Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cardmaker Tip: About the backs of your cards

A number of folks have been asking about the backs of the cards, and since we have so many new folks joining us since the magazine articles, here's the skinny!

The reason for putting "Operation Write Home" on the backs of the cards is to let our heroes and especially their families know where the card came from. We love hearing from them...and we've had a number of new cardmakers join us when they've received happy mail from their heroes!

If cards arrive without Operation Write Home on the back, our shippers do the labor of stamping them—we appreciate when you're able to do that before mailing them in! It saves so much time, keeps our Card Hospital low on patients, and since our shippers are all volunteers, we love to make life easy for them whenever we can! If you're including envelopes and not stamping the backs, please don't tuck the cards into the envelopes; we just have to take them back out anyway.

You may include your name, your address, email, etc on the back if you wish. Please remember, however, the back of the card isn't a billboard; don't fill it with lots of stickers and stamps, some of our heroes want to write a long letter and continue it on the back, so leave them space to do so.

Cards you've received in swaps are acceptable; we leave the stamper's info on the back — aside from card "recipes" - we do remove those. It's way too much "insider" info, causing our heroes or their families to wonder what that giant list of items is! So we cut off the fronts and re-mount them to new cardstock, which also means those cards land in the Card Hospital to await having time to be able to fix them.

The preference is to keep the backs of the cards as simple as possible; stamp low on the back, give our heroes more room to write a long letter if they wish. Please don't cover the back with stickers, stamps, and notes. (A sticky note with an AnyHero message is fine.)

Yes you may use your own stamp with your name or whatever you would like on the backs of your cards. No problem! Some put their address or email on it as well.

Labels are also fine; you can combine the two and create a label with your name *and* Operation Write Home on them.


Handwritten is also perfectly acceptable too!

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Carisa said...

oh this is great info b/c i was wondering what to do since this will be my first time & i don't have the stamp or a printer to make labels. I will be handwriting on the back!! Thanks. :)