Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thankful Thursday: June 24, 2010

This past week, 7127 cards were received and processed by our! Fantastic work, everyone!!! We've been seeing lots of cards made from the challenges on the S&S blog....great to see these in person, and to know that the blog has been inspiring you!!
  1. Holly and everyone at St Richard's Catholic Church - your letters will surely make many heroes smile - thank you!!
  2. To our cardmaker in Merritt Island, FL, thank you so very much for the pretty cards!!
  3. Thanks, Liz B. of Cedar Lake, IN for these lovely cards you made for our heroes! Beautiful work!
  4. Many thanks to the students at River Dell High School in Oradell, NJ! Your letters to heroes are wonderfully written and illustrated!
  5. Thanks to Deloris T. and the SCAL Users Group in West Salem, OH!! Love these cards for cute! And the cards for men...awesome! Thanks too for the shipping donation!
  6. Many thanks to Harriet C of Winston-Salem, NC for the beautiful cards, hero ail and generous donation! Love seeing Christmas cards on a hot summer day!
  7. Thank you Valerie G of Amherst, MA! These cards are beautiful! LOVE the birds and flowers on the "Thinking of You" cards! Thank you too for the generous donation!
  8. Thank you Eileen F of Brookville, MD!! You sent such a nice collection of cards for our heroes! Thank you too for the very generous donation for shipping!
  9. Thank you Laura S in Brackney, PA for the clever cards!! So many terrific messages for our heroes! They will cherish these! Thanks too for the donation!
  10. Thank you to ? S. of Port Jefferson Station, NY for the lovely collection of cards you sent! Delightful designs!
  11. Many thanks, Mary F of Pasadena, MD for the terrific cards and the generous donation! Thanks too for your perfect packaging! You made my day!

