Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday: April 15, 2010

This day, we'd like to say a special thank you. And that's a thank you to the families of our heroes lost on the battlefield.

We don't often know what happens to our heroes as they transition off our lists; we send repeat boxes to them til a certain time goes by with no response....we don't know why, whether they're simply busy, have redeployed, or may even have fallen during a firefight. One thing we do know is that twice, we've received a note from a family member, telling us that one of our cards was the final piece of communication they had with their loved one's handwriting. That alone, in just two cases, makes the hundreds of thousands of cards worth it. For just two.

Today is the anniversary of the loss of one of our own OWH heroes...PFC Rick Dewater. He was killed in the Korengal Valley of Afghanistan one year ago, at the age of 21—far too young for a man with such a future ahead of him. It's not an anniversary to celebrate, but one to commemorate—and to remember the thousands of family members across the US who are missing their own hero. Today and every day. We see them in the grocery store, and may wonder why they're distracted from their child's rambunctious behavior. We see them in our own workplace, and have no idea the grief in their hearts.

So, dear families, our fellow Americans, we grieve with you. Today we remember not just one hero, but all who have been lost. We appreciate your sacrifices...and thank you for raising up heroes to defend our nation!

And now, on to our regular Thankful Thursday list. This week we received 4,030 many handsome cards for Dad! Thank you all! A special thanks to the kids at Brigadoon Elementary, for your wonderful AnyHero letters. Great job!

