Monday, June 21, 2010

Mailroom Monday: June 21, 2010

Shipping's a little slower this week....partly because Dixie's been visiting a giant mouse....and partly because our cards are running a tidge low lately! Lots of folks must be on vacation :) Pictured here are the boxes packed up in Washington....and the few cards left! (The shelves are normally full!)

To  heroes in Afghanistan:
345 cards to an Army unit
345 cards to a Marine unit
345 cards to a Marine unit

To heroes in Iraq:
345 cards to an Army National Guard unit
345 cards to an Army National Guard unit

Other fun statistics:
Number of boxes sent:  1,578
Number of hero contacts:  802
Total cards sent: 452, 423

Deadline reminders:

Graduation: passed
Father's Day:  passed
Independence Day: passed Note: You can keep making patriotic cards all the time, just don't put "Happy Fourth of July" on them. Take advantage of those great sales on patriotic papers and supplies!

August 2 - Back to School
September 20 - Halloween
October 1 - Thanksgiving
October 30 - Christmas
November 30 - Any Hero Christmas Letters

Current shipper needs: see here.

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