Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thankful Thursday: June 10, 2010

This week our shippers received and processed 8,295 cards from all of you! WOW! I think they call that the "bloghop bump!" A special thank you to those stepping up to cover our huge shipping bills lately too!

One thing we've noticed (and we find this each time we get a lot of new cardmakers from a bloghop or magazine article): we're seeing a lot of glitter cards, and a lot of dark cards without liners. Our shippers would love your help in cutting the "hospital" cards down by taking care of those before sending them. This first pile of cards is the 'before' picture of the hospital in Washington...and the second is after an entire evening of adding liners, re-securing amputee embellishments, overized cards that need an envelope dug up to fit them, and other triage treatments. 406 patients were finally released from quarantine! We appreciate all your help in preparing your cards so our shippers can focus on packing them up and getting them out the door.

  1. Thank you to the youth at Fowler United Methodist Church and Kim C. of Kinsman, OH for the cards for our heroes!
  2. Thank you Sue S of Hendersonville, TN for these beautiful patriotic cards for our heroes! Thanks too for enlisting so many people to write letters to our heroes! Well done!
  3. Thank you Carol B of Saint Albans, ME!! Your cards are always beautiful, and our heroes will love them! Thanks for writing a note to a hero too!
  4. Thank you Salina D. of Massena, NY!! So many different designs! These are just terrific!
  5. Thanks Debra K of Naples, FL for the patriotic cards for our heroes! Well done!!
  6. Thank you Sharon F. of Jacksonville, FL for these beautiful cards! So many clever designs! Awesome!
  7. Thank you Pamela R of Florence KY for this huge box of cards for our heroes!! Sooo many pretty cards! Thanks too for the hero mail from your son's class! They did an awesome job!
  8. WOW! Thanks Michelle N of Hartland, MI! That's a lot of pretty cards for our heroes! I can't wait to dig in that box!
  9. Thank you Sally S of Virginia Beach for the really red cards! Just terrific! Thank you also for the generous donation!
  10. WOW!! Thank you Jean A of Royal Palm Beach, FL! 4 boxes of cards in one day! All full of beautiful cards for our heroes! You rock! Thank you too for the generous donation!
  11. Thank you, Sara D, currently in Mannheim, Germany, for the cards and the hero mail! Even more, thanks to you and your family for your service to our country!
  12. Thank you, Roseanne S and all the children at Village Pre-School in Northport, NY! These pictures and messages to our heroes are delightful!
  13. Thank you Tanya K of Fulton, NY and Danielle M of Cortland, NY! Great cards for our heroes! What a nice project for Memorial Day!
  14. Thanks, Lori R. of Springfield, VA! You sent a terrific collection of cards for our heroes! Great job on the new digis!
  15. Thank you students at High Tech High School, NHS for the terrific collection of cards you sent for our heroes!
  16. Thank you, Alyssa M. of Jewett City, CT! Awesome cards for our heroes! So many pretty designs!
  17. Thank you Christine W of Lake Placid, FL!! These cards are yummy! Love the trifold cards too! Well done!
  18. Many thanks, Kathy S. of Sacramento, CA!! Awesome cards for our heroes! Love the "Just a note..." card!
  19. Thank you Seongsook D in Elk Grove, CA!! Your cards are always amazing! You have such a good eye for color! Thanks too for the hero letters, donation, and popcorn!
  20. Thank you Stephanie G and Robin G of New York, NY for the cards, domation, and hero mail! Your cards are always so clever! Awesome!
  21. Many, many thanks to Sun City Carolina Lakes of Indian Land, SC for the hero letters and generous donation! You will touch the lives of many!
  22. Thank you Bonnie Mc. from Leesburg, FL!! Great collection of cards for our heroes! Love the card with the lion!
  23. Thank you Rosey R in Astoria, NY for sending the cards! Awesome cards! Love the bling!
  24. Thank you Laurie W of Evans, GA for the beautiful cards for our heroes! Thanks even more for making me laugh out loud at this clever birthday card!
