Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday: April 29, 2010

Happy Thursday! Are you thankful that National Scrapbooking Day is coming this Saturday? Are you making plans to do any crafting? (And who's rebelling by making cards instead of scrapping? LOL!)

This photo came from Pam R in Florence KY - "Last week I participated in a shoe box swap and we asked the attendees to bring cards, paper, embellishments, etc they might like to donate to your organization.  Let me tell you, I was blown away by the donations!  over 250 cards from 16 WONDERFUL ladies! As soon as I get the stamp on the back and packed up, I will be mailing these to you!"

  1. Cindy C, Paducah KY.....WOW!! Absolutely stunning cards!!! Thanks so much.
  2. Many thanks to Wendy L. in Circleville, OH! Thanks to her husband and mother too for this terrific box of cards for our heroes! Well done!!
  3. Thank you, Diane S in Raleigh, NC!! You sent such a nice collection of cards for our heroes to send to family and friends! Thanks too for the letters to heroes!
  4. Thank you Debi R. in Bainbridge, NY for the box of artwork...oops, I mean cards! So many different designs! lovely! Thanks too for the letter to a hero!
  5. Thank you, Martha C. in Zepherhills, FL for sending this beautiful collection of cards! Thanks too for the patriotic cards for any heroes!
  6. Thank you, Meredith T. in Zepherhills, FL for all the cards! You do such a good job! Thanks especially for the letters to heroes! Very clever!!
  7. Thank you, Eleanor G. in Manasquan, NJ for these terrific cards for our heroes to send to their dads! Well done!
  8. Thank you, Katherine G. of Lexington, KY for these beautiful birthday cards for our heroes to send home to their children! So thoughtful!
  9. Thank you, Maura H of Broadalbin, NY for the lovely cards and the letters to heroes! I just love that lawnmower stamp! Too cute!
  10. Thank you, Sara NL, Debra S, and Elaine O in Thomaston, GA for such a nice collection of cards for our heroes! These are great! Thanks too for the donation for shipping! You all rock!
  11. Thank you Diane G. in Barberton, OH!! Your box was perfectly packed with beautiful cards for our heroes! Thank you for sending such a nice variety!
  12. Thank you Debbie S and daughter Rachel in Rochester, NY! Your cards are beautiful! Thanks too for the letters to heroes! Good job!
  13. Many thanks to Lucy S. and the Carolina Mixed Media Artists Guild in Raleigh, NC!! Wow, these cards are awesome! Our heroes will snap these up quickly!
  14. Thanks to all the nice people at Till, Inc in Watertown, MA for these terrific postcards for our heroes. Very clever!
  15. Thank you Mindy A. and the Ellicott City Rubber Stampers!! Your cards are a handsome collection for our heroes to send to their dads!
  16. Thank you Marge M in Wayne, NJ for another perfectly packaged collection of pretty cards!! You rock!
  17. Thank you, Brennda Mc. in Independence, KY! These cards are great! So many designs! Lovely!
  18. Thank you, Lynn P for the huge stash of Christmas cards for our heroes! I'll be able to get a jump start on those Christmas boxes this summer!
  19. Thank you Mary W. in Concord, NC! These cards are beautiful! Our heroes will love sending these home!
  20. Thank you Jennifer C. of Harrisburg, NC for these pretty birthday cards for our heroes to send home to family and friends! Well done!
  21. Thank you, Seongsook D. in Elk Grove, CA!! Your cards are lovely, as always! Thank you too for writing a note to Any Hero and the generous donation for shipping!
  22. Paige S and the Daisy all did a fantastic job on your AnyHero cards! Our heroes are going to LOVE them!
  23. Teresa K and friends, Vancouver WA - thanks so much for your package of cards, it looks like you had fun!
  24. Hideko T, Arroyo Grande, CA, thank you so much for your package of cards for our heroes! :)
  25. Thank you Cheryl B in Manchester, NH for all these terrific cards! You got a jump on Independence Day! Thanks!
  26. Carole G in Tuxedo, NY your cards are simply delicious! Our heroes are going to love sending these home!
  27. Melissa C of Concord, NC thank you for this beautiful collection of cards! The children did a great job too! Our heroes will love ALL these cards!
  28. Thank you Kaye D. of Indian Trail, NC! Your cards are lovely, as always! Clever card with the shoe! Thank you!
  29. Thank you Tamra D in Matthews, NC! Your cards are terrific! Love the butterflies!
  30. Tami W, Salem OR, wow! Love your style, our heroes are going to enjoy the cards. Thanks for the letters and donation too!
  31. Thank you SCAL User Group and Deloris T. of West Salem, OH!! Great cards! So many different designs too! Well done!
  32. Pat S. and the Frontier Pioneer Retirees of Spenserport, NY, thank you for sending this lovely variety of cards for our heroes! They're going to love them! Thanks too for the generous donation and the letter to a soldier!
  33. Mary E, W Jordan UT, thank you for the generous donation!
