Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thankful Thursday: April 1, 2010

No cards came in this week. We're not at all sure what's going on. But....mailboxes are empty. :(

APRIL FOOLS! Ha. Did we getcha? :)

In reality, we received, 9,311 cards!!! Many thanks to all of you who donated!!!
  1. Angela L, Indianapolis IN - thank you for your generous donation!
  2. Theresa D, Kent WA - fantastic selection of cards, perfect for my upcoming boxes!! Your donation is a huge blessing, thank you!
  3. Stacie and 374th OL-C Spouse's Group, Japan - wow, your cards are beautiful, and from so far away! Thank you so much!
  4. Nora G, Medford OR - these are so pretty, thanks so much!! Your donation is much appreciated!
  5. Pattie E, Scotts Valley CA - your card selection is just what I needed - thanks so much!
  6. Joyce N, Lakewood WA, thanks so much for the cards you dropped off at PZ - they're lovely!
  7. Janice K and the Chino Valley Community Church MOPS group, thank you so much for the wonderful cards!
  8. Nancy B, El Cajon CA - beauuuuutiful cards! Thanks for sharing your talents with our heroes :) :) :)
  9. Thank you Betty T. in Salina, KS!! These Hero Cards will be a comfort to our heroes!
  10. Thank you Boy Scout Troop 161 in Jacksonville, FL for these terrific letters to our military heroes! You did a great job!!
  11. Thank you Patricia B in Winchester, PA!! Your cards are always delightful. I'm still chuckling over that Father's Day card!
  12. Demm R. in Scotia, NY, Thank you for these terrific cards. I love the lilac butterflies for moms! Beautiful! Thank you too for your donation!
  13. Thank you, Joan JF in Atlanta, GA for these terrific cards and the letter to a hero! Your package of cards was good to go! Thanks!
  14. Thank you Joanne W in Indian Land, SC!! I love your tea pot cards! Especially the ones for Grandma! Well done!
  15. Thank you Wendy L. on Circleville, OH! These cards are brilliant! I love your Father's Day cards! Yummy paper!
  16. Stephanie G in NY!! Thank you for the cards, donation, hero mail and pens!! You are so thoughtful! I love looking through your boxes!
  17. Thank you, Carol L in Gilbertsville, PA for these lovely cards and the donation for shipping! Thanks for the perfect packaging too! Saved me lots of time!
  18. Martha B, Santa Rosa CA - your cards always make me smile - I love your sense of humor with sentiments. Thanks for your generous donation too!
  19. Margaret D and friends, Sherwood OR - great cards, AnyHero cards, and donation...welcome to the addiction of serving our heroes!
  20. Deborah T, San Marcos CA - thanks so much, love your cards - and your donation is appreciated!
  21. Jeanne B, Chicago IL - awesome job on your cards, thank you!
  22. Jeanne B, Chicago IL - awesome job on your cards, thank you!
  23. Leslie H in Pacific MO......what wonderful cards!  Love them.
  24. Thank you to the Service Club at Pace Academy in Atlanta, GA! These cards are wonderful, and just what I needed to complete by boxes! Well done!
  25. Thank you Lori and Mandy V of Black Creek, WI! Lori for making cards for hero letters and Mandy for writing such heartfelt messages inside them! You are a great team!
  26. Thank you Deloris T in West Salem, OH for these beautiful cards and the generous donation! So many sentiments and techniques!
  27. Thank you Meredith T in Tampa Bay, FL! These cards are beautiful and your hero letters are most welcome! You'll touch the hearts of many!
  28. Thank you Andrea Mc. in Ithaca, NY!! Your box of beauties is just what I needed. Thanks too for the Hero Mail!! You rock!
  29. Gayle C. of Carlisle, PA, thank you for this beautiful box of cards for our heroes! The shipper appreciates your packaging and beautiful cards!!
