Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday: August 12, 2010

Perhaps our blog followers will help us settle a little debate we've had going on Facebook this week!

The background: Sandy sends photos of Ciara, our mascot, in hero letters to our contacts....and the 4th of July portraits have both made the rounds and raised smiles all over the world! A large number of comments have been coming in about the dog photo.'s time to swap that out for a new picture! (Brand new contacts will still get one of these with the lovely patriotic scarf. But our regulars will be needing a replacement photo!)

Which one of these should be sent over next? (These are pictures of Monday's stack of boxes in Washington, with the envelopes on top being Get Well cards for SGT M's surgery this week.)
Mailcall 1
Mailcall 2

Leave a comment below and tell Ciara which one YOU like best!

This week you also get to meet some other canine helpers:
Fenway, Kansas

Mickey, Kansas

Jake, helping Dixie in spirit.... :(

And now on to this week's report...thank you all for your beautiful cards, inspiring AnyHero letters, and your generous donations!

  1. Ms Bizzell, McKinney TX....thanks for these awesome cards! Love the Halloween cards!
  2. Judie F, Coeur d'Alene - wow wow wow! I am just amazed at your beautiful cards, our heroes will love them! And your donations always assure they arrive :) :) :)
  3. Bev C, Sequim WA (and yes I know how to pronounce it! heehee!) Your cards are so cute, thank you sooooo much! The donation is MUCH appreciated...bless you!
  4. Janet L, Stayton OR - thanks so much for your cute cards...they're just wonderful! Your donation will make it possible to keep our boxes going...thanks!
  5. Dawn J, Caldwell ID, your cards are here...and soon will be over there bringing many smiles! Thank you!
  6. Melanie J, Snoqualmie WA, your cards are adorable...thanks for sharing your creativity with our heroes! And your donation're so generous!
  7. Melinda G. of Powell, OH, thank you for these gorgeous "Thinking of You" cards! Awesome!
  8. Laurie W. of Evans, GA, thank you for these terrific cards just for the children of our heroes!
  9. Lisa H of Rockport, MA, thank you for these delicious cards and generous donation! Wow!! Purple!
  10. Thank you Deb K, Carol F., and Judith S. of Glenville, NY for assembling these cards for our heroes! Awesome job!
  11. Debb R. of Scotia, NY, thank you for the cards, hero mail, and donation! Love these "Hello" cards!!
  12. Jessica H. of Needham Heights, MA, thanks for the nice variety of card fronts for our heroes!
  13. Sharon, H of Arlington, VA, you made my day with the punched button wreath! Thanks for the cards, donation, and Hero Mail!
  14. Marian J, Huber Heights OH....these are wonderful! Thanks so much.
  15. Robin H, Onalaska WI....Thanks so much for these fabulous cards, Any Hero notes and donation!
  16. Sharon N and Women of Monroe County, Waterloo IL.....WOW! 6 boxes of fabulous, gorgeous, beautiful Christmas cards! You all ROCK!!
  17. Dena L, St Cloud MN.....these cards are gorgeous! Thanks so you and your customers for making them for us.
  18. Veronica B, Oronogo MO......Awesome cards! Great job surpassing your goal!!
  19. Kiely B, Longmont CO.....Thanks so much for these fabulous cards!!
  20. Ashley L and Braun Heights Ward, San Antonio TX.....thank you for these wonderful Any Hero notes and the beautiful cards. Much appreciated.
  21. Dorothy B and Jazzy Janes Cardmakers, Corpus Christi TX....WOW, ladies these are beautiful. Thank you!!
  22. Rosalie R, Macomb MI....another great package of beautiful cards! Thanks!
  23. Bitsie F, San Angelo TX.....thanks for these awesome cards! Love them.
  24. Janelle K, Aberdeen SD......awesome package! Love your style!
  25. Kim N, Bloomington IN - your cards ROCK! Adorable!
  26. Jill F, Bloomington CA, what a fantastic first box of cards! Our heroes are going to love them! And your AnyHero cards are fantastic too!
  27. Andrea F, La Habra CA, love your cards, they're a rainbow of cheer!
  28. Cheryl Y, South Pasadena CA---your cards are so dang cute! Thank you so much for the fantastic AnyHero cards and generous donation've made a lot of days much brighter!
  29. Sharon L, Fairfield CA, welcome to the addiction of serving our heroes! Great puppy cards :)