  25. Thank you Christina H od Streetsboro, OH for the cards you made and the cards you've collected. Just beautiful! We love it when card makers "clean out." Thank you too for the hero mail!!
  26. Thank you Sue B. of Justin, TX!! These cards are terrific! So many happy colors and clever designs! Well done!
  27. Thank you, Marsha H of Santa Ana, CA for these wonderful messages and cards for our heroes!
  28. Many thanks to Franciscan Woods Assisted Living in Columbus, GA for the cards and the hero letters! Well done!
  29. Lina W, Hampton VA - thanks so much for the cute birthday cards! (You know how much I love yellow!)
  30. Karen G, Oakland Park FL - awesome cards!! I recognize a bunch of challenge cards in here, way to go!
  31. Laurie J, Houston TX - fabulous batch of red white and blue! Makes me want to salute. Thanks!!
  32. Diane M, Foster City CA - thanks soooo much for the great selection of cards! You rock!
  33. Laura C, Park Rapids MN - adorable cards! Thanks for the treats for our heroes too :)
  34. Erika P, West Jordan UT - thanks for the great mix of cards, they're so cute!
  35. Caryl W, Lake Elsinore CA - wow! Beautiful cards! Welcome to the OWH family! :)
  36. Mary Ann S, Fontana CA - love your card selection, they always get better and better! Thanks for the donation and AnyHero letters too!
  37. Thank you Paula in Stamford, CT for a box full of goodness! Thanks for sending such a nice variety that will appeal to children and adults! Thanks too for the hero mail and the generous donation! Awesome!
  38. Joan J, Lodi CA - love your pup cards, they are SO cute!! Thanks for the GENEROUS donation and AH cards too!
  39. Toni S, Champlin MN, thanks so very much for your generous donation!!!
  40. Marnie B and everyone at Olympia High School --- FANTASTIC job on all 150 AnyHero cards!! You ROCK!
  41. Denise W, Las Vegas NV, you're our OWH energizer bunny....thanks once again!!
  42. Charlsie S, Napa CA -what beautiful cards! Love the Flowersoft!
  43. Sheila S, and everyone at BECU - wow, and thanks so much for the beautiful cards!!
  44. Thank you Cindy J. in Greenacres, FL for all the cards you made for our heroes! Well done!
  45. Many thanks to the ladies who donate cards at Stampers Alley in Mooresville, NC!! Your cards are always so beautiful! Thanks for making cards for our heroes!
  46. Many hanks, Bertha, M of Toronto, ON!! Lovely cards! You have such pretty paper and flowers!
  47. Thank you Brenda M of Independence, KY! Great cards! Especially the ones for our heroes to send home to their children!
  48. Thank you Deb F and the participants at TILL Inc for these terrific postcards for our heroes!
  49. Thank you Tara G of Philadelphia, PA! Your cards are so pretty! I love the patterned paper...looks like a summer garden! Thanks too for the donation!
  50. Sher M, Dammeron Valley UT - fantastic red white and blue cards! Thanks so much for your generous donation too!
  51. Thank you Tracy C of Allentown, PA! Beautiful cards, thoughtful hero letters, and generous donation are all appreciated! Looks like the bloghop was inspirational!
  52. Nora G, Medford OR - thank you! Your cards are lovely...and your AnyHero letters and donations are a blessing!
  53. Debbie B, Fishers IN - thanks so much to you and everyone there for the wonderful cards!!
  54. Thank you Angel W currently of Sumpter, SC for this huge box of beautiful cards for our heroes! Awesome!
  55. Thank you Jill B. of Hamburg, PA! I love the design of these cards and your paper choices!
  56. Thank you, Cindee N. in Harrisburg, PA for these terrific cards! The cards for kids were really needed! Thanks too for the generous donation!
