Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thankful Thursday: April 22, 2010

WELCOME all our new cardmakers who have found us recently, especially from the articles in Paper Crafts Magazine and Ladies Home Journal! Thanks for checking us out! You may wish to check out the newbies post here, and be sure to watch the Mailroom video on that page too. It'll help you figure out what to do when packing up your cards for our shippers.

The stack of boxes above was sorted in one looooong 7 hour evening...and turned into the finished stacks pictured at left! If you'd like to help reduce the hours our shippers have to put in daily processing your donations:
–include a packing slip with a count of the cards enclosed;
-line dark cards with light paper;
-stamp the backs or add labels with "Operation Write Home" on them.

A tip: If you are not stamping or labeling the backs, do NOT tuck the cards into the envelopes. It makes double the work to take them out to stamp them—plus it will save you some work too.

We received 6,542 cards this week....we're so grateful to all our cardmakers and donors! Here's the list for the week:
  1. Lina W, Hampton VA, such pretty cards...and such a big loss in your family. We'll be praying...take time to grieve, your stamping will come back when it's time. Hugs!
  2. Emelyn C, Ridgecrest CA,thanks for your package of pretty cards, our heroes will love them!
  3. Velda S, Mesquite NV, great job on these cards by your class!! The sketches are working out great for you folks :) Your AnyHero cards are such a blessing, thank you!
  4. Thank you, Tina A. in Winter Springs, FL for this terrific box of cards! Our heroes will really go for these beauties!
  5. Thank you, Carrie W. in Clarksville, TN for this beautiful box of cards for our heroes! Wow! I love the blue/brown favorite combination!
  6. Judy K in Oxfordville, WI, thank you for these terrific cards for our heroes! Love the flowers and butterflies!
  7. Thank you Dolores A. in Frederick, MD for another beautiful collection of cards for our heroes! Your letters to heroes are most appreciated!
  8. Melanie J, Snoqualmie WA - thanks so very much for joining Elle's Studio challenge...your cards are fantastic! Thanks for the donation too!
  9. Nancy M, Fremont Ca, thanks for the fantastic grad cards - I needed these!!
  10. Jean U, Palmer AK - thanks so much for the lovely cards, and for bringing your daughter on board!
  11. Thank you Mary F. of Pasadena, MD!! I needed these "thank you" cards! Well done!!
  12. Thank you Ellen B of Pasadena, MD!! Lovely cards! Thanks for thinking of the children in our heroes' lives! Love the grad and dad cards too!
  13. Thank you Cheryl B of Havelock, NC for another terrific collection of cards! Lots of grads and dads will love getting these cards! Thank you for the cards and the letters to heroes!
  14. Kathy P in White Lake, MI, you've done it again! Pretty, perfectly packaged cards! Love the "unfrogettable" card! Thanks for the letters to heroes too!
  15. Lori R. in Springfield, VA, thank you for these terrific cards for our heroes! Some lucky family members will be getting these! Great sentiments..some funny, some touching. Thanks!
  16. Brooke W, Spokane WA, I can see you got your mom's talent - so glad she got you into making cards for our heroes!! Thanks for your AnyHero card and donation too!
  17. Debbie K in Burke, VA, thank you for this terrific collection of beautiful cards, the generous donation, and the letters to Any Hero. Your masculine cards are awesome!
  18. Teresa K, Vancouver WA - wowowow....such pretty "Make Someone's Day" cards -- and an incredible donation! Thanks to you and Uncle Sam both :) :) :)
  19. Thank you Elisa C. in Pittsburg, PA!! These cards are cute and clever! Our heroes will love them!
  20. Thank you, Katrina G. in College Park, MD for the terrific cards for our heroes to send home! Great patriotic cards too!