  30. Thank you Julee C. in West Chester, OH and Annie and Debbie and Jess too!! What a terrific collection of cards for our heroes! Lovely!
  31. Thank you Heidi M. in Kirkland, WA for the Hero Mail. You sent just what I needed!
  32. Martha T, Eagle ID - thank you for your generous donation!
  33. Karen G in Oakland Park, FL, thank you for such a nice collection of cards for our heroes! Well done!!
  34. Thank you Cheryl B. in Manchester, NH for this terrific collection of cards! Love the Father's Day cards!
  35. Nancy M, Fremont CA - your box is here, and the dahlia cards are lovely, thank you!!
  36. Seongsook D, Elk Grove CA, thank you for the lovely lovely cards!
  37. Karen G, Oakland Park FL, thanks for all the birthday joy!
  38. Sewall Hall Council at Univ of Colorado Boulder.....thanks for taking some time to make all of these cards! Much appreciated
  39. Thank you Rosslyn W in Annapolis, MD! Your cards are beautiful! Love the spring flowers! Thanks too for the shipping donation!
  40. Thank you Eileen F in Brookeville, MD! Your cards are terrific! Thanks for sending such a nice variety. Thank you too for the shipping donation!
  41. Marianne C, Naches WA - your style is so wonderful, thanks for sharing your talents with our heroes!
  42. Lee B, Dalton WI - you HAVE been busy, girlfriend! Wow, thanks so much!!
  43. Cheryl Y, South Pasadena CA - love your cards, WOW! And thanks so much for the great AnyHero cards and donation, you're a blessing!
  44. Thank you, Janet M in Biddleford ME for these delightful cards! I love all the birds and flowers! Thanks!
  45. Seongsook D in Elk Grove, CA!! Thank you for these wonderful cards. So many techniques to admire! Thank you too for the letters to heroes! Thank you for sharing your talent with our heroes!
  46. Thank you Lori R in Springfield, VA for this lovely collection of cards for our heroes! These are just what I needed!
  47. Thank you Caro G in Tuxedo, NY for the cards for our heroes! You do such beautiful work!
  48. Denise L, Pismo Beach CA - thanks for the huge box with such a great selection!!
  49. Joan J, Lodi CA, thanks for the Mom cards....they'll be treasured!
  50. Noel and Matthew J, Santa Barbara CA, these are awesome repurposed cards - well done!!
  51. Lisa R, Lexington TN - nice to see your cards again, they're adorable! :)
  52. Elsie L in Warrenton MO......wonderful cards and themes I needed..THANKS!
  53. Karen S in Rogersville MO.....thanks for the great package of cards.
  54. Thank you Katrina G. for this terrific collection of cards for our heroes! Thanks to the Girl Scouts for the Hero mail and to the seventh graders for their help too! They all rock!
  55. Andrea J, St Germain WI - beautiful kit cards, thanks so much for them - and the donation!
  56. Ann B, Duluth GA - thanks so much - every card makes a difference! Your donation is a blessing too!!
  57. Thank you, Judy K of Oxfordville, WI for these beautiful cards. Thank you too for the letter to a hero and your generous donation for shipping!
  58. Patricia B, Greenville, SC, thank you so much for your generous donation!
  59. Karen S, Mt Juliet, TN - bless you for your generosity to our heroes! What a grand donation! :)
  60. Thank you Lori B in Atlanta, GA!! These are terrific cards for our heroes to send home to family and friends! Well Done!
  61. Lisa E in Taylorsville, NC!! These cards are terrific! I love all the different techniques and papers! Thank you!
  62. Pat B. of Greenville, SC, thank you for these terrific cards for our heroes! They are beautiful! Thanks too for the hero letter!!
  63. Thank you Karen H. and Scrapbook Concepts in Florence, SC for the terrific cards for our heroes and the generous donation for shipping! You are very talented!
