Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thankful Thursday: May 27, 2010

3793 cards were sent in to our shippers this week....awesome job everyone! That's a great start to filling these empty boxes; we order them by the crate from the Post Office. We also found out something this week that was rather sad: to save money, the Post Office is going to stop printing the Military Flat Rate Boxes! The regular Flat Rate Boxes will still have the $2 discount for OWH, but it's a shame that the "America Supports You" message on the outside will eventually go away. (We also put "Operation Write Home" labels on the outsides of our they'll still get a patriotic message on our boxes!)

  1. Cristy D of Charlesto, WV, thank you for all these beautiful cards for our heroes. Many thanks too for the extra goodies you sent for the troops! You rock!
  2. Thank Ewe Lori R. in Springfield, VA for these cards for our military heroes! So many different designs! They're "the perfect blend!"
  3. Thank you Caro H of Mint Hill, NC for these cards!! Thanks for the hero mail too!! Good thing you came to the crop tonight...we'd have had to talk about you if you hadn't!!
  4. Thank you Judy A of Pulaski, TN for hosting an event to make these beautiful cards for our heroes! And thanks for sending a picture of the group!
  5. Many thanks to Linda G of Bradyville, TN!! This box of cards is beautiful! Thank you for your hard work!
  6. Thanks, Carole H of Hohenwald, TN! This box of cards is just wonderful! Your group did a terrific job!!
  7. Thank, Tammie H. of Pilaski, TN!! What a terrific box of cards your group sent for our heroes!!
  8. Thank you Martha H of Pulaski, TN!! What a terrific box of cards you all sent. Many thanks!
  9. Thank you Barbara J of Pulaski, TN! This box of cards will make lots of heroes happy!
  10. Thank you Tiffany L of Pulaski, TN! This terrific box of cards will put lots of smiles on our heroes faces as well as their family and friends!
  11. Thank you Erica S of Murfreesboro, TN for this wonderful box of cards! Your group rocks!
  12. Thank you Christy S of Pulaski, TN! This box is just full of lovely cards for our heroes!
  13. Thank you Kin S of Pulaski, TN! Your group sent a great collection of cards for our heroes!
  14. Thank you Joseph W of Pulaski, TN! This great box of cards will be put to good use - helping our heroes keep in touch with home!
  15. Thank you Shannon W of Lawrenceburg, TN! This box of cards is just what I needed to send to our heroes! Many thanks!
  16. Thank you Zada T of Hohenwald, TN for all these terrific cards! So many designs and sentiments! Wonderful!
  17. Many thanks to Ruby L of Ethridge, TN! Great cards from a great group of people!
  18. Laurie J, Houston TX - thanks so much for the great package of cards!
  19. Laura C, University Place WA - wow, thanks so much for the beautiful cards!
  20. Mt Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church, thanks so much fo the wonderful Independence Day cards!
  21. Denise W, N Las Vegas NV - thanks for the treats for our heroes!
  22. Brooke and Dakota W, Spokane WA, thanks so much for the great cards - and AnyHero cards!!
  23. Gabrielle L, Hubert NC.....thanks for this great box of cards! Love them.
  24. Karen L, Glen Haven CO.....thanks for these awesome cards!
  25. Amanda C, Midlothian TX......beautiful cards! Thanks so much!
  26. Donna M, Spangle WA - thanks so much, your cards are just wonderful! :)
  27. Betty T, Salina KS - thanks for all the great prizes to share!!
  28. Kimblerley M-Y, Kennewick WA - it was such a delight meeting you and your hero - and another delight looking through these boxes full of cards! Thanks to you!
  29. Lynn M, Simi Valley CA - thanks so much, this is a really great box full of cards!
  30. Janis L, Anchorage AK, your cards are wonderful, thanks so much!
  31. Lina W, Hampton VA - thanks for the wonderful birthday cards!
  32. Betty and Marilyn S, Columbus OH.....thanks for these awesome cards!
  33. Thank you to the Warren 1st Church of the Nazarene Youth Group in Streetsboro, OH!! Well done! I see a lot of love went into each and every card!
  34. Thank you Janet K of Austin, TX!! I just love the cowboy paper you used on these cards! Perfect choice for the sentiments!
  35. Thank you, Bertha M of Toronto, ON!! Beautiful cards for our heroes to send home to family and friends. Thanks too for the Hero Letter!
  36. Thanks Lisa S of Jacksonville, FL!! Your cards are so patriotic! Made me want to sing the Star Spangled Banner!
  37. Thank you Alisa W of Henagar, AL for the cards! They are just beautiful!
  38. Jean U, Palmer AK, thanks so much - especially for your granddaughter Dakota's sweet AnyHero cards!! They're going to bring some smiles for sure :)
  39. Joan B, Alton Bay NH, thanks so much for the great cards and donation - you are a blessing!
  40. Thank you, Kaki D of Lacombe, LA for the terrific variety of cards, the shipping donation, and the hero mail! I'm still chuckling over the googlie eye frog card!!
  41. Stephanie and Robin G, New York NY - wow, thanks so much! The cards are awesome, and our heroes will love having pens to write with too! Your donation is a blessing! :)
  42. Jennifer P, Amarillo TX.....what an awesome first package of cards! These are awesome!
  43. Many thanks to Sharon S of Whitehouse Station, NJ and the MADD Stampers Club! What a terrific collection of cards! So many beautiful designs! Thanks lots for the Hero Mail and the shipping donation!
  44. Paula P, Rathdrum ID - you just keep blessing our heroes with your creations, thank you so much! Your financial gift is a huge help too!
  45. Teresa K, Vancouver WA - beauuuuutiful cards, our heroes will love them! Thanks so much for your donation too!
  46. Renee H, Andover MN......thanks so much for these great cards. Love them!
  47. Lindy C, Seattle WA - wow, fabbbbulous cards, and such a generous donation - thank you!
  48. Jack B, Lake Oswego OR - WOW! Not only happy 9th birthday to you, but to our heroes too....thank you for all the great cards for them, and the wonderful donation you collected at your party!
  49. Thank you Carol L. of Gilbertsville, PA!! Surgery did not diminish the quality of your lovely cards! Take care!!
  50. Thanks, Marge M. of Wayne, NJ!! These cards are terrific! I especially love the 4th of July cards! Felt like I needed to salute!
  51. Thank you Kate W. of Midway Park, NC!! You sent such a nice collection of handmade cards for our heroes to send home to loved ones!
  52. Thank you Sandi W of Mayfield Hts., OH for ALL these terrific cards for our heroes! You sent so many beautiful designs! I'm looking forward to getting a closer look at them!
  53. Thank you Celeste L and your children of Panama City Beach, FL for the terrific collection of cards you sent for our heroes! Many thanks too for the letters written to Any Hero! All are most appreciated!!
  54. Many thanks to the ART Haven Yahoo Group of Panama City Beach, FL for the terrific cards you made for our heroes. Your work is much appreciated! Just beautiful!
  55. Laura O, Cottontown IN - another fantastic box of cards, wow! Thanks!!
  56. Trinity B-K, Springfield OR - wow, these cards are so cute! Thanks so much!
  57. Denise W, Las Vegas NV - so glad your mojo has returned - these are awesome!
  58. Thank you, Grace C of Collegeville, PA and GS Troop 7188! Your cards are great and I hope you get that Bronze Award! Well done! Thank you too for the shipping donation!
  59. Sharon L, Tacoma WA - thanks so much for the cards, donation, and the prizes!

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