Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thankful Thursday: June 17, 2010

3,387 cards were received this week....and quite a few more, but we're not sure how many yet. Dixie's been visiting Mickey! So if you sent yours to her and haven't heard back yet, please be patient, she'll be home and sorting very soon :)

And how about this fantastic AnyHero card using an A++ sticker? Pretty awesome design, that's for sure! The note inside reads:

I rate you FIVE STARS! Thank you so much for protecting our country. Also for your hard work. Good luck! Sincerely, Zack, Wexford PA

Thanks to all our donors this week....we rate YOU five stars too!

  1. Thank you Teresa P of Hendersonville, NC! You sent so many pretty cards for our heroes! Love the cards for kids!
  2. Many thanks Rita O. of Jacksonville, FL! our cards are awesome! So classy! Thank you too for the generous donation!
  3. Thanks, Pamela L of Mineral Bluff, Ga for the cards and the donation! I really needed these "Miss You" cards!
  4. Thank you Emily K and children Joanna (11) and Joel (7)! Your cards are terrific! Your Memorial Day activity will bring a lot of joy to our heroes! Well done! Thanks too for the donation!!
  5. Thanks to Kaija F and Emilie M of Reston, VA for these nice cards for our heroes! Love the "Just a Note" cards!
  6. Thanks Jennifer H of Laurel, MD for the cards and donation! Love these cards for Halloween!! "Boo to You" too!
  7. Thank you, Andrea M of Ithaca, NY!! Beautiful cards ready to go! Generous donation! Hero mail! And you're doing triage for me! Awesome!
  8. Many thanks to Therese D of Lewiston, ME! Awesome summery cards and generous donation! Thanks for all the "extras" you do!
  9. Thank you Lisa E of West Chester, PA! What a nice package of cards for our heroes!
  10. Helen Jo M, Hanford CA - thanks so much, your cards are stunning!
  11. Jan and Michael H, Parker AZ - wowsers! Great cards! Michael yours is even MORE fabulous in person! :)
  12. Jessica S, Burnsville MN - beautiful cards, our heroes will love them!
  13. Shannon L, Alberta Canada, thank you sooooo much! Great selection of cards, these are all so pretty!
  14. Jody M, Scottsdale AZ, I just love your Dad cards....especially since they're general enough to work anytime! Great work!
  15. Debbie K, Burke VA, thanks so much for the coming home cards - cute!!!
  16. Laurie J, Houston TX - love your coming home cards!! Can't wait til the families at home get these :) :) :)
  17. Thank you, Anya S of Pittsburgh, PA! You sent such a nice variety of cards! Love the little square ones!
  18. SuzAnn H, Salt Lake City UT, thanks so much for all your ongoing support - your donations make a huge difference!
  19. Nina L, Sacramento CA, thanks for the big box of cards!!
  20. Mary G, Vancouver WA, thanks for all these pretty cards, wow!
  21. Anita A, Turlock CA - beautiful cards and WOW on all the AnyHero cards!!! Thank you!!!
  22. Holly and everyone at St Richard's Catholic Church - your letters will surely make many heroes smile - thank you!!
  23. Cassandra B, Hinesville GA - thanks for your donation, it's much appreciated!
  24. Paula P, Rathdrum ID - fantastic cards as always.....great selection of themes!!! Thanks so much for your donation as rock!
  25. Nancy A and students, Salt Lake City - please tell your students a huge thank you from our heroes!!
  26. SuzAnn H, Salt Lake City UT - your cards are always so pretty...thank you for them all!
  27. Deloris T, West Salem OH, thanks sooooo much for the great prize contributions - and your cards and donation too! Wow!
  28. Terie H, Washington UT - what a great first package of cards...our heroes are going to love these!
  29. Joan W, Tacoma glad to see you back to cardmaking! Thanks for these!
  30. Sunnie L, Winsted CT......thanks for the gorgeous cards and wonderful Any Hero letters.
  31. Linda L, Burleson TX.....thanks for these great cards!!
  32. Linda P, Dewey OK......what gorgeous cards!! Thanks!
  33. Valerie M, Rancho PV CA.....thanks so much for these awesome cards!! Love them!!
  34. Lynn S, N Ridgeville OH.....beautiful cards!! Thanks so much.
  35. Debi K, Milon WA......Stunning!!! These are gorgeous cards...thanks!
  36. Pia R, Wilmington MA...Thanks so much for these wonderful cards!
  37. Jen T, Salt Lake City UT......these are BEAUTIFUL cards...thanks!
  38. Jenny C, Springfield MO.....gorgeous cards!! Love them...thanks!
  39. Mary Ann H, Warwick NY.....thank you for these awesome cards!!!
  40. Stacy S, Klamath Falls OR......stunning cards! Love your style!!
  41. Ruta R and the Sunday Afternoon Club, Champaign IL.....thanks so much for these wonderful cards!!!
  42. Cindy M, Normal IL.....another fabulous package of cards! These are great!
  43. Betty S, Allen TX......thanks so much for these gorgeous cards!! Love them!!
  44. Gai J, Dallas TX.....awesome cards!!! Thanks so much.
  45. Lucie H, Millington TN.....thanks for this awesome package of cards.
  46. Janelle K, Aberdeen SD.....WOW! Thanks for these awesome cards!!
  47. Julie R, Bedford TX.....thanks for all of these wonderful Any Hero letters!!
  48. Jennifer M, Marshfield WI.....wonderful, beautiful cards! Thanks!
  49. Eileen M, Chama NM......thanks for these great cards!! Love them.
  50. Rosalie R, Macomb MI......these are great cards!! Thanks.
  51. Kathleen M and Las Noches Woman's Club, Tempe AZ.....ladies, these are wonderful cards..THANKS!
  52. Betty and Marilyn S, Columbus OH......another great package of cards! Thanks.
  53. Sue M, St Louis MO.....thanks for these gorgeous cards!!
  54. Marilyn M and Kay Ann B, Beaver Dam WI......thanks ladies for this great box of cards!
  55. Zuleika C, Birmingham AL......these are beautiful...thank you!
  56. Sharon N, Waterloo IA...another fabulous box of cards! Thanks so much.
  57. Lorraine D, Norwood PA......thanks so much for this awesome box of cards!! Love them.
  58. Megan F, Blaine MN.....thanks for these beautiful cards!
  59. Sue A, Rockford IL......Love your style...these cards are awesome!
  60. Jacqueline H, Astoria NY.....thanks for these wonderful Any Hero letters.
  61. Janis D, Olustee OK......thanks for these great cards.
  62. Cindy M and Friends of Checkered Cottage....thanks for these Any Hero letters.
  63. Jess and Sandy C, Rockford IL, thank you for your ongoing generous donations!!
  64. Jean D, Rockford IL - bless you for making a donation for our shipping costs!
  65. Jean L, Rockford IL, thanks so much for your generosity, it's appreciated!
  66. June B, Rockford IL - your gift is such a big help with all our expenses to ship cards...bless you!
  67. Harriet L, Vista CA - what a GREAT first box of cards, thanks!!
  68. Shawnnita F, Queensland Australia - WOW! Such pretty cards from down under - beautiful work!
  69. Laurie J, Houston're my energizer bunny! Love all your cards :)

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Amy Muse said...

AWESOME! Hats off to all of you cardmakers and the supporters of Operation Write Home. I have had the pleasure of receiving and sending cards being a Soldier and Scrapbooker/Card Maker myself! Hats off to you all!