Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vancouver Adventures

This past weekend, Vancouver WA was the location of some fun OWH action!

Stampers from the Vancouver area, as well as several hours northward, gathered despite rainstorms that tried to dampen spirits—but these crafters were not to be discouraged! Even the sign on the door was attacked...but the crafty creative forces inside repelled the rain!

This small yet mighty band of cardmakers created some incredible designs, pictured here. Though the goal set before us was 200 (with our hostess Ellen secretly praying to get to 250!), the team's desire was to go for quality over quantity. It's nice to come out of an event like this with large numbers—but not if it means the cards will fall apart or be put together haphazardly! Our heroes love the cards for their creativity, and MUCH creativity was poured out into each design.

The Washingtonians have been doing a great job of bringing along dedicated husbands who can wield a self-inking stamp with fervor—and we're so grateful! (Next trick will be to train this dear gentleman as our accounting department too....but he's firmly planted as a stamper, and an extraordinary one at that!)

This cardmaking party also brought us some kids who could also wield a self-inking stamp! These girls tackled box after box of cards that had arrived at the nearby shipper's house without "Operation Write Home" on the backs, so this was an incredibly important task for them to accomplish. The two young ladies hadn't met prior to the cardmaking party, but we suspect a new friendship is going to be blossoming after how wonderfully they got along together!

The other table in the room was a-buzz with peals of laughter, the whizzing of tape guns, the snipping of scissors, and much inspiration being passed around the table. It's always so exciting to hear the passion of others who share the love of papercrafts as well as love of our heroes. Sharing stories of loved ones deployed and family histories of service members always reminds us of why we all participate in OWH—and motivates us to keep going!

The crafters brought prepared card kits with them: all the fixings to create up to 20 of their designed card. The papers were cut, images were stamped and colored as needed and all the materials required were on-hand. The group set to work while laughing together, snacking (of course!), telling stories, and learning new techniques and finding new tools along the way. And the whole group was so full of grace and kindness toward each other — OWH crafters are the best people!

The results of this wonderful day of crafting and friendship were:
  • 259 cards made during the 4 hour event (past our 200 goal and Ellen's dream of 250!)
  • 196 cards made beforehand to turn in at the event
  • 432 cards stamped on the backs
  • Grand total: 887 hero smiles....and another 887 smiles when the cards return stateside!

If you host or attend an OWH cardmaking party, be sure to take some photos - and write a story about your experience, so we can post it here on the Homefront Blog to encourage others!


Mary McMillan said...

Congrats to all of you from the Paradise Scrapbook Boutique Group in Paradise CA.....We are proud of all of you! From the looks of the photos....a good time was to be had by all!

Kajikit said...

Bravo everyone!

Jillian said...

What a great event!! Well done! I love that kids and husbands got involved as well - so great!! I'm planning on hosting a get together like this in Vancouver, BC in early June, so you've given me some great ideas to incorporate - thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful work everyone! Looks like you all had fun too!

Brenda said...

Looks like everyone had fun and worked hard. I'm trying to line up an event here in Post Falls, ID -- would love to send a bunch of cards in.