Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thankful Thursday: May 13, 2010

This pile of boxes contains over 1,400 patients discharged from the Card Hospital! Most needed either stamped on the backs, had to be surgically removed from plastic sleeves, or needed light colored liners inside dark cards.

This week we have one of the most amazing number totals: 11,111 cards! I don't think we've ever had all one digit repeated in our totals like this - lol! :) Many many thanks to all of you who sent in cards this past week...

  1. Thank you Lynn P of Charlotte, NC for your huge donation of cards! Thank you for supporting our heroes!
  2. Lori M, Champlin MN......WOW!! What absolutely FABULOUS cards!!! 
  3. Lori N and Jean G, Jefferson City MO......thanks ladies for this box of awesome cards!!!
  4. Betty T, Salina KS......thanks so much for these gorgeous cards!!!
  5. Debby M, Las Cruces NM.....thank you for another box of awesome cards!
  6. Judy B, Cleburne TX.....another fabulous box of cards!! THANK YOU!
  7. Linda M and Cindy G, Marietta GA.....thank you ladies for the gorgeous cards and for the neatly organized box.
  8. Carol H, Vancouver WA - thanks so much for your lovely cards, they'll definitely be loved!!
  9. Cindee N in Harrisburg, PA, thank you for these awesome cards for our heroes! Love these cards with flip flops! Too cute!
  10. Cyndy R in Contoocook, NH, thank you for all the beautiful cards, generous donation, pens, and stickers! I can't wait to send all these goodies to the troops!
  11. Thank you Lauren L. of Plainfield IL for this huge box of cards! Wow, you've been busy! You've filled a lot of holes in my stash!
  12. Rebecca S, Munster IN......thanks for the great cards and any hero cards!
  13. Amy C, Framingham MA......awesome cards and Any Hero cards!! THANKS!
  14. Brenda R, East Bethel MN......another awesome package of gorgeous cards!!!
  15. Helen M, Spring Creek NV.....thank you for these great cards!
  16. Roberta M, Oconomowoc WI......beautiful cards!!! Love them.
  17. Marie M, Cypress TX.....thank you for these beautiful cards!!!
  18. Jennifer M, Austin TX....thanks for these great cards and Any Hero Letters!
  19. Tereza C, Winfield AL....thanks for the beautiful cards!!
  20. Jeanne B and Kids at Winkelman Elementary School......thanks for taking time to make these awesome cards!!!  Great Job!
  21. Velda S, Mesquite NV, thanks so much for your cards - they'll definitely Make Someone's Day!
  22. Thank you Pat L of Voorheesville, NY for the cards, donation, and hero mail! These cards are great! So glad you found OWH!
  23. Thank you Erica C in Kenmore, NY for this great collection of cards! Love the miss you cards especially! Thanks too for the Hero Mail! You rock!
  24. Julie S, New Oxford PA.....WOW, what awesome cards! Thanks!!
  25. Nicole D and 6th graders at Bethany Lutheran Church.....THANK YOU...these cards are awesome!!
  26. CBS Care Club, Central Blvd School, Bethpage NY - what a great batch of AnyHero letters, THANKS!!
  27. Debi R, Bainbridge NY - love your cards, they're so cute....thanks for the AnyHero ones toooooo!
  28. Esther E, Vancouver WA - wow on your cards, you did a fantastic job as always! Thanks!!
  29. Ellen H, Vancouver WA, your cards are sooooo pretty, thank you so much!
  30. Vancouver WA branch of the Card Hospital - thanks for working miracles!!!
  31. Phyllis Z and Lincoln Hills Paper Arts - what a great box of cards, thanks so much!
  32. Thank you Luanne F and Brenda J from Henderson, NV for this fabulous collection of cards for our heroes! You rock! Thanks too for the Hero Mail!
  33. Thank you Linda B of Columbus, OH for this nice variety of cards for our heroes! Love the cards with flowers! So pretty!
  34. Thank you Amy B in Pataskala, OH for these cards! Thanks for thinking of the children! They'll love these cards!
  35. Thank you Cathy M. in Akron, OH for these terrific cards for our heroes! Love the purple and green paper! Yummy!
  36. Thank you Kara K in Akron, OH for these lovely cards! Our heroes will love these!
  37. Thank you Lisa S in Vaughnsville, OH for the cards and the donation! Thanks too for organizing that talented group to make cards! I love the robot cards!
  38. Thank you Cristie D and Lillian R in Mechanicsville, MD for the cards, hero letters and donation! These cards will be so appreciated by our heroes!
  39. Thank you Tracy C. of Allentown, PA for these beautiful cards! I love the red "miss you" cards!!
  40. HUGE thanks to the Ladies of Kennesaw, GA!! Kathie J, Karen V, Kristina V, Tasha W, Jane H, Lynn V, Brindy W, Jeannie S, Patti R, Peggy C, Sharrie E, Sandy F, and Sarah L! Thanks for the beautiful cards and generous donation!
