Sunday, July 25, 2010

Half and Half Challenge...Halfway through!

In case you've missed it, our challenge through the middle of August: Half and Half! Cards are due by August 14th so we wanted to remind you the challenge is out there! We haven't been inundated with entries yet, so your chances are great at winning one of the prizes pictured here!

Quick review of the details:
Our shippers would love to get some of the holiday cards processed and packed this summer, rather than waiting til fall when they're inundated. Will you help them out?
  1. Challenge cards that arrive with the shippers before Aug 14 qualify for a prize drawing!
  2. Make your package half-holidays (halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, etc) and half-everydays (birthday, love, miss u, thanks) cards....we need to keep shipping this summer, so we don't want those to stop!
  3. During the fall/winter, we would love for our 'regular' cardmakers to help us out with birthday, love, thank you cards to mix in with the massive numbers of Christmas cards we get, since our heroes want a selection; you can make snowman love cards, pumpkin missing you cards, etc so you can use the cool stamps and paper out for the seasons, but if you can help with some of those general themes, it will help keep our boxes moving throughout the fall and winter!

Please help us promote this challenge...only a few weeks remain! Snag the banner below for your blog or website, and link it to

Here are the prizes! Thanks to our cardmakers who have been so generous in offering up goodies to inspire each other.

If you have goodies like these to share with others, you can host a challenge on your own blog, on a forum, or wherever you'd like (post about it on Facebook and our Forum so everyone knows to go there to enter)!


:: Lindy :: said...

I was laying in bed last night thinking about Halloween cards; guess I better get started!

MidnightCrafter said...

Hmmm. What if I make two cards for every S&S challenge... that would be almost 60 cards right there!