  34. Erika P, W Jordan UT - wow, thank you so much for the great MSD Challenge cards!! These are awesome, and no worries - you're seeding the boxes for other seasons! :) Bless you for the donation!
  35. Lindy C, Seattle WA - beautiful cards, thanks so very very much! Your donation is a blessing too!
  36. Judy K in Oxfordville, WI! Thank yo far these terrific cards and generous donation! Love the cards for dads!!
  37. Janet H, San Mateo CA - what a super first box of cards, thank you so much! Your generous donation makes our work possible, thanks!
  38. Anna V and Ladies Home Journal, NY - thank you sooooo much! Not only for the amazing mention in your magazine, but the generous donation as well! You rock!
  39. Thank you Margo S in Somerset, NJ for collecting and sending these cards from your daughter and the others! They did a great job. Thanks for the hero mail too, girls!
  40. Thank you Pat C, Vi T, Bridget S, and Hilma J in Shalimar, FL for this terrific collection of cards! Our heroes and their families will love them!
  41. Shirley H and friends, Kent WA - these are such pretty cards, thank you so much!
  42. Lina W, Hampton VA, so glad to see you're able to make your beautiful cards again :)
  43. Becky N and students, Elk Grove CA .... our heroes are going to LOVE your letters! Thank you!
  44. Sandy F, Irvine CA, love your cards so much...thank you!
  45. Cindy M, Pewaukee WI - these are so cute, I love your new stamps!
  46. Sandye C, Ft Wright KY....awesome cards!!!
  47. Cheryl M and Trevors Tuff Mammas, Knox IN....Thanks for personally delivering the cards, they are awesome!
  48. Banumathy H in Flower Mound TX.....thank you for the beautiful cards!!
  49. Shirley F in Defiance MO.....a wonderful package of cards and ANy Hero letters!
  50. Beth Ann C in Mason City IA, thanks for these wonderful them!
  51. Joy O in Carmel IN.....WOW! What a package.  These are awesome!!
  52. Christine R, Elkhart IN.....a fabulous package of gorgeous cards!
  53. Shannon L in Calgary AB Canada....these cards travelled a long way.  Gorgeous!!
  54. Family Programs Office in Lansing MI.....thanks so much for getting the kids to write Any Hero letters.  These are wonderful!
  55. Linda W and Journals of the Heart......thanks for the wonderful cards!!
  56. Thank you Deb S at Morley Library Children's Room in Painesville, OH!! These letters to heroes are a real treat. Thank you for organizing this project! And thanks too for your donation!
  57. Barb B, St Louis Park MN......WELCOME TO OWH! This is a great first these cards!
  58. Stephanie and Robin G, New York NY - thanks for another box of wonderful cards - and a great donation for shipping! You rock :)
  59. Sheri M, Dammeron Valley, UT - thank you for these great cards - super creative!! Your donation is a huge blessing :)
  60. Sharon N and Ladies Group in Waterloo IL....thanks so much for this wonderful package of cards and Any Hero letters!!
  61. Fowler and Friends, LaGrange IL......Another absolutely fabulous package of cards!!
  62. Thank you Sherry T and PeaceSpeakers Int of Collinsville, AL for the cards for our heroes and the generous donation! Well done!
  63. Union Level Baptist Church in South Hill, VA, thank you so much for the box of cards, and all the heart and soul you all poured into them.
  64. Thank you Brenda E. and Jackie P. and ALL the ladies at Stamper's Alley in Mooresville, NC!! I always pick up pretty cards from you! So much talent to share with our heroes!
  65. Nicole S. of Pittsboro, NC, thank you for this beautiful box of cards and generous donation! The card with the cattails is sooo clever!!
  66. Thank you Debi R for these terrific cards. Thank you for remembering the children of our heroes! Love the dinosaur!
  67. Thank you Kathleen B of Wilmington, DE for these terrific cards for our heroes to send home to their family and friends! Love that bird card!!
  68. Theresa P. of North Canton, OH, thank you for this perfectly packaged box of beautiful cards! Wow! Love the nice variety! You rock!
  69. Thank you Pat G. of Upton, MA!! Your cards are works of art! You make my job easy! Thank you for the hero mail too! Needed those!
  70. Many thanks to the generous people at the Ladies' Home Journal in NY! Lots of cards for our heroes and terrific publicity for OWH! Thank you!!
  71. Karen M, Dearborn MI - awesome package for the Make Someone's Day challenge!! Thanks so much!
  72. Helen S, San Diego CA - love these cards, the kids ones are especially adorable!
  73. Thank you Patricia F of Hixson, TN for the cards, donation, and hero mail!! Your color choices are striking! Love the pink and brown!
  74. Thank you, Nancy F in Trexlertown, PA!! Perfectly packaged pretty cards! Thank you!! My favorite is the dog and cat on the motorcycle! Made me laugh!
  75. Thank you Pat F of Mansfield, PA! Your cards are delightful! Our heroes will love sending these home to family and friends! Thank you too for the generous donation!

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