  64. Cheryl L and the Manhattan Scrapbooking Meetup Group in NY!! Thank you for these beautiful cards and the generous donation for shipping. I always look forward to your boxes!
  65. Thank you Traci B. and the Patrons of Scrapbooks & Etc. in Harrisburg, NC for the generous donation to OWH for shipping!!
  66. Thank you Susan F. in Smithsburg, MD for these terrific cards for our heroes! Love the elephant cards!
  67. Thank you Karen S. for these wonderful cards for our heroes! Love the dog years card! LOL!
  68. Thank yo Pat G. in Upton, MA!! These Mom's Day cards are beautiful and just what I needed!
  69. Lauri I. in Hamden, CT!! Love the butterflies! Thanks for these beautiful cards!
  70. Thank you Kathy L. in Galveston, IN and the Anoka United Methodist Church for these terrific Mom's day cards and letters to heroes! Well done!
  71. Thank you Pat C in N Ft Myers, FL for this nice collection of cards for our heroes!
  72. Thank you Nancy H of Fallston, MD and the Stamp 4 Joy group at St John's Church! Your cards are always a treat to get! Our heroes will love them.
  73. Thank you Beth M. of Philadelphia, PA and the law students and lawyers at Penn Law School for these cards for our heroes! Well done.
  74. Karen and everyone at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique, Paradise CA - wowsers, what a box full of pretty cards!! Thank you soooooo much!
  75. Janet R, Modesto CA - WOW! Your cards are stunning, thank you so much!!
  76. Ruth Ann G, Gilbert AZ, I just love your style - thank you so much for the cards!
  77. Chris C, Parkland WA - thanks for the great selection of cards!!
  78. Becky W and friends, San Jose CA - your cards are awesome, thank you so much!!
  79. Nancy S, Potomac MD, what pretty cards!! Thank you so very much.
  80. Veronica C an Auntie Joan, Truckee CA - oh my, these are such lovely Mothers Day cards, thank you!
  81. Irene S, Silverdale WA - thanks so much, this is a great mix of themes!
  82. Creative Crafts Group, Bluffdale UT - lovely lovely cards, wow! Please email Sandy if you see this note, I have a question for you! :)
  83. Polly P in St Paul MN.....another fabulous box of cards!!!
  84. Sue A in Rockford IL.....gorgeous Mother's Day cards!! Thanks!
  85. Margaret R and The Beehive Class......girls, thanks so much for the wonderful cards!! Great job.
  86. Carol N in O'Fallon MO.....thank you for these beautfiul cards.
  87. Dawna L in Bloomington IN.....thanks so much for this box of wonderful cards.  
  88. Linda G.....thank you so much for this big box of wonderful cards and Any Hero letters.
  89. Julie M and St Bonaventure Church.....thank you for taking time to make these great cards and write some notes to our heroes!
  90. Nancy K in Hattiesburg MS.....GORGEOUS Mother's Day cards!!!
  91. Shelly P in Royal Oak MI.... What a great box of beautiful cards!!! Thanks so much.
  92. Marietta W in Akron IA.....WOW, these are GREAT Mother's Day cards!!
  93. Tammy A in Aurora CO...thank you for these gorgeous cards!
  94. Sharla V in Topeka KS.....thanks for these great cards.
  95. Lori N in Jefferson City MO.....another box of great cards! Thanks.
  96. Sheryl D in The Woodlands TX....thanks for this awesome box of cards!
  97. Angela L in Indianapolis IN....beautiful cards! Thanks.
  98. Jen M in Marshfield WI.....another box of FABULOUS cards!!
  99. Sherry J in Minnetonka MN....thanks for the beautiful cards!
  100. Carla B-F and New HAven Branch Libary....thanks so much for these great cards!!!
  101. Jennifer M in Romeoville IL......thanks so much for the wonderful cards!
  102. Kelli D in Paragould AR.....another great box of beautiful cards!
  103. Helen M in Spring Creek NV.....thank you for this great box of cards!
  104. Joan K in Avon IN....thanks for another wonderful package of cards!
