Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday: July 29, 2010

Welcome to this Thankful Thursday...hope you have plenty to be grateful for! We have so many cardmakers we're so appreciative of're all amazing! This week: 7373 cards came in! This pile pictured is just a sampling of the recycle pile—two weeks worth of packages!

We also ordered more A2 envelopes this week - 20,000 of them! (Check this post if you want a sense of scale, to see just how big a stack would be!) There are positives and negatives to that's a plus because it means cardmakers can send in cards without envelopes; for some of you that's a huge help in this tight economy. However, for our shippers, it's a scary thing to think about just how many hours of tucking are involved with that many envelopes, especially with the volume of holiday shipping coming our way.

Consider the envelope math:
If it takes 10 seconds to remove a card from a box, turn it over, stamp it, tuck the back into the envelope, fold the flap back, and put it in a sorted pile - then 10sec x 20,000 envelopes = 200,000 seconds. Divide that by 60 and you'll get 3,333 minutes. Divide that by 60, and that box of 20,000 envelopes represents 55 hours of labor. Just labor associated with those envelopes alone. That's on top of the other duties a shipper performs:
Triage (glitter, unlined dark cards, things falling apart, dealing with oversized cards)
Untucking unstamped cards, removing plastic sleeves
Reporting each and every donation from information on the packing slip
Emailing every donor to notify them the cards arrived
Counting cards that came in a package with no packing slip
Packing up the boxes - customs forms, letter to the hero, sorting and reading AnyHero mail
And considering we place an order this large every couple months or more, you get a little idea of why we ask for your help in packaging up your cards to be the most help for our shippers! The biggest assistance you can provide is making sure your cards have Operation Write Home on the back—that alone makes our lives a lot easier! And when a box arrives stamped, tucked, and sorted by type....well that's like Christmas morning to our shippers :) Thanks for all you do to help!

