Sunday, August 1, 2010

OWH and Old Spice...a perfect combination!

If you're on our OWH email list, you've received this morning's enews - with a link to this totally silly video we've just produced! (And if you haven't seen the original Old Spice ads, you'll definitely enjoy watching them....then re-watch our OWH version!)

The email also contained info about next month's partay!!!!

We have a birthday page with lots of info on it, and we'll be adding more as we get plans firmed up...but here's a little more info on the card-a-thon:

Think of all those walk-a-thons and bike-a-thons you've been a part of. Your friends and family were happy to partner with you to raise money for causes before....why not cardmaking for our heroes? We have holiday shipping coming up and that gets crazy-expensive with all the shipping we'll be doing. So we'd love your help in raising the dollars needed for spreading all the holiday cheer!

You can do this easily online: Decide on a goal for yourself for the month of many cards would you like to make for our heroes in a month's time? Multiply that by an amount per card that you think your friends might give, then multiply that by the number of friends you want to get to donate! Or, you can pick a dollar amount. Boxes cost $12.50 to ship, and 8 boxes will travel for an even $100. Pick a goal, and then go for it!

Then log onto, and set up a page! It's really easy and only takes a few minutes to get going. It'll let you email your friends, the site sets up auto-responses as they donate, and the funds get EFT'd over to OWH. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! 

We'll try to do some regular reporting about how people are doing - the number of fundraising pages set up, how the donations add up together. Help us add to the total so we can get plenty of boxes shipped this holiday season!

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Unknown said...

I should be on the list but the e-mail never came.