  57. Thank you to Sandy S of Jamestown, NC and the High Point Stampers! So glad you found OWH! These cards are terrific! Thanks too for the hero mail and generous donation!
  58. Terri L, Grants Pass OR - awesome job on all your cards, love the selection!
  59. Cindy M and kids - Thank you SO much for all the great cards and AnyHero letters!! You rock!
  60. Eileen and friends, St Marys PA - thanks for all the cards!
  61. Shawn O and employees at SAXON, Ft Worth TX.......WOW! These any hero cards ROCK!!! Thanks so much!
  62. Mary S, Taunton MN......thanks for these awesome cards!
  63. Dorothy B and kids at Lee H Means Elementary school Corpus Christi TX......thanks for these awesome any hero letters. Great Job!
  64. Debby M, Las Cruces NM......great cards! Love them.
  65. Helen M, Spring Creek NV......wonderful cards! Thank you.
  66. Sue A, Rockford IL.....Thanks so much for these awesome cards.
  67. Judy B, Cleburne TX.....awesome Any Hero cards! Thanks...I was in need of them!
  68. Jennifer M, Romeoville IL.....another fabulous package. Thanks!
  69. Cheryl K, Crest Hill IL.....thanks for these wonderful cards!
  70. Stefanie W, Franklin TN.....thanks for the great cards!! Love them.
  71. Toni S and friends, Champlin MN.....WOW Ladies, you really went to town on these cards. They are awesome!
  72. Rebecca V and 3rd graders at Davidson Elementary School, San Bernardino CA......WOW!! These are awesome Any Hero Letters! Great Job!
  73. Rosalie R, Macomb MI.....GORGEOUS!!! Thank you.
  74. Joyce G, N Scituate RI.....thanks so much for the wonderful cards and Any Hero letters!
  75. Christina S, Coon Rapids MN.....thanks so much for this awesome box of great cards!
  76. Brittany S and Alpha Phi Omega at Elmhurst College......WOW Ladies!!! This is quite the box of cards. Love them all. Thanks for the wonderful Any Hero letters!!
  77. Thank you Amy P. of Harrisburg, NC! You rock! love these cards, especially the ones with the Sassafras stamp! Love it!!
  78. Thank you Pat C. of Berwick, PA!! Awesome cards for our heroes! Thanks too for the pens! Clever idea! No excuses for not writing now!
  79. Thank you Judy K of Orfordville, WI for this terrific collection of cards! Love the silver embellishments! Our heroes will too!
  80. Thank you Eileen M of Ridgeway, PA and all involved with the Cardmaking Parties for OWH for this box of cards! Thank you too for the hero mail!!!!
  81. Thank you Susan A of Ridgewood, NY! These cards are terrific! I love this card with the embossed pears! Yummy!
  82. Yolanda D, Warrenton MO......these are gorgeous cards! Thanks so much!
  83. Thank you Suzanne H of Holiday, FL for the HUGE box of cards! Thanks especially for sending so many cards for our heroes to send to their children! Thanks too for the generous donation!!
  84. Jennifer P, Chicago IL..... Thanks so much for these awesome cards.
  85. Renee H, Andover MN......another awesome package of great cards! Thanks!
  86. Natalie S, Champaign IL....thank you for these gorgeous cards!
  87. Betty T, Salina KS.....Another fabulous box of awesome cards and any hero letters! Thanks.
  88. Thank you Celestine H of Hillside, NJ! What terrific cards for our heroes to send! So patriotic! Thanks too for the generous donation!
  89. Susan D, Tinley Park IL.....great cards and any hero letters! Thanks.
  90. Michele S, Lisle IL.....wonderful cards! Thank you.
  91. Many thanks to Tawnya B of Middletown, OH!! These cards are awesome! So many designs and sentiments! Thank you also for the donation for shipping!
  92. Carol P, Peoria AZ - wowsers, such great cards, thank you!! Your generous donation and AnyHero cards are much appreciated!

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