Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hip Hip Hopping Countdown: 107 blogs!

It's less than two weeks away til the bloghop! Soooooo exciting! Some of you might be interested in a little preview of what's'll want to block out some time to check out the inspiration! The hop opens 10am EST on the 29th, and that's 7am PST.
Haven't signed up yet? Click HERE to get on the list!
Total blogs so far: 107!! 
Bloggers who have either blogged or hopped with us before: 65
First timers: 37!!! Welcome!!!!
Blogs planning on offering candy (prizes): 59
Blogs planning on offering tutorials: 21
Blogs planning on offering challenges: 63
We've heard rumors of some amazing candy, free digis, and so much more! 

Comments left by bloggers signing up:
  • Can't wait :)
  • Had so much fun in the spring... gotta do it again!
  • Thanks for a chance to participate and show my thanks to the men and women who risk their lives for my freedom.
  • I joined in your last bloghop and had a blast - can't wait to hop with you again.
  • I will also be offering to make 1 card for each comment left.
  • I will be offering to make 1 card for each comment left.  
  • How have I overlooked you for so long?! This sounds like a wonderful idea and I am looking forward to participation.
  • Can't wait!
  • Thank you!
  • I'm going to encourage everyone who reads my blog to send an AnyHero card, even if they are not cardmakers. I also am going to be doing AnyHero cards and letters in my classes the week leading up to the Bloghop.
  • yay!
  • Thanks for all you do!!! Hugs
  • Julie and Donna and I may be having a blogathon that day to raise money for OWH. Stay tuned!
  • Looking forward to it!
  • Woohoo!! Here we go again!
  • Not sure yet what I will do but will probably do at least a tutorial and a challenge sounds like a great idea!
  • Can't wait - the last one was really fun!!
  • Whoo- hoo!!!!!! Can't wait!!!
  • Looking forward to another hop! We've been able to get others involved with the organization thanks to the hops & lots of blog candy, so can't wait to get our numbers up! Looks like my daughter won't be deployed until Dec. to Afghanistan.
  • Can't wait for the blog hop, the last one was so much fun!
  • I am sending off my first box of cards this weekend and I'm excited to participate in the blog hop.
  • I will offer another tutorial and blog candy.
  • I can't wait to participate!
  • Thanks! I like the theme, too!
  • Not sure what I'll offer yet.....
  • I will also be offering a free digi image :D
  • I am having surgery the 28th, but I think my husband can take care of putting the links in for me. If not, do you think I could give you the password for my blog? I trust you implicitly! I just don't want to miss out on anything. I can hop and see when I get home (about the 31st). I have faith that it will all work out! Blessings and love.
  • My first time Participating as a blog in the hop. I've visited and hopped for the first time on Spring Hop.
  • I participated in the Memorial Day blog hop last year and thought it was great!
  • please add my other blog too !
  • I'm an Army mom with two soldier sons. I just discovered Operation Write Home while on Facebook. Thanks for what you do. This is going to be fun!
  • I love to participate on Memorial Day weekend. I'm going to spread the word early and often.
  • Wow.. this is so much fun! Looking forward to this, and hoping to have an event for soldiers soon too! My son is in the USAF serving in Iraq
  • This sounds like a lot of fun and very beneficial.
  • I'm collecting my next set of cards for OSW and will be participating regularly. thanks for everything you do
  • THanks for the opportunity to participate in another OWH hop--I'm looking forward to it!
  • I have a digital stamp company and I will be offering a free stamp I made just for this blog hop.
  • I am excited....
  • Can't wait!
  • Oooooo...I can't wait:o)
  • I have a hero blinkie on my blog...does that count for number 3 - (obviously in addition to a card and a story or poem, quote whatever.
  • I have never done this before and I'm not sure how it's all done. Will instructions be sent?
  • I've never participated in a bloghop before except to lurk!! A little nervous but I have to do it sooner or later so here goes nothing.....
  • Can't wait, sounds fun!!!
  • Can't wait, sounds fun!!
  • I just happened to hear about this by chance.. I would love to be added to your email list so I don't miss any upcoming hops. Thanks, Peggy
  • YOOHOO!! Um but of COURSE I will be doing this with you again!!
  • I'm excited and nervous!
  • should be lots of fun!
  • Looking forward to it!
  • Karen @ Feline Creative sent me!
  • OWH has crossed my path several times in the past month and I know it's a sign that my cards that are just sitting in a box are destined to go to a soldier who will enjoy sending them to a loved one. Thank you for putting this together!!! I'm very excited.
  • We are a military family and know what it is like for the family of the deployed and the soldier serving his/her country. Awesome that you and so many others help out in this way.
  • looking forward to it....
Some of our new folks have asked about what's been posted before. If you'd like to catch a little of what was done before....check out some posts on our past hops:
  1. Visit the March Spring Bloghop 
  2. Visit the November Veteran's Day Bloghop
  3. View the videos below for inspiration!

A few updates for bloggers:

  1. Please be sure your post goes live by 10AM Eastern time. That's 7am Pacific, and I'll let the midwesterners do their own math :)
  2. During the hop, please turn off music/scripts that could slow down hoppers—and enable comments for "Anyone" (no moderation during the hop, we had some confused hoppers last time!)
  3. Watch for a confirmation email NEXT weekend, and an email with your link in it on Thursday the 27th, unless you've already contacted us to get your link early due to vacation.

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Kate said...

Blogathon plans fell through, but we will still be hopping! Also, I believe I will be giving away a prize.

Can't wait. Are we there yet?