Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thankful Thursday: May 6, 2010

Thanks to everyone who sent in cards this week! We received 6263 our shippers have been busy once again! Remember that the 10th is the last day to receive cards to be entered into our Make Someone's Day challenge....and the last Father's Day should be in those boxes or close on their heels, since the deadline is the 15th! Gotta go make those Dads smile now! :)

Without further ado...this week's TT list!

  1. Thank you Linda B. and Fran M. of the Mad Hatters of the Historic Village of Old Bridge and Christine H, all of East Brunswick, NJ! What a beautiful collection of cards you sent for our heroes to send home to family!!
  2. Thank you Bev, Linn, Stacey, Rhonda, and Karen, the Scapbook Concepts Card Makers of Florence, SC!! You all make terrific cards for our heroes! They will love sending these home to family and friends! Thank you too for your generous donation!
  3. Thank you Laurie W in Evans, GA for this terrific collection of cards for our heroes! Thanks for sending such a nice variety of sentiments! Love the birds!
  4. Lee B, Dalton WI - oh my goodness, you have been BUSY! Thank you so so so much!
  5. Donna C. in Leesburg, FL, your cards are lovely! Thank you! The cards with pockets inside for note paper are so clever!!
  6. Pat G. in Upton, NY, your perfectly packaged, lovely cards are just what I needed! Our heroes will love these! Thank you for writing notes to Any Hero!
  7. Denise I. in Williamsville, NY!! Thank you for this super cute collection of cards for the Make Someone's Day Challenge! Thanks too for the shipping donation and the much needed letters to Heroes! You rock!
  8. Thank you, Cheryl K in Beech Island, SC!! Your cards are breathtaking! Our heroes will grab these quickly! Love the googly eyes! Thank you for writing notes to soldiers too!
  9. Thank you, Emma L of Millersville, MD and Girl Scout Troop 4058! Your hero letters are well done! What a terrific project for your Bronze Award!
  10. Nina L, Sacramento CA, thanks so very much for the Make Someone's Day challenge cards!!
  11. Kim N, Bloomington IL, thanks so much for the gorgeous cards!!
  12. Paula P, Rathdrum ID, your cards are always so beautiful, thank you so much for the generous donation too!
  13. Thank you, Susan S. in Prattville, AL! Great cards and generous donation! I just love the cards with the flip-flops!!
  14. Sue A, Rockford IL......another awesome package.  You ROCK!!
  15. Judy B, Cleburne TX.....thanks for the fabulous cards!!!
  16. Thank you, Melissa B in Montreal! So many beautiful cards for our heroes, and they are all unique! Thanks bunches!
  17. Jeanine D, Cleveland TN......another wonderful package of beautiful cards! Thanks!
  18. Linda G, New Lenox IL.....thanks for all these awesome cards!!!!
  19. Polly P, St Paul MN....thanks to the Queen of Stamps for another awesome package of cards!!!
  20. Janet P, Lawrence KS.....thanks for these gorgeous cards!!! Love them!
  21. Diane S. in Raleigh, NC, thank you for the great cards for our heroes! Love the golf club stamp!
  22. Stacy S and friends, Klamath Falls OR - beauuuuutiful cards, thanks so much!
  23. "C" S. of Raleigh, NC, perfect timing for all these Dad's Day cards! All your cards are beautiful! Thank you for your hard work for our heroes! You rock!
  24. Vicki W and Treasured Memories Scrapbook Store - WOW! Thank you so much for all the cards from your Friday Night Crop!
  25. Diana H, Centennial CO......thanks for these beautiful cards!  Love them!!
  26. Renee H, Andover MN.....thanks so much for this awesome package of cards!
  27. Ann L, Orem UT, so glad to see your mojo has returned! Thanks so much for the cards and donation!
  28. Reta M, Fair Oaks Ranch TX.....WOW! What a great box of awesome cards!
  29. Sara B, Pearl City HI, thank you for your generous donation!!
  30. Thank you Susan A. of Ridgewood, NY! Your cards are always so pretty! Just what I needed! Thank you!!
  31. Thank you Caro H for the beautiful cards and the Hero Mail! You always have the cards I need most! Thank you!
  32. Linda K, Allen TX.....thanks for the awesome cards!! Love these!!
  33. Thank you Joy O in Carmel, IN! That box is chock full of goodness for our heroes! You rock!
  34. Lori R in Springfield, VA, thank you for these beautiful cards for our heroes! I love the cards with Snoopy! One of my favorite characters!
  35. Thank you, Dolores A in Frederick for the cards, donation and Hero Mail! So many pretty cards for our heroes! I know they will snap these quick to send to family!
  36. Thank you Seongsook D. in Elk Grove, CA for the cards, donation, and Hero Mail! Your collection os cards always makes me smile! Such talent!
  37. Linda G. of Ypsilanti, MI, thank you for the cards and generous donation! So many different techniques! Wow!!