  21. Joan W, Tacoma WA - I finally picked up all your beautiful cards at PZ - thank you so much!!
  22. Betty W, Mountain Home ID, thank you so much for the wonderful cards - and AnyHero cards!!
  23. Jacob and the Cassady family, Camino CA, thank you so very much for the wonderful cards. Jacob you did a great job on yours, buddy!
  24. Thank you, Lindsay M. in Carrboro, NC!! Your cards are terrific!! Just what I needed! Thank you as well for the donation and the letters to Any Hro!!
  25. Samantha S, El Cajon CA - beauuuutiful cards for Elle's challenge, thanks so much!
  26. Stephanie G in NY, NY!! Thank you for all the clever cards, the generous donation, and the letters to heroes. Love the owls and butterflies!
  27. Maria O, Ephrata PA, what a wonderful first package of cards, thank you so much! Your donation is a big blessing, too, thanks!!
  28. Kathie V, Gig Harbor WA, thanks so much for all the great cards - our heroes will enjoy them!
  29. Thank you Karen G of Oakland Park, FL for the cute cards for our heroes to send home! Thanks also for the letters to Any Hero! I really needed those!
  30. Thank you Debra K in Naples, FL! Your cards for graduates are so clever! Love the 2010 dog tags!
  31. Thank you Pat G in Upton, NY!! Your cards are terrific! I really needed those pretty birthday cards too! Thanks also for the Hero card!!
  32. Thank you card makers at Christ Memorial Presbyterian Church and Missy S in Columbia, MD for the wonderful cards for our heroes to send home! Well done!
  33. Thank you Patty B in Phoenixville, PA for the terrific cards for the graduates in our heroes' lives! Well done!
  34. Thank you Betty B. in Conroe, TX for these lovely cards and the hero letters! So many beautiful designs and techniques! Thank you!!
  35. Patricia B in Winchester, VA, thank you for all the cards! You sent such a nice variety! I am especially grateful for the hero mail! You rock!
  36. Thank you Susan H and the Chica Chicks of Wickford in Wickford, RI!! Once again, you have sent some terrific cards for our heroes to send home to family and friends! Well done!!
  37. Cindy and the Los Gatos Elks Lodge #1857 - thanks once again! You all are so wonderfully prolific with your beautiful cards!!
  38. Jan R, Modesto CA - more lovely cards, THANK you so much!
  39. Samantha S, El Cajon CA, thanks for even MORE cards for Elle's challenge!!
  40. Kathay P and friends, Humble TX - thanks for the big box full of cards!
  41. Thank you Patti C in Ruby, NY for sending such clever cards for our heroes! The mortar board cards are too clever! Thank you too for your donation!!
  42. Daryl G, Arlington TX - thank you so much for your generous donation!
  43. Carolyn L, Darien IL - so many pretty cards, thank you....and your generous donation is a blessing!
  44. Carolyn L, Darien IL - so many pretty cards, thank you....and your generous donation is a blessing!
  45. Janine C, El Monte CA, much thanks for this box of beauties....and for your generous donation!
  46. Thank you Dawn M. of Charlotte, NC for these great cards for our heroes to send home to family and friends! You nailed the masculine theme!
  47. Thank you Joanne W. in Indian Land, SC!! These cards are too cute! I love the penguin cards and all the cards for dads! Well done!
  48. Theresa D, Kent WA - aweome job on all these cards, our heroes will love em all! Thanks so much for your donation too!
  49. Marilyn P in Columbia, SC, thank you for the terrific box of cards, the letters to heroes, the generous donation, extra envelopes, and boxes of pens! You rock!! Thank you!!
  50. Thank you Pamela L. in Mineral Bluff, GA for the cards for the graduates. Our heroes will love them!
  51. Thank you Lily H in Pittsburgh, PA for yet another box of incredible cards! Our heroes and their families will love these! Thank you for writing Any Hero letters too!!
