Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday: July 15, 2010

Happy Thankful Thursday! Pictured here are one day's packages for Dixie in North Carolina....can you say workload!

We have a request to make of you this week — please take a moment to download our brand new packing slip, and replace the old packing slip you had on file. A few reasons:
  1. We still get a lot of cards using the old Cards for Heroes slip,
  2. well as checks made out to CFH - that won't fly with the bank for much longer!
  3. If you have a packing slip from a challenge that has some addresses on it, some may no longer be with us. (Current shippers are always updated in the Mailroom!) Cards sent to previous shippers may or may not make it to OWH.

While you're downloading that and being ever-more helpful to your shippers by including a packing slip, here are a few other packing-up reminders:
  1. Stamping or labelling the backs of your cards saves enormous time for our shippers. As does lining cards made with dark cardstock, removing all plastic sleeves, and sorting by themes! We may not be able to pay our volunteer shippers, but we can save them time and effort for sure.
  2. If cards are not stamped or labeled, please do NOT tuck them in envelopes. That makes triple the work, taking them out to stamp, then replacing them in envelopes.
  3. Please don't put A2 cards in envelopes larger-than-A2 envelopes. The A2s are the only ones that fit efficiently in our boxes, and the bigger ones cause all sorts of challenges.  
  4. Don't forget the other guidelines - like no glitter! As we get toward the holidays, we want to be sure no one forgets that.

And now...on to the list of cardmakers who've sent us their 8,256 beautiful creations this week!

