Sunday, August 22, 2010

Birthday Bash our Card-a-thon!

Many of you have been asking how the planning is coming - and it's been fabulous! We have sites lined up across the web who are sharing in the celebration!

Birthday Bash Parties
Check out the parties already signed up on the calendar - are you going to add one for your state? Will we have one in every state in the Union? How cool would THAT be! Remember, you don't have to get a big location at a VFW with 50 people - it can be getting together with 2 or 3 friends! Your event doesn't have to be open to the public either....we just want everyone to enjoy celebrating our birthday together with crafty friends! Here's the list of towns we currently know about:
  1. Cullman AL
  2. Huntsville AL
  3. Jonesboro AR
  4. Phoenix AZ
  5. Parker AZ
  6. Elk Grove, CA
  7. Longmont CO
  8. Newington CT
  9. Gainesville FL
  10. Boise ID
  11. Romeoville IL
  12. Bossier City LA
  13. Whitinsville MA
  14. Gobles MI
  15. Raleigh NC
  16. Bismarck ND
  17. Waverly NE
  18. New York NY
  19. Ithaca NY
  20. Pulaski TN
  21. Spicewood TX
  22. Warrenton VA
  23. Auburn WA
  24. Edgerton WI
  25. Germany
No party? Have your own Card-a-thon!
You can still celebrate, but do it on your own as you have time throughout the month. It's easy!
  1. Set your goal for the month. Will it be a card a day? Two? 20 a week? Thirty days hath September, so figure out what you think you can accomplish during your own crafting time.
  2. Make your commitment in the Cardathon widget in our blog sidebar at right. We'd love to see how many everyone's got going! **I'm supposed to get a daily report from this fancy widget. If it works, I'll also start a ticker so we can see how many cards are committed for September!
  3. Set up a Firstgiving page, and ask your friends and family to sponsor you per-card, or with a flat rate donation if they'd prefer! 
  4. Plan for success! In August you can get cardstock cut and folded, have envelopes on hand, and stock up on adhesive. We hear rumors that some folks are stamping the backs of their cardstock ahead of time, to save time later!
  5. Be ready to mail your cards in at the end of the month! Pick up flat-rate packaging at the Post Office and label the box with your closest shipper's address
A month of inspiration!
We'll have DAILY inspiration for you on the Stars and Stamps blog throughout September - challenges hosted either on our site or on others around the web. You'll have those to keep you motivated as the days wear on! Facebook fans will get a birthday card every day to feast their eyes on...become a FB fan to get all that creativity served up on your home feed.

Bloggers: Help us spread the word!
Add a badge to your blog for our birthday, and write up a post about your own goal for September to inspire your readers. Give them some of the usual tips as reminders (no glitter, A2 size cards, etc!) and challenge them to join in the fun!

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Sasha Holloway said...

I will definitely do this. We are always sending cards out to the troops here.