  105. LeAnn M in St Paul MN.....thanks for the great assortment of pretty cards!
  106. Linda K in Indianapolis IN......wonderful cards! Thanks.
  107. Ellen P in Vernon Hills IL......what beautiful Mother's Day cards! Thanks!
  108. Hannah M in Naples FL.....thanks so much for these great cards and Any Hero notes.
  109. Ann H and Checkered Cottage Friends.......again, wonderful beautiful cards. THANKS!
  110. Judy B in Cleburne TX.....thanks so much for these awesome Mother's and Father's Day cards.
  111. Debby P in Buffalo MO......Sure do love your style! These are great!
  112. Sue A in Rockford IL.....fabulous cards!! Thanks!
  113. Betty and Marliyn S in Columbus OH.....thanks so much for these beautiful cards.
  114. Vivian S in Stoughton MA.....thanks for the great cards and Any Hero notes.
  115. Gai J in Dallas TX.....gorgeous cards! Thanks.
  116. Cindy L in Minneapolis MN.....thanks for these very pretty cards!
  117. Donna K in Gainesville MO.....another fabulous box of pretty cards! Thanks.
  118. Reta M in Fair Oaks Ranch TX.....thanks for the great them!
  119. Thank you, Nancy F. of Trexlertown, PA. Your cards are un"fore!"getable! Thanks too for the hero letter and shipping donation!
  120. Tammy H in Harrisburg PA......thanks for the awesome cards!
  121. Kimberly W and Palm Vally Church youth....thanks so much for taking time to make these great cards!
  122. Thank you Anne S in Bristol, PA for your terrific cards and generous shipping donation! Love the colored flowers! Lovely!
  123. Thank you Marry H in Windham, Maine for your cards and generous donation!  I needed those Mom's day cards!
  124. Thank you Maggie J in Cranberry Twp, PA!! These cards are beautiful! So many! Thank you too for the generous donation.
  125. Thank you Cheryl B of Havelock, NC!! Your cards are just what I needed! Thanks for the generous donation and the letters to heroes!
  126. Maggie J, Cranberry Township PA - I love your cards, and our heroes will too!! Thanks so much for your donation as well :)
  127. Anita A, Turlock CA, your cards are even prettier in person - and your donation is a blessing, thank you!
  128. Hannah F in Bridgeton MO......thanks so much for the pretty cards!  Love them.
  129. Maureen M in Lockport IL....Thanks for this wonderful box of gorgeous cards!!
  130. Myrna H in Colorado Springs CO.....Welcome to OWH! A wonderful first package...THANKS!
  131. Pam B and MOPS in Georgetown TX....thanks so much for these beautiful cards!
  132. Cindy M in Normal IL......WOW! Fabulous cards!!
  133. Linda K in Grant MI.....thanks for the great graduation and Mother's Day cards!
  134. Susan T in Cypress TX.....thanks so much for these fabulous Mother's Day cards.
  135. Ann F and Friends in LaGrange IL.....ladies, great cards. Thanks for you continued support!
  136. Leigh E in Houston TX......thanks so much for these great cards!


SuzAnn said... almost gave me heart failure! Too funny!! 9,311 = awesome.

Kate said...

I knew it was an April Fool's trick, because I saw the photo of the boxes on Sandy's doorstep!

Paula S. said...

Very funny! :)

Karen McAlpine said...

Oh Haha. You had me going. I got kind of a sick feeling for a second...until I scrolled down.

Seongsook Duncan said...

Haaaah.... you fooled me again! Great job! Thanks for all what you do as always.

Carol L said...

I honestly don't know how you find the time to personally list and thank each card donor on Thursdays! That's such a wonderful way to do business in this day and age and it makes me feel so special to be recognized!! Thanks for all your hard work and efforts!
Happy April Fool's Day :)

Unknown said...

Wow that is wonderful! what a huge Thankyou List 8~)
I'm so glad my cards reached you safely and can't wait to mail off another package!
God Bless
Hannah F