Friday, July 30, 2010

Tip: Halloween Cards for OWH

Just realized we hadn't reiterated this tip this halloween season...and this little card from Elaine came in and was so inspiring, that it's a perfect example to share! Isn't it sweet? Love it!

The tip: We encourage you to stay away from "death" and "skulls and crossbones" for your halloween cards. Happy little ghosties and skeletons are fine, and there are even some silly skulls (add some wiggly eyes and you can cheer up just about anything!)...... but some of the stamps and papers out there can be pretty gloomy....and while our heroes may love all the spooky side of the holiday, and their families as well, we would still like to stay on the 'happy' side of halloween. Why? Well, if something unfortunately happened to one of our heroes, and a gloomy card was the final communication between them and their family—you get the idea? We want to help that be a positive memory for all concerned! Thanks for your help!


Cindy's Card Co said...

That card is awesome, wish I could sew.

Donna said...

Super cute! I'd love to get hold of that pattern.

mmwilken said...

I agree with not making gloomy Halloween cards. They have enough as it is. They have such cute Halloween digit's and paper, that you can make them pretty and cute. Thanks for sharing the cute card!!

Teresa Kline said...

I will be sending out my cards Monday....half general, missing you the other half fall/Halloween, Christmas....thanks again ladies for all you do, may you be blessed for your hard work!

enjoy *~*