  1. Thank you Aetna Infrastructure Technology Services and Lauri I. of Hamden, CT for these FOUR big boxes of beautiful cards! Wow! I'm blown away!
  2. Thanks Kathy W and all the Scrappin Kats in Cullman, AL for this fabulous box of cards! Think of all the lives these cards will touch! Awesome!
  3. Many thanks Terri D of Lewiston, ME for the cards and donation! I neeeed that web embossing folder!
  4. Thank you Dolores A of Frederick, MD for the cards, hero mail, and generous donation! Love the card with the red car! I want one of those to drive!
  5. Lina W, Hampton VA, thanks so much for the cuuuuute cards! Love these!
  6. Phyllis and the Lincoln Hills Paper Arts Group - another wonderful batch of cards, thank you so very much!!
  7. Thanks, Janet G of Clermont, FL for the cards and donation! Awesome job on these cards!
  8. Thank you to the children at Lafayette Presbyterian Church in Tallahassee, FL!! Great job!
  9. Thanks bunches, Jessica W of St. Petersburg, FL! Awesome cards for our heroes to send!
  10. Thanks, Debbie K of Burke, VA for the cards, donation, and hero mail! Love the masculine cards! I never have enough of those!
  11. Thank you Cindee N of Harrisburg, PA for the cards and donation! LOVE the cards with the fall wreathes!
  12. OH, MY! Thank you to the Wingdoodle Store in Warner, NH! You sent three awesome boxes of cards! Thanks to EVERYONE!!!
  13. Thank you to Donna D and Heather V and the people who attended the OWH Event at Landry Vineyards in West Monroe, LA! Sooo many beautiful cards!! Thanks for the hero mail too!
  14. Thank you Donna D. and Heather V. and ALL who participated at the OWH Event at ABS in Monroe, LA!! Lots of pretty cards and hero mail! Awesome!!
  15. Thank you to the Pre-K Classes of Farmville Elementary in Monroe, LA! Your messages and coloring are adorable, and our heroes will love them!
  16. Brenda H and Noelle M, Post Falls ID - thanks so much for the packet of beautiful cards! They're just lovely!
  17. Dana J, Battleground WA - your cards are adorable, thanks so much...and your donation is frosting on the cake!
  18. Leigh E, Houston, and Nancy R, Fort Worth, TX....I am so impressed with your beautiful cards---our heroes will be too! Bless you for the generous donation as well!
  19. Ann W, Knoxville TN - WOW! You are one amazing lady. Thank you so much for the incredible box filled to the brim with cards!
  20. Thank you Judge M of Monroe, LA for your generous donation!
  21. Thank you Sara B. of Harrisburg, NC for these awesome cards! Love the flowers!!
  22. Thanks Caro H of Mint Hill, NC!! Another collection of pretty cards for our heroes! Awesome! Thank too for the hero mail!
  23. Thanks Marianne K. of Harrisburg, NC for these great cards for our heroes to send to family! Awesome!
  24. Thanks, Lori R of Springfield, VA for another box of pretty cards! I love the flowers on the flip flops! Too cute!
  25. Thank you Marge M of Wayne, NJ for the cards! They make me "Toadily happy!"
  26. Jan H, Parker AZ...I just LOVE your style, girl! Thanks so much for the prizes too!
  27. Jeanne J, Keno OR - wow, what a box of cards, thank you so much!
  28. Julie and everyone at Compassionate Cards, thank you so much! These are beautiful cards.
  29. Theresa D, Kent WA - love your cards so much...and how they show up so regularly on my porch!! Thank you!
  30. Rachel D, Hillsboro OR, your cards are so cute, thank you so much!
  31. Esther E, Vancouver WA - thanks for the great cards for the signing!
  32. Sandy F, Irvine CA - thanks for your awesome package of challenge cards!
  33. Thank you Robin S. of Parma, OH!! Awesome cards! I can tell your art comes from your heart! Military moms rock!
  34. Thank you Sherry H. of Arlington, VA for the cards and the generous donation! Your cards are great, and I love your digi card!
  35. Thank you, Linda G of Ypsilanti, MI for the cards and donation! "Back to School" cards will be going out soon!
  36. Thanks, Lisa N of Marysville, OH for these gorgeous cards and generous donation! LOVE the dragon card!!
  37. Thank you St. Peter Lutheran Church and Robyn L of North Judson, IN for these terrific cards for our military heroes!
  38. Thank you, Kateri B of Canajoharie, NY!! I love Halloween cards!! Makes me think fall's just around the corner!
  39. Thank you Lynda R of Norcross, GA for the many cards and for the letters to Soldiers!
  40. Thank you Mavis S. of Knoxville, TN!! Awesome cards for our heroes to send home to their families!
  41. Many thanks to the Peace Speakers of Collinsville, AL! What terrific cards you sent for our heroes! Thank you too for the generous donation!
  42. Thank you Linda W. in Mesa, AZ!!! LOVE your cards! Thank you too for the donation, the hero mail, and the candy! Our heroes will love that!
  43. Thank you to the SCAL Users Group and Deloris T of West Salem, OH! You people send awesome cards for our heroes! So talented!
  44. Thank you Lauren L of Plainfield,IL for another box chock full of cards for our heroes! Awesome!
  45. Thank you Robin S and Memory Lane in Souderton, PA! What a wonderful box of cards! So many awesome designs! I loved looking at all of them!
  46. Deloris T, W Salem your cards, please tell the users group a huge thank you!
  47. Kristie S, Bakersfield, CA, thanks for this super package of cards...they're so cute!
  48. Tami W, Salem OR - thanks, I always need more AnyHero cards!!
  49. Anita A, Turlock CA - great half and half cards, thanks SO much for your donation too!! You rock!
  50. Carol M, Itasca IL......thanks for the great cards.
  51. Rosalie R, Macomb MI......Another great package of cards..THANKS!
  52. Mary D and Daughters of American Revolution.....thanks for these wonderful cards and Any Hero letters.
  53. Megan B, San Marcos TX.....thanks for the great cards...Love them!
  54. Beverly D, Rochester NY.....thanks so much for these beautiful cards and Any Hero notes.
  55. Debby M, Las Cruces NM......fabulous cards!! Love them!!
  56. Betty T, Salina KS.....another FABULOUS box of cards and Any Hero letters. THANKS!
  57. Susan D, Tinley Park IL.....thanks so much for these very pretty cards!!!
  58. Rita D, Charlevoix MI.....GORGEOUS!! Love these cards!!
  59. Sandra R, Ballwin MO....thank you for these wonderful cards!!
  60. Christina S, Coon Rapids MN......another great package of cards! Thanks.
  61. Sara H, Mabank TX....GORGEOUS!! These are wonderful cards!
  62. Kelli D, Paragould AR.....thanks for another awesome package of cards!!
  63. Liz B, Cedar Lake IN....thank you for great package of cards.
  64. Donna M, Gun Barrel City TX.....thank you for these wonderful cards!!
  65. Carole B, Allen TX.....thanks so much for these great cards.
  66. Debby P, Buffalo MO.....FABULOUS cards!! Love your style!
  67. Bridgette B, Breaux Bridge LA.....wonderful cards! Thanks for sharing them with OWH!
  68. Thank you Jean K of Hanover, MA for the beautiful box of cards for our heroes! Awesome job! Thanks to for the hero mail and the generous donation!
  69. Mary I, Bothell WA - what a lovely first package of cards...thanks for getting the folks at the shower and bbq to sign cards! Your donation is a huge help, thanks!!
  70. Donna D, Monroe LA - wow, thank you for the generous donation!! You're making a huge difference for our heroes!
  71. Thank you Bobbi A of Dayton, OH!! Awesome cards! Love the flip flop cards and the truck cards! Too cute! Thanks too for the donation!
  72. Thanks Judy K in Orfordville, WI! Great cards! generous donation! Love the lattice punched cards! My favorite!
  73. Thank you Mary H of Windham ME!! Awesome cards! Generous donation! I love the Love Bird cards. Clever design!
  74. Mary S, Lenexa KS.....AWESOME CARDS! Thanks for dropping them off at my house.
  75. Joyce B and residents at Woodside Lutheran Home.....WOW! What a great package of awesome cards!! Thank you so much.
  76. Brenda R, East Bethel MN......gorgeous!! Thanks so much.
  77. Jacqueline P and Daisy Troop 42000, Plymouth MN......thanks so much girls for these great Any Hero cards! Great Job!
  78. Cindy M, Normal IL..... thanks for another great package of cards!!!
  79. Karen H, Schofield WI.....thanks so much for this wonderful package of cards! Much appreciated!
  80. Susan S, Grove City OH......thanks for another awesome package of cards and donation!!
  81. Martha G and Crosses Community Church.....thank you for taking the time to make these great cards for our heroes.
  82. Amy S and CVS/Caremark.....thanks to you and your fellow coworkers for putting these great cards together for us!!
  83. Maude B, Las Cruces NM......another awesome package of cards! THANKS!!
  84. Patricia J, Killeen TX......thanks for these awesome cards!!!

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Dolores A. said...

I thought Sandy got the brunt of the mail since the west coast has more cardmakers.... but seeing Dixie's load here shows that the east coast is doing pretty well too! The shippers are wonderful to do all the hard work needed to keep the cards moving, while we have the fun of creating them.
Hugs to everyone!