Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First Ever Reno Card Crop

From cardmaker Victoria in Reno NV:

The event was at Treasured Memories, Inc. (TMI), one of our local scrapbook stores, and was attended by 15 people.  We worked from 6PM to 1AM, one lady brought lasagna and quiche, I made cookies, and a good time was had by all.  I didn't post it on the OWH site or blog beforehand, because we are such newbies at the event we wanted to try one out first to see what worked/didn't work, and it was truly a learning experience!

Before mailing the box, I checked everything for liners and needed repairs.  It was amazing to me how many different end results can come out of the same product!  What fun!  I just stamped and stuffed and lined cards all night long.  I really want to get people here in Reno involved in this project, nobody at the crop had ever heard of it before, I guess they don't read Paper Crafts or CK.
Cards made at the event:  151   WOW!
Total Cards:  209

 Thank you Victoria and friends! The cards are here and are beauuuuutiful!


Debi Rice, otherwise known as Sparky! said...

Great inspiration to have a FIRST card creating party! I hope to have one this summer!
Working on getting all my supplies ready, before I invite people...

Thanks for the positive vibes!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome ladies! Looks like you all had a great time being crafty!

Paula S. said...

Look like you all had a lot of fun and I think we'd all agree that OWH is as worthy a cause as you could find to benefit from all the creativity.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your first crop for OWH! My daughter does a monthly crop at her scrapbook store in Paradise, Ca. and I mail her my cards from Carson City. It would be fun to work on them together....maybe I could join you ladies. Keep up the good work. Kathy

Vicki said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies! We did indeed have a good time and by the time more donations of cards were counted, I mailed 360 cards to Sandy. Another card crop is tentatively planned for July, we would love for anybody in the general area (Carson City! Tahoe! Minden/Gardnerville! Truckee!) to join us. This time I think we are confident enought to post the event BEFORE it happens! So watch the posts, mark your calenders and join us for OWH cardmaking this coming summer.