  1. Jann H, Parker AZ - Your cards are so cute, thank you so much for the whole box full!
  2. Mason C and Ruth T, Camarillo CA - these cards are fabulous! Thanks to you and all your friends for your collection!
  3. Tami P and friends, Vancouver WA - love all the great seasonal cards, thanks so very much!!
  4. Lina W, Hampton VA - you always send in the cutest cards, thank you!
  5. Lori H, Federal Way WA - thanks for another ubergreat box of cards!
  6. Nancy H, Knights Landing CA - thanks for the lovely envelope of cards!
  7. Thank you Montie D in Simpsonville, SC for the ards and the generous donation!! So many techniques and sentiments! Wonderful!
  8. Carol B. in Saint Albans, ME, thank you for making these lovely cards for our heroes to send to their families! They are simply terrific!
  9. Jennifer H in Laurel MD.....thanks for the great cards!!! Love these!
  10. Betty R and Barbara R in Houston TX.....ladies, thanks for the great Father's Day cards!!
  11. Thank you Pat C. in Shalimar, FL for these great cards, generous donation, and extra envelopes! Wow! You rock!
  12. Carol P, Peoria AZ - thanks for both packages of cards - they're pretty as always!! The donation and AnyHero cards are an added blessing!
  13. Thanks, Cindee N. in Harrisburg, PA for these beautiful cards for our heroes and your generous donation! So many cards perfect for spring!
  14. Thank you Karen E. in Jewett, OH!! What a terrific box of beautiful cards for our heroes! I'd never know you were sending your first box. Perfection! Thanks too for the generous donation!
  15. Barb K in Escanaba MI......WOW, what wonderful cards!! Love them!!
  16. Nancie L, Phoenix AZ - your cards and generous donation are soooooo appreciated, thank you!
  17. Dustin and Cut@Home customers - thank you for your generosity this quarter!!
  18. Lyn M, Simi Valley CA - thanks so much for the incredible selection! These are just awesome!
  19. Lina W, Hampton VA - thanks for your ongoing support with your creativity, it's much appreciated!
  20. Joy C, Sandy UT - thanks so much for the great package of cards, our heroes are going to love them!
  21. Nicole S, Martinez, CA - wow!! So many stamp sets for prizes...thank you so much! These will make a lot of cards when we get them into the hands of our stampers!
  22. Thank you Vi T in Ft Walton Beach FL! So many cards for our heroes! Well done!
  23. Thank you, Carole G. of Tuxedo Park, NY! Your cards are so artistic! Our heroes will love these!
  24. Thank you Raquel L. in Washington DC!! You sent a great collection of beautiful cards for our heroes to send home!!
  25. Thank you Kaki D. in Lacombe, LA!! Beautiful cards for our heroes! Love the "Hoppy Birthday" frog!!
  26. Thanks Danyse K. in Charlotte, NC!! It's always a treat to get to visit with you a bit when we make "the drop" of your beautiful cards! Thank you too for the hero letters, generous donation and the pens!
  27. Victoria L, Cullowhee NC - wow, such pretty cards! Thanks for the great AnyHero cards and your donation rock!
  28. Paula P, Rathdrum ID - wow! So much talent packed into a box of cards, thank you so much! Your donation is a huge help too...bless you!
  29. Judie F, Coeur d'Alene ID - what fantastic cards! You're a wonder, I love your style! And oh, your generous donation...big hugs to you!
  30. Joan J, Lodi CA - thanks so much for your generous contribution!!
  31. Becky S in Cottage Grove MN.....thanks for these beautiful cards!! Love them.
  32. Katie M in Mount Pleasant IA.....thanks for these awesome cards!
  33. Ann M in Hutchinson MN......thanks for the awesome cards!!
  34. Elaine J in El Paso IL.....thanks for the cards and Any Hero letters!!
  35. Marcia M and Beth W.....thanks ladies for hosting a card making party.  This is a great box of cards!
  36. Diane C, Bonney Lake WA, and swap friends - fantastic cards, wow!!! These will be truly loved :) And your donation is much appreciated!
  37. Susan D in San Antonio TX.....thanks for the wonderful cards and Any Hero letters.
  38. Renne H in Andover MN.....thanks for the great cards and Any Hero letters.  
  39. The Crafting Cottage, Corning NY - wow, thank you for your generous donation!
  40. Patricia H, Ottoville OH, thanks so much, your cards are sweet!
  41. Janice A, Bountiful UT - thanks so much for the graduation cards, they're fantastic!
  42. Stacy M, Pasco, WA, your cards are sooooo pretty! I love your paper piecing....beautiful!
  43. Denise W, N Las Vegas...your cards are so pretty - great job on them all!
  44. Nancy H, Knights Landing CA, another package of great cards, bless you!
  45. Thank you Dawn M. in Charlotte, NC for this terrific collection of cards! Our heroes will love sending these back home!
  46. Thank you Kathy C of Ilion, NY for the terrific cards for our heroes to send to their fathers! Thanks to Mr. Maxson's 6th grade at Remington School too! Great works of art and messages for our heroes!
  47. Thank you Rhonda S of Danville, KY! What a nice collection of beautiful cards you sent for our heroes! Thank you too for taking time to write letters to our heroes!
  48. Thank you sisters of Gamma Sigma Sigma at Slippery Rock University in Slippery Rock, PA for the cards for our heroes to send to their family and friends!
  49. Thank you Lisa S in Jacksonville, FL!! Great graduation cards! Congratulations on your new OWH stamp! Love it!
  50. Thank you Matthew W and Cub Scout Pack 41 in Palmerton, PA for these terrific cards for our military heroes! Well done!
  51. Thank you Nancy H. and the West End Baptist Church in Williamston, NC for these terrific cards and all the letters for Any Hero!! You all rock!
  52. Leigh E, Houston TX - love your cards, even your lonely Dad card :) Great job on them all!! Thanks for the donation too :)
  53. Beverly D and Ft Mongtomery Methodist Church, NY - wow on all these awesome cards! You all did a fantastic job, our heroes will love them! Thanks so much for your shipping donation too!
  54. Thank you, Pamela R in Milford, CT for this lovely collection of cards! Wowzers! Thanks for the letters to heroes and the genrous donation too!
  55. Melissa R, Marysville WA - awesome cards, WOW! And we're so glad you don't have to send care packages any more with your hero home....thanks for sponsoring one of ours!
  56. Jean B in Meadville, PA, thank you for these beautiful cards for our heroes! Love the Father's Day cards...stunning! Thank you for your letter to a hero and your donation for shipping!
  57. Thanks, Terri D in Lewiston, ME!! You make my job easy! Your cards are stunning! Thank you too for the generous donation for shipping!
  58. Thank you Marsha L in Sheffield, OH! These are terrific cards for Dads! Thank you too for your donation for shipping!
  59. Thank you Ruthanne A. in Leesburg, FL for these terrific cards to fill my shelves! They won't be here long! Thank you too for your most generous donation for shipping and ALL these terrific letters to heroes!

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