  41. Thank Lori W of Brunswick, OH! Your cards are beautiful...they reminded me of sherbet! Yummy cards!
  42. Thank you Kaye D. in Indian Trail, NC! Your cards are always just what I need! Love the "just be-claws" cards! See you soon at the LSS!!
  43. Thanks Sandy F of Charlotte, NC for these cards for our heroes! You rock! See you soon at the LSS!!
  44. Thank you Julie K of Brunswick, OH for this huge collection of cards! WOW! So many pretty designs! Our heroes will love these! Thank you!
  45. Many thanks, Jennifer! Your cards are so bright and pretty! They are great cards for summer! Love them!
  46. Thank you Kelly S of Copley, OH for these beautiful cards! I needed some wedding cards! Thanks!
  47. Thanks, Joyce S. of Akron, OH! These cards are lovely! I really like the dragonfly cards!
  48. Many thanks, Shelley I. in Fairlawn, OH for this pretty collection of cards for our heroes! Love the black and white cards especially!
  49. Many thanks to Outlines Rubber Stamp Company for the lovely cards and card fronts you sent for our heroes! So many lovely works of art!
  50. Linda G, Seminole OK......thanks so much for these great cards!
  51. Haylee L, Kellyville OK.....what a great package of awesome cards!!!
  52. Hannah M, Naples FL.......another awesome package.  Thanks for all the Any Hero letters.
  53. Cindy G, Nazareth TX.....thanks so much for your package of cards.
  54. Anne B, Forrest Hill New, these cards sure travelled a long way!  They are beautiful....THANKS!
  55. Patricia Jones, Killeen TX......thanks for the beautiful cards!
  56. Ann M, Hutchinson MN......thanks so much for these awesome cards!!!
  57. Kelli D, Paragould AR......thanks for the great package of gorgeous cards!!!
  58. Ginny B, Overland Park KS......beautiful cards!! THANKS!
  59. Maude B, Las Cruces NM....thanks so much for these wonderful cards!
  60. Thank you, Amy P. of Harrisburg, NC!! I can always count on you to make the cards I need to fill my stash! Our heroes will love your cards!
  61. Caro H of Mint Hill, NC, thank you for these beautiful cards! They just get better and better! Thank you too for the hero mail!
  62. THANK YOU, Joyce K. of Hot Springs, AK for delivering this huge box of cards and box of envies all the way to North Carolina! You rock! So very nice to meet you!
  63. Thank you, Kathy P in White Lake, MI!! Three boxes of beautiful cards for our heroes! You are so talented! I love looking at your cards!
  64. Pat G. in Upton, NY, thank you for the cards and the hero letter! I especially appreciate the cards you made for the children of our heroes. Thanks!!
  65. Thank you Corrie T of Ashburn, VA! Your cards are beautiful! I love the clever embossing on the envelope flaps! I'm going to try that myself!
  66. Many thanks, Mary W of Concord, NC! Your cards are beautiful, and our heroes will love sending these back home to loved ones!
  67. Thank you Nicole S. of Oakland, ME for these pretty cards for our heroes to send back home! Love the "Thinking of You" cards!!
  68. Thank you Meighen M of Bolivar, OH!! You sent such nice cards for our heroes! Thanks too for the bookmarks! I know just who to send those to!
  69. Joan J, Lodi CA - thanks for the awesome package of cards!!!
  70. Jan R, Modesto CA...your cards are always so cute, thanks so much for them all!
  71. Lynn T, Boise ID - fantastic job on your cards, our heroes will love them all!
  72. Sandi D, Boise ID, thanks so much for your cards :)
  73. Betty W, Mountain Home ID - thanks for the cards - and getting your friends together to join in the fun!
  74. Debbie, Jared, and Jacob, Nampa ID - FANTASTIC job on all these cards, wow!
  75. Jennifer H, Boise ID - lovely cards, they'll be so great to write home on - thanks!
  76. Kim R, Boise ID, thanks so much for adding your creativity to this big box of cards!
  77. Alex L, Boise ID - thanks for convening your stamping friends....what a great box of cards!
  78. Thank you to Shannon H in Winterville, ME and all the kids and church members who put together these lovely cards! You sent a lovely collection! Our heroes will love these! Thank you too for the generous donation!!
  79. Thank you Pat Q. in Bethel Park, PA!! Your cards are always beautiful, and the red, white, and blue cards really caught my eye with this shipment! Thank you too for writing letters to our heroes!
  80. Thank you Terri D of Lewiston, ME! So glad your inner child took over! These cards will be treasures for our heroes' children! Thank you too for the generous donation!