  12. Thank you, Joyce L. of Flushing, NY for this terrific box of cards and generous donation! So many designs! Well done!!
  13. Thank you, Jana D of Virginia Beach, VA! Wow, what a terrific collection of designs and sentiments for our heroes to send back home! Thanks for the Hero letters too!!
  14. Many thanks to Stefanie P of Staunton, VA for the perfectly packaged box of beautiful cards! So many pretty designs for our heroes! "Fin-tastic!"
  15. Thank you to the card ministry team at First Baptist Church of Collinsville in VA!! Wow!! What a terrific box of cards! I can't wait to dig in!
  16. Many thanks to Annie M of West Chester, OH and friends Julee, Jess, and Debbie! What a talented group you are! These are what I call "gender neutral" cards and can be sent to men or women. LOVE that!
  17. Thank you Pat Q of Bethel Park, PA for these beautiful cards and the hero mail! I just love your style, and I know our heroes will too!
  18. Jean B. in Meadville, PA, thank you for another package of cards for our heroes to send home!! The hero mail and donation are much appreciated too!!
  19. Thank you, Lisa B of Elizabethtown, PA! These cards are terrific! Love the little birthday wishes!
  20. Many thanks to Mary Jo A. of Lake Orion, MI for this wonderful collection of cards! So many pretty designs for our heroes! Well done! Thank you too for your donation!
  21. Thanks, Lori R of Springfield, VA for the beautiful cards! I just love the card with the eagle! Awesome!!
  22. Thank you, Cindy L of Flemington, NJ for the terrific cards and the generous donation! Thanks most of all for making me laugh out loud!! Awesome cards!
  23. Thank you, Cristie D of Mechanicsville, MD for the box of cards for our heroes! Love all the butterflies! Thanks too for the pens and the donation!
  24. Many thanks, Mary Sue F. of Lykens, PA! I really needed these birthday cards for kids! I just love the ones with the robot paper! So fun!
  25. Thank you Denise P and the Solon Civic Club in Solon, OH for the cards and the envelopes! You all do such a nice job for our heroes! Thank you!
  26. Thank you Sharanda N. of York, SC for this terrific group of cards! So pretty! Thank you too for the hero mail! They'll LOVE them!!
  27. Thanks Pam S of Granite Falls, NC for this wonderful collection of cards for our heroes! Wow! So many unique designs! Awesome!
  28. Many thanks, Sandra E of Old Hickory, TN for the beautiful cards, hero mail, and shipping donation! So many designs! Awesome!
  29. Thanks Ginny H of Hamlin, NY!! These fall cards are delightful to see on a hot day! Well done!
  30. Thank you Kris B of Athens, GA! Great cards for our heroes! So many nice designs! Love the cards for kids! Thanks too for the generous donation!
  31. Thank you Nancy F of Trexlertown, PA!! Your cards are delightful! Love the puppy in the red wagon! Reminds me of my dog! Thans too for the hero mail and the generous donation!
  32. Shawnnita F, Queensland Australia - WOW! Such pretty cards from down under - beautiful work!
  33. Dolores A, Frederick MD - your cards are getting more and more beautiful by the day. Keep up the awesome work!
  34. Stephanie and Robin G, New York NY - thanks so much for the great cards - and your AnyHero cards and generous donation!
  35. Teresa K, Vancouver WA - you ROCK, my dear! Love your cards so much...and your donation and AnyHero card help so much!
  36. Nancy M of Fremont CA, I just love your cards, and our heroes will too!
  37. Janice A, Bountiful UT- I love getting your Bountiful boxes! Thank you for sharing your talents with our heroes - and your generous shipping contributions!!
  38. Lina W, Hampton VA, your birthday cards took the long road but finally arrived - thanks!!
  39. Joan W, Tacoma WA - thanks again so much for your regular packages!
  40. Martha B of Santa Rosa CA - love all the AnyHero cards!! Way to go!
  41. Lee B, Dalton WI - wowsers, two boxes!! You've been busy - thank you so much!!
  42. Sheila S and friends at BECU - another lovely package of cards, thanks so much!! They're gorgeous and our heroes will love them!
  43. Audra B and friends at Art Night - Flagstaff AZ - job well done, these are beautiful cards! Thanks much for your donation too!
  44. Cindy and the Los Gatos Elks all amaze me with all your cards, wow! Thanks for sharing the Hampton Arts donation too!!
  45. Denise W, Las Vegas NV, I love your cards, and am honored you CASEd me! Thank you!
  46. Robin G, Rathdrum ID - your cards are just adorable! Our heroes will love them, thanks!!
  47. Marsha D, Everson WA, love the cards --- and your idea to seal your glitter with crystal effects worked PERFECTLY!
  48. Judie F, Coeur d'Alene ID - wow, your cards are just perfect!!! Love them all!!! And what a generous donation----you are so awesome!!
  49. Donna M, Spangle WA, thank you so much for this big box of beauties! You have so much talent. Bless you for the donation too!
  50. Debby B, Vienna VA - wow, you've been busy! Lovely cards, thank you!
  51. Nancy H and friends, Knights Landing CA - yowsa! You ladies are so talented, thank you for blessing our heroes with your creativity!
  52. Karen and everyone at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique - thank you sooooooo much for all the beautiful cards! And please pass on a thank you to the Scouts too - they did a great job!
  53. Cindy O, Alameda CA....these cards are just adorable! Thank you so much for your generous donation too!!
  54. Julie C, Grand Prairie TX.....thanks for these gorgeous cards!
  55. Dena P, North Ridgeville OH.....thanks so much for these beautfiul cards
  56. Lynn L, Blaine MN.....WOW! Gorgeous cards....thanks!
  57. Paula M, Vista CA.....WOW, these are fabulous cards!! Love them!
  58. Jennifer M, West Jordan UT......these are outstanding cards! Thanks for sending them in.
  59. Trish L, Catersville GA.....thanks so much for these awesome cards!
  60. Morgan C, Stoughton WI....WOW! Great cards. Congrats on getting your Girl Scout Bronze Award and for making OWH your project!
  61. Cindy M and Friends of Checkered Cottage.....thanks again ladies for these awesome cards!
  62. Patsy J, Sun City West AZ.....thanks so much for these wonderful cards!!!
  63. Roberta & Leroy O, Lafayette IN.....these are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with us.
  64. **
  65. Connie C, Marion IA.....great cards,love them!
  66. Rosalie R, Macomb MI.....another great package of cards! Thanks.
  67. Amy C, Framingham MA.....thanks so much for these fabulous cards!
  68. Patricia A, Tulsa OK.....another fabulous package! Love these cards!
  69. Sherrilee C, Minneapolis MN....fabulous cards! Thanks for sending them in.
  70. Tammy A, Aurora CO....great cards! Love them.
  71. Yolande W, Florence AL.....thank you for sending in these awesome cards!
  72. Dawn J and Memory Bound Scrapbook Store....thanks Dawn for collecting these cards from your customers. They are awesome!
  73. Linda W, Kalona IA.....thanks for these beautiful cards!!
  74. Rita B, Minden LA.....thanks for this awesome box of cards!
  75. Betty T, Salina KS......Thanks so much for these awesome cards!!!
  76. Karen F, Cedar Hill TX.....gorgeous cards! Thank you.
  77. Polly P, St Paul MN.....awesome cards! Love your style.
  78. Sandy R, Ballwin MO......thanks so much for these wonderful cards!
  79. Linda Z, St Paul MN.....thanks for these beautiful cards!!
  80. Debbie G, Arlington TX.....another great package of gorgeous cards! Thanks.
  81. Dorothy B and Jane's Jazzy Card Makers.....thanks ladies for this large box of cards!

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I used to live in Merritt Island! Wonder if I know that cardmaker.