  52. Kathie L, San Antonio TX, thanks so much, these are great cards!
  53. Paula M, Vista CA - thanks for all your great cards for Elle's Challenge - all those AnyHero letters too, awesome!
  54. Danielle C, West Valley City UT, bless you, you poured so much love into this box!
  55. Kerry A, San Jose CA, thanks for the big package of cards!
  56. Natalie M, Pingree ID, your Make Someone's Day box is fantastic, thanks!
  57. Ellen P in Amherst MA.....thanks for the Any Hero cards!!
  58. Cindy M and Friends of Checkered Cottage.....WOW! Another fabulous box of cards!! Thanks everyone!
  59. Judy B in Cleburne TX.....another fabulous box of cards! Thanks.
  60. Barb L in Fairfax  MO......thank you for these awesome cards.
  61. MArtie M in Dayton OH....thanks for the beautiful cards and Any Hero letters!
  62. Alandra, Larissa and Camden M in Spring Creek NV....thanks so much for the great cards!
  63. Betty and Marilyn S in Columbus OH....thanks ladies for another great package!
  64. Patricia K in Raeford NC.....thank you so much for these beautiful cards!
  65. Brenda R in East Bethel MN....thanks for the great graduation cards!
  66. Andrea M in Ithaca NY....thanks for the Any Hero letters
  67. Kim M in Leitchfield KY....thank you for these beautiful cards!
  68. Linda M in Marietta GA....thank you for this awesome box of cards!!!
  69. Christa P and 7th graders at Renner Middle School.....thanks kids for these great cards!  You did a great job on them!
  70. Sue A in Rockford IL......Another fabulous box of cards!! Love them!!
  71. Sue A in Rockford IL......WOW!! Another great package.  THANKS!
  72. Diana L in Wichita KS....thanks for the great cards!!!
  73. Susan S in Grove City OH.....thanks for the beautiful cards!!
  74. Debbie G in Arlington TX....a wonderful first package of cards!! Thanks!
  75. Kathie B in Forest City NC.....thanks so much for the cards....beautiful!
  76. Jade Y in Elk Grove IL....thanks so much for the wonderful cards!
  77. Jennifer M in Marshfield WI.....another awesome package of beautiful cards!! Thanks!
  78. Marian J in Huber Heights OH....thank you for the great cards and ANy Hero notes.
  79. Karen S. of Mt. Juliet, TN, thank you for these terrific cards and generous donation! Such nice, spring cards for our heroes!
  80. Jessica W in Jeffersonville IN.....Welcome to OWH!  Your first package is wonderful!
  81. Jennifer M and Trevors Tuff Mammas.....thanks so much for the great cards.
  82. Betty T in Salina KS.....thanks for the Any Hero letters!!!
  83. Michelle B in Louisville KY....thanks for the great cards!
  84. Thank you Diane C, Mindy G, and the Glenmoor Lifecare Community in St. Augustine, FL for these terrific cards and generous donation for shipping! Our heroes will love sending these back home to family and friends! Well done!
  85. Nicole S, Martinez CA, thanks for ANOTHER box of wonderful prizes! Woohoo, tons of inspiration! Plus a donation!
  86. Sarah B in Cypress TX....gorgeous cards!!! Thanks!
  87. Susan D in Tinley Park IL....thanks so much for the great cards!
  88. Heather D, Everett WA - thanks for the great cards and generous donation!
  89. Cindy M in Normal IL.....thanks for these beautiful cards and Any Hero notes!  Love them.
  90. Carole Ann S in The Woodlands TX.....thanks for this awesome box of cards!
  91. LeAnn M in St Paul MN.....thank you for these gorgeous cards!
  92. Gai J in Dallas TX....another wonderful box of cards!! Love them.
  93. Rita D in Charlevoix MI....thanks for this awesome box of cards.  They are gorgeous!
  94. Judy K in Orfordville WI....thanks so much for these great cards!
  95. Anne P in Roanoke TX.....thanks for these wonderful cards!


Kimme said...

I remember when the Thankful Thursday posts had about 20 people on them. It is AMAZING to watch this list grow by leaps and bounds.

Unknown said...

Did you see the piece on OWH in the latest Creating Keepsakes Magazine??