And now without further ado...thank you to this week's cardmakers and financial donors!
  1.  Mary Jane R, Collinsville IL, thank you for your generous donation!
  2. Victoria L, Cullowhee NC - you did it again, so many darling cards for kids! Thank you.
  3. Rosalie R, Macomb MI.....Fabulous!! Thanks so much!
  4. Shirley F, Defiance MO.....what a wonderful package of gorgeous cards! Thanks!
  5. Janis D, Olustee OK......WOW! Fabulous your style.
  6. Thank you, Amber M. of Midland, MI!! Awesome cards! Generous donation! Love your designs!!
  7. Thank you Bill and Kim P. of Lakewood, OH for this nice collection of cards and generous donation for shipping! Awesome!
  8. Thanks, Angie G and Denise T of Greenbelt, MD for these awesome cards and generous donation! Thanks for sending such a nice variety of sentiments!
  9. Thank you, Dona V. and Sherry M. of Millersburg, OH!! Awesome cards! Love the fish and the Halloween cards! Awesome!
  10. Thank you Jill B. of Hamburg, PA for the awesome cards and the generous donation! Our heroes will love these!
  11. Janis P, Huntington Beach CA - I can't believe these pretty cards were made by all those kids! Please tell them they did an amazing job!
  12. Thank you Melissa G., Kristen R., Michelle R., and Tammy R. of United Health Care in Hartford, CT for the huge box of cards for our heroes! Awesome job ladies!
  13. Janice A, Bountiful UT, thanks so much for your pretty cards, and your awesome donation! You made my day :)
  14. SuzAnn H, Salt Lake City UT - thanks so much, your cards are adorable!
  15. Dee M, Puyallup WA - wow on all your great cards! Thanks for using your talents for our heroes :)
  16. Another BIG thank you to the ladies who make such beautiful cards and drop them off at Stamper's Alley in Mooresville, NC!!
  17. Thank you Pat Q of Bethel Park, PA! Another box of awesome cards for our heroes! Just beautiful!
  18. Thank you Diane V of Manchester, TN for these terrific works of art for our troops! Great Christmas cards!!
  19. Sheila G, Puyallup WA - your cricut cards are just PRECIOUS! We so need a tutorial from you :) Thanks for the donation too!!!
  20. Marcia M, Cedar Hill MO.....thanks for another package of wonderful cards!
  21. Thank you Paula P. of Bellvue, OH for these yummy cards for our heroes! Great use of fruit on cards!!!
  22. Thank you Meredtith T. of Zephyrhills, FL!! Awesome cards and Hero Mail! LOVE these yummy cupcake cards!
  23. Thanks, Martha C. of Zephyrhills, FL for the cards and the Hero Mail! I love the clever "Back to School" cards!
  24. Melanie L, Everet WA, thanks so much for this great package of cards - they're beautiful!
  25. Melinda B and friends, Tulare CA -- thanks so much for your great package of cards...our heroes will love them!
  26. Thank you Jane P. of Ballston SPA, NY!! What pretty cards you sent! LOVE the birds!
  27. Becky and Marilea, Elk Grove CA - your mojo hasn't disappeared, it's right back on track! Lovely cards as always!
  28. Anne and everyone at Venture in RV Resort Crafters, Show Low AZ...thanks so much, these cards are all fantastic! The AnyHero cards are going to be such a treat - and your donation is a blessing!
  29. Carol P, Peoria AZ, I love your cards, and our heroes will too! Thanks so much for the donation and AnyHero love too! :)
  30. Denise L, Arroyo Grande CA, your cards are just so pretty, thank you so much!
  31. Thank you Laurie W. of Evans, GA for another collection of beautiful cards! Our heroes will love these! Awesome!
  32. Thank you Tawnya B. of Middletown, OH for the gorgeous cards and the more than generous donation! You rock!!!
  33. Thank you to the Preceptor Delta Tau Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Sorority in Bradenton, FL!! What a terrific collection of cards!
  34. Thank you Carolynn W. of South Stafford, VT for the cards and the donation! So many cute designs! Well done!
  35. Many thanks Wendy L of Circleville, OH for the cards and donation! LOVE seeing the snowmen in July! Awesome!
  36. Thank you Lori R of Springfield, VA for these terrific cards! Your cards for kids are AWESOME!!
  37. Thank you Elizabeth S. of New Canaan, CT! These "Back to School" cards are awesome. There's something for every age!
  38. Debby P, Buffalo MO - thank you for your monthly donations - you're wonderful!
  39. Sue K, Tucson AZ, this box is just chock full of beautiful creations, thank you so much!
  40. Kate M, Bossier City LA - wowsers!! So many beautiful cards and AnyHero cards...and such a generous donation!! Thank you!!
  41. Thank you Lynn P. of Charlotte, NC for the large collection of cards for our heroes. Love the "Have a ball on your birthday" cards!
  42. Thank you Amy P. of Harrisburg, NC!! Awesome cards for our heroes! Clever designs!
  43. Many thanks, Dawn for the super collection of cards! So many for children! Awesome! Thanks too for the generous shipping donation!
  44. Thank you Danyse K of Charlotte, NC for the cards as well as the pens and bookmarks for the troops! Also thanks to the VBS of the 1st Christian Church D.O.C. for all the Hero Mail! Awesome!!
  45. T.D, Rexburg ID - thanks so very much for your encouraging AnyHero cards!!
  46. Betty T, Salina KS - love these cards! Kris was right :)
  47. Elaine T, Lake Stevens WA - such pretty cards, WOW! Love your stitched kitty for halloween. Great job!!
  48. Susan S, Santa Ana CA - I love your crafty style! And I know our heroes will to. Thanks so much!
  49. Alice C, Gardners PA - thanks for the great cards...and all the goodies!!
  50. Debbie and the Peace Lutheran Church cardmakers - wow, you did some beautiful work! Thanks for the cards - and the generous donation!
  51. Many thanks, Nancy F. of Trexlertown, PA for these gorgeous cards! Thank you too for the donation and hero mail. Awesome
  52. Thank you Mary F. of Pasadena, MD!! Beautiful cards! I really needed these anniversary cards! Thanks too for the donation for shipping!
  53. Thank you Wendy S. of Raleigh, NC for the cards, hero mail, and generous donation! Terrific designs!
  54. Thank you Larie M. of Live Oak, FL! What an awesome collection of cards for our heroes! Well done!
  55. Thank you Michelle F. of Niles, OH! Awesome cards! Love the "Cool Beans" card!
  56. Thank you Mary C. of Virginia Beach, VA!! Lots of pretty cards! Thanks too for the generous donation!
  57. Thanks Dolores A. of Frederick, MD for "owl" you do for our heroes! Awesome cards!
  58. Thanks to the Lambda Psi Delta Sorority, Inc and Isabel V. of Union City, NJ for the cards!
  59. Thank you Rhonda Sof Danville, KY for the cards and the Hero Mail! Awesome!
  60. Stephanie W, Magnolia TX.....thanks for these beautiful cards...just the themes I was needing.
  61. Lisa P, N Kingstown RI......thanks for these beautiful cards! Love them!
  62. Roberta O, Lafayette IN.....another awesome package of cards! Thanks!
  63. Barb K, Escanaba MI......these are beautiful! Thanks so much for sending them in.
  64. Kristen H, Palatine IL....thanks for these awesome cards!
  65. Melisa T, Atoka TN......a wonderful package of grea cards! Thank you.
  66. Judy B, Cleburne TX.....another box of fabulous cards! Thanks so much.
  67. Marcia M and friends, Cedar Hill MO.....thanks for these two wonderful boxes of cards!!
  68. Jennifer M, Marshfield WI......FABULOUS!! Love your style...these are awesome!
  69. Shirley G, Carbondale IL.....Welcome to OWH! This was a great package of cards! Thank you.
  70. Polly P, St Paul MN......LOL, I just love your cards!!! Thanks!!
  71. Phyllis G, St Paul MN......thank you for these very pretty cards!!
  72. Toni B, Lincoln NE......WOW! Three large wonderful boxes of cards! You sure have been busy....thanks!
  73. Melanie G and Dianne B, Pocatello ID - fannnnntastic cards, thank you so much! Your donation is a real blessing :)

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