever!
  40. Thank you Ellen D. in Penfield, NY! Your cards are wonderful!! I love the flower cards! So pretty. Thank you too for your generous donation!
  41. Jamie P in Pittsburgh, PA, thank you for the terrific cards! Our heroes will love sending these.
  42. Thank you, Jean A. in Royal Palm Beach, FL for these TWO boxes of beautiful cards! Wow, lots of heroes and their families will love these. Thank you too for your generous donation!
  43. Karen H in Monticello MN.....Stunning cards!!!  Love the color combos and the father's day card is just too cute!
  44. Katrin J in Germany......How wonderful to receive cards all the way from Germany. Your cards are beautiful, your notes heartwarming....THANK YOU!!
  45. Kelli L in Hanover MN.....what wonderful and beautiful cards!  Love your style!
  46. Mary S in Taunton MN......I just love these cards, so very pretty.  Thanks!
  47. Rebecca P in VA Beach, thank you for all the terrific cards! Love the wallet cards for Father's Day! Hope some hero puts a dollar in there for dear old Dad!
  48. Sandye C in Ft Wright KY.....thank you for these beautiful cards.  Love them!!
  49. Thank you, Sue S. in Hendersonville, TN for the box of beautiful cards! You've  sent me a good start for my graduation stash! Thank you too for the donation and the letter to a hero!
  50. Susan S. and Seashore Stampers in Egg Harbor Twp., NJ, thank you for the terrific cards for our heroes, and thank you for the donation!
  51. SuzAnn H, Salt Lake City UT, thank you so much for your ongoing financial donations!! You're a blessing to our heroes!
  52. Thank you Dawn M. in Charlotte, NC for the terrific cards for the half and half challenge! Our heroes will love them!
  53. Thank you Debbie T. in Charlotte, NC for these beautiful cards for our troops! Well done!
  54. Donna D, Monroe LA, thanks sooooo much for your generous donation!
  55. Glenda L in Charlotte, NC, thank you for the cards and the generous donation! I love your bouquet of flowers on those Mother's Day cards!!
  56. Thank you Kathy P in White Lake, MI!! A perfectly packaged package filled with lovely cards! Love your Father's Day cards! Thank you!!
  57. Thank you Maria L in Stamford, CT for your cards and donation! Love the Mother's Day cards with the butterfly ribbon. Clever!
  58. Melissa R, Marysville WA - thanks so much for the half&half cards - plus the extra envies!
  59. Thank you Barbara H. in Bowman, GA, for the gorgeous cards, the hero letters and the generous donation! You are VERY talented!
  60. Many thanks to the talented ladies, Scrapbook Concepts Cardmakers, in Florence, SC!! Thank you Linn, Stacey, Karen, Devon, Rhonda, and Bev! Thanks too for the generous donation!
  61. Thank you Caro H. of Mint Hill, NC for these terrific cards! See you at the LSS for the next card day!
  62. Darlene McG, Ridgecrest CA, what awesome cards - love them! Your donation and all the extra springy goodies are much appreciated!
  63. Thank you Debbie K. in Burke, VA. Your cards are always beautiful. Thanks for the cards for the children! Thank you too for your donation for shipping!
  64. Thank you Dee N in Duluth, MN for this wonderful box of cards for our heroes! I love the cat in the popcorn card! Funny!!
  65. Diane G. in Barberton, OH, your cards are wonderful! Thank you for the many cards and the letters to heroes. Thanks for making so many cards for the children!
  66. Dolores A. in Frederick, MD, you ROCK! Thank you for the terrific cards and the letters to our heroes. Lots of springtime on your cards!
  67. Thank you Eileen M and the CardMaking Parties for OWH in St. Marys, PA!! Well done! Those Mother's Day cards are already packed to ship. Thanks too for the hero letters and the generous donation!
  68. Janice A, Bountiful UT - such pretty Half&Half cards, you're really blessing our heroes...thank you for your generous gift too!!!
  69. Kathy C, Liverpool NY - your generosity is astonishing, thank you!
  70. Thank you Stephanie C and Huton Baptist Church in Glen Allen, VA for the beautiful "Thinking of You" cards. They're perfect!
  71. Thank you Susan A. in Ridgewood, NY for the pretty cards you sent for our heroes! They're great!
  72. Wendy L. in Circleville, OH!! Great Mother's Day and Father's Day cards! Thank you! Love the kraft cards especially!


Andrea M. said...

My thankful Thursday note goes to Kris, Sandy and Dixie...thank you for doing such a wonderful job acknowledging all of the card makers each week. It's above and beyond the call of duty. It must take quite some time to put this list together. I look forward to reading it each week to see where card makers are located and who all is involved. Thanks again!

Merry's Musings said...

I really love reading these thankful Thursdays. So wonderful to be a part of this big hearted group.