  81. Thank you Eileen M and Card Parties for OWH for the cards, the donation and the letters to heroes!
  82. Thank you Eileen M and Card Parties for OWH for the cards, the donation and the letters to heroes!
  83. Thank you Diane Mc. of Harrisburg, PA!! These cards are incredible! Thank you for sending such a nice variety!
  84. Donna D. in Monroe, LA, your cards are so beautiful! Love the cards for dads! Love the felt flowers too! Thank you!!
  85. Katherine G. in Lexington, KY, thank you for making these beautiful cards for our heroes! Especially the cards for our heroes' dads! lovely!
  86. Thank you Rosey R. in Astoria, NY!! These cards are terrific! Love the cards for dads and grads! So many different techniques! You rock!!
  87. Thank you Croppers Delight Scrapbookers in Astoria, NY! I know our heroes will love these clever cards! Well done!
  88. Thank you Debb R. in Scotia, NY for these beautiful cards and the donation! These cards for dad's are perfect!!
  89. Many thanks, Lisa S. of Jacksonville, FL! Your cards are just what I needed! Our heroes will love sending these back home!
  90. Thank you Lois G in Venice FL! You and your friend, Sharon, sent a lovely box of cards! Thanks for the hero mail too!
  91. Thank you Sharon A. from Sarasota, FL for the terrific box of cards from you and our friend, Lois! Many thanks for the hero mail too!
  92. Cheryl B. of Havelock, NC, your cards are so clever! Love the new fold! Heroes will grab those! Thanks for the hero mail too!
  93. Thank you Karen G of Oakland Park, FL for another collection of beautiful cards! Thanks so much for the Hero Mail! Wonderful!!
  94. Thank you Jean B. in Meadville, PA for the cards, hero mail and donation! I'll be using your "Dad Cards" for inspiration to make some of my own!
  95. Louise F, Frazier Park CA - wow! your cards are always so stunning, and this box is no different! Thanks so very much for your generous donation too!
  96. Kemi S, Redding CA - wow, beautiful cards...especially love your coloring!!
  97. Jan H, Parker AZ - beauuuuutiful! I just love your coloring, girl!
  98. Janice A, Bountiful UT - thanks for your ongoing support - with your pretty cards and faithful donations!
  99. Thanks, Tereza C. in Winfield, AL for all these beautiful cards for our heroes! Thanks to for the donation and the Hero Mail! What a lovely box of goodies!
  100. SuzAnn H, Salt Lake City UT - your mojo is *right* around the corner, I'm just sure of it! These are a great start :) :) :)
  101. Marci S and first graders, Woodinville WA - thanks soooo much for the great cards and drawings!!
  102. Thank you Nancy S of Warren, MA for sending these terrific letters from Girl Scout Troop 11015! They rock!
  103. Thank you Megan H and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints of University Park, PA for the nice collection of cards for our heroes!
  104. Thank you Donna O in Louisville, KY for this huge collection of cards for our heroes and generous donation! So many pretty cards! These will disappear fast!
  105. Victoria L, Cullowhee NC - great cards as always, and thanks for the donation as well!
  106. Linda B, Burien WA, thanks so much, your camping card just made me grin from ear to ear!
  107. Helen R, New York, NY, thanks so much for the Dad cards!
  108. Cindy M, Pewaukee WI, your Father's Day cards are right on time - thank you!
  109. Carla D, Sublimity OR, thanks so much for your generous donation!
  110. Christine W, Sacramento CA, your cards are here - special thanks for the AnyHero ones!
  111. Denise W, N Las Vegas NV, thanks for the wonderful box of cards...hope your hubby is feeling better soon!
  112. Evelyn C, Ridgecrest CA - thanks so much for the lovely cards!
  113. Sara B, Pearl City HI - love your cards, oh how I wish you could have tucked in some Hawaiian sunshine too! :)
  114. Sally P, Honolulu HI, Thanks so much for your box of cards!
  115. Louise Q, Suisun City CA, bless you for all the lovely cards! The borders are adorable!
  116. Jann H, Ravensdale WA, I love your cards, thanks so very much for the donation too!
  117. Many thanks to Joyce L and the Colts Neck Senior Citizens of Holmdel, NJ! These cards are super nice, and our heroes are going to love them!
  118. Cheryl Y, South Pasadena CA...your cards are so pretty...and your donation so generous! Thank you!
  119. Nancy and the 9th graders at Mill Creek Jr High - WOW! You did a great job on all these cards and AnyHero notes, thank you so much!!
  120. Linda E, Dillsboro IN - These cards are just lovely, thanks so very much! Love the photos.
  121. Pam J, Duvall WA - thanks to you and your friends for the great box full of cards!!
  122. Brittany M, Warner Robins GA - great job getting all the AnyHero letters written!! You know how they'll smile, thanks!

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