Saturday, June 19, 2010

Camas, WA Joins Together for Our Heroes

When a member of LaCamas Swim & Sport asked an Operation Write Home cardmaker to host a cardmaking party, it provided the motivation to organize the June 10th cardmaking party in Camas, WA. The Thursday afternoon date was selected, posters were hung and OWH was sent an announcement. 

Cardmakers Ellen H., Gail H., Jeanette S., and Teresa K. were enlisted to make card kits since most of the participants were not experienced cardmakers. The participants were willing to bring items for the soup-and-bread lunch and for snacking. A donation box was suggested when the latest Mailroom Monday post made us realize how much OWH spends on shipping.

When lunch was over, out came the sample cards and card kits. Ellen and Jeanette teamed up to help the new cardmakers at the first table.

Gail and Teresa settled at the second table. Esther also sat at the table for a few seconds, but there were so many tasks that she was up and running most of the time.

Lori was the helper at the third table.

Jack, a veteran of World War II and the Korean War, agreed to use the automatic Operation Write Home stamp on the back of the completed cards. The group kept him busy. In two hours all the card kits had been turned into handmade blank cards for our deployed heroes. Three AnyHero cards were also written with the help of the "Suggestions for Any Hero Letters ."

The final total was 208 quality cards from 15 cardmakers (including a veteran) and $26.25 in donations. This success was due to cardmakers willing to prepare kits, participants willing to bring food for lunch and snacks, everyone enjoying the party, generous people willing to keep Operation Write Home working by donating cash, and LaCamas Swim & Sport graciously allowing the free use of the community room. A BIG "thank you" to all involved in any part of the June 10th event.


Paula S. said...

What a great story! Congratulations to everyone who participated and their success.

SuzAnn said...

looks like fun was had by all! What great support for OWH.

TK said...

We had such fun!

Unknown said...

That is awesome!!!

Missy said...

Great job. I love all the cards in the picture.