  38. Thank you Nancy H and the Stamp4Joy group at St John's Lutheran Church in Fallston, MD! Your cards are beautiful, and they are on the way to our heroes!
  39. Thank you Jud K in Oxfordville, WI for the cards and the shipping donation! Your cards are wonderful!
  40. Thanks to our donor in Hamburg, PA for the beautiful collection of cards! LOVE all the butterflies!
  41. Thank you Mary Sue F. in Lykens, PA! Your cards are just what I needed! Our heroes will love sending these back home! Well done!
  42. Thank you Eileen M. in St. Mary's, PA and all the participants at the Card Making Parties for OWH. Well done! Thanks too for the letters to Any Hero!!
  43. Shirley T, Faribault MN - thanks for the awesome packet of cards, our heroes will love them!
  44. Lina W, Hampton VA - love your cards - especially the Cinco de Mayo pup! Cute!
  45. Wow, Julie Y of Selma OR - your cards are beautiful, thank you!
  46. SuzAnn H, thanks soooo much for your generous giving!!
  47. Danyse K of Charlotte, NC, thanks for these terrific cards, hero letters and donation for shipping! Great job! Good to see you again too!
  48. Debby P, Buffalo MO - thanks so very much for your generous donation!
  49. Janice A, Bountiful UT......thanks for sharing your great Father's Day cards with me, I'm sure Sandy doesn't mind!
  50. Marnel A and friends, Renton WA - thanks for your two packages of cards, they're just lovely! Our heroes will enjoy them!
  51. Roxanne B, Rockport TX......thanks for these great cards! Love your style!
  52. Pam B of White Lake, MI, I do believe you are right! These were made with love, and it shows! Well done!
  53. Kathie B, Fremont CA......thanks for the pretty cards!!
  54. Nancy C, Hollister CA - I always look forward to your boxes of beautiful cards, thanks!!
  55. Leigh E, Houston TX....thanks for these awesome Any Hero notes.  These will bring smiles to those that read them.
  56. Lily H of Pittsburg, PA! Your cards are just delightful! I bet our heroes will grab these quick to send home! Thanks for making my job easy!
  57. Cheryl K, Crest HIll IL......thanks for the Any Hero letters and the awesome cards!!!
  58. Linda K, Grant MI......another geat package of cards!! Thanks for the Any Hero notes!
  59. Thank you Corinna L-R. of Westville, IL for these terrific cards for our heroes! I really like those "Hello" cards. Such a pretty flower!
  60. Jennifer M, Romeoville IL......thanks for the great cards and Any Hero notes!!!
  61. Thank you, Janet M. of Biddeford, ME!! Your cards are lovely! And so well organized! I loved the card with the dragonfly!!
  62. Thanks, Dawn M. in Charlotte, NC for the beautiful cards and the letters to heroes! Just what I needed!
  63. Jennifer M, Marshfield WI...thanks for the awesome cards!!!! Love them!
  64. Julie O and Knapp Haven Nursing Home Residents.....thanks for the great cards!!! These are wonderful!
  65. Thank you Shelley R. in Nutter Fort, WV for such a lovely collection of cards and the mail for Any Hero!  So many different sentiments!
  66. Michele S, Lisle IL.....thanks for these cute cards!!
  67. Nancy T, Katy TX.....thanks for these awesome cards and Any Hero notes.
  68. Karen T and everyone at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique - wowowow! You are all so talented...thank you for your huge box of cards, plus all the AnyHero letters!!
  69. Lisa W, McKinney TX......these are such pretty cards!!!
  70. Kyndie W, Downers Grove IL.....thanks for the nice cards, love them.
  71. Many thanks to Mary Ann A. and Daisy Troop 772 of Lawrenceburg, KY for the beautiful cards and the letters to our heroes! I just love it when the little ones write to our troops! Thanks too for the donation for shipping!
  72. Kay C, Minnetonka MN.....another fabulous package of cards! Thank you!
  73. Marianne C, Naches WA - you are so very talented! Thanks for your ongoing support of our heroes :)
  74. Lindy C, Seattle WA - wow another beautiful box of cards!!! Thank you so much!!
  75. Chris F, Monument CO.....WOW! what a great package of cards!!!  THANKS!
  76. Barbara H, Milton WI.....gorgeous cards!  Appreciate the Any Hero notes as well!!
  77. Thank you Debbie K. in Burke, VA for the cards, Hero Mail, and generous donation! I just love the birthday stamp, "2U" Terrific!
  78. Sandi M, Fremont awesome package of beautiful cards and Any Hero notes!!
  79. Ellen P, Vernon Hills IL......thanks for the great Father's Day cards and Any Hero notes!!
  80. Paula S. of Stamford, CT!!! Love these cards! Thank you for the cards and the shipping donation and the letters to heroes!! These "Dad" cards are the bomb!!
  81. Thank you Debbie T and all the croppers at Family Memories in Charlotte, NC! Great cards and a generous donation! These cards are beautiful! Well done!
  82. Lesley T, Kirkwood MO.....thanks for these great cards!!!

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