Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sweet notes from a wee little girl

Next time you have grandkids come over - help them express themselves! These are two of 2-year-old Dakota's cards...her Mom and Grandma wrote her notes for her on these beautiful cards. On the back of the card at left:
"Dear hero, I cut this out by myself. I like to go swimming. I like to go to Fred Meyers. I went camping this weekend. I like to ink my stamps and make cards. Dakota, Age 2"
And inside the card at right:
"Dear hero. I like to swim. I like to do stuff all by myself. I like Mac-n-cheese and pears for lunch. I love you, come home soon. Thank you. Dakota, girl, age 2. Spokane WA"
Thank you Mom and Grandma for helping Dakota! She did such a wonderful job—there are going to be some really big smiles when these get to our heroes!

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Rhonda Miller said...

These are great. Kids just love to help out with this stuff.