  30. Cindy M, Pewaukee WI - congratulations on beating last year's card total - and in AUGUST! Go go go!
  31. Christina W. of Lake Placid, thanks for these great cards and Hero Mail!! Awesome fish!
  32. Sandy J. of Westerville, OH, thank you for the cards! Love the birthday boy cards with the trucks!
  33. Carol B of Saint Alban's, ME, thank you for the beautiful cards for our heroes!
  34. Theresa D, Kent WA, your cards are lovely - thanks for the special one for Sgt M, too! (And tell Thomas he's AWEsome!)
  35. Moriah M. of Stow, MA, thank you for the cards donation, and Hero Mail! I love it when children write notes!
  36. Pamela L. of Mineral Bluff, GA, thank you for the "Thank You" cards!! LOL!! Just what I needed!
  37. Susan A. of Ridgewood, NY, thank you for the Hero Mail!! Pretty cards for heroes!
  38. Dolores A. of Frederick. MD, thank you for the cards, the donation and the hero mail! You're so thoughtful!
  39. Theresa P. of North Canton, OH, awesome cards for our heroes! So creative! Thank you!
  40. Cathy B and employees and their children at COLONIAL LIFE in Columbia, SC, many thanks for the cards and the terrific messages for our military heroes! Well done!
  41. Carol H. of Cincinnati, OH, thank you for the cards, donation, and hero mail! Awesome box of goodies!
  42. Pamela N. of Virginia Beach, VA, thank you for the cards and donation! So many card for kids! Thanks!
  43. Carol B. of Gonzales, LA, thank you for the beautiful cards and generous donation!! Thank you Larry B. for the letters to heroes!!
  44. Pat L. of Voorheesville, NY, thank you for the beautiful cards!! You have an awesome talent! Thanks for sharing it with your coworkers AND our heroes!
  45. Thank you New York State Office of the State Comptroller Volunteer Team in Albany, NY for the greeting cards, hero mail, and generous donation! You all did a fabulous job, and our heroes and their families will love the cards!! You all rock!!
  46. Lynn P. of Charlotte, NC, thank you for the cards!! I needed the "Miss You" cards for kids! Good timing!
  47. Suzette E and Kearney Newcomers, Kearney NE.....what a great package of beautiful cards. THANKS!
  48. Eileen M, Chama NM......fabulous!! Love your style!!
  49. Vicki W and everyone at the Treasured Memories Crop - thank you so much! Your cards are breathtaking - wow!
  50. Jane S and Monica J....darling cards, wow! Thanks so much! Your donation is a blessing too!
  51. Cindy E, El Cajon CA - I love your cards, and our heroes will too. Thanks especially for the ribbon - perfect for an AnyHero cardmaking day I'm planning!
  52. Helen R, New York, NY - love all your spooky cards, these are great!
  53. Lee B, Dalton WI - holy cow! All these boxes from you - have you been up late every night? Great job!! And lots of AnyHero them!
  54. Carolyn L, Darien IL - your cards always make me clean and crisp! Thank you once again!
  55. Cindy B, Dearborn Heights MI - thanks so much for the awesome TALL cards! You rock!
  56. Annette S. Gansevoort NY, thanks for your great package of cards!
  57. To our donor in Idaho Falls ID, thanks so much - your cards are really cute!
  58. Ann W, Knoxville TN - wowsers, you've been busy! So many beautiful cards, thanks!
  59. Patti S, St Louis MO.....thanks for these awesome cards!
  60. Linda M, Marietta GA.....WOW! Awesome cards. Thanks for having them stamped and sorted!
  61. Rosalie R, Macomb MI.....another great package of cards!! Thanks so much.
  62. Lesley T, Kirkwood MO....WOW! great cards in so many themes. THANKS!
  63. Janice B, Houston Tx......thanks so much for these great fall cards!!
  64. Cindy B, Dearborn Heights MI.....what a great box of cards! Love the halloween ones!
  65. Michelle M, Cheyenne WY.....gorgeous cards!! Love them!
  66. Judy B, Cleburn TX....WOW!! These are awesome cards! Thank you!
  67. Sally C, Walcott IA.......thanks for the great box of cards!
  68. Jess, M. of Piscataway, NJ, thank you for the clever cards! All are so unique! Heroes will love sending these!
  69. Dawn L. of Westlake, OH, thank you for the cards and the generous donation for shipping! Awesome cards!!
  70. Jean B. of Meadville, PA for the cards, donation, and Hero Mail! Love the fall cards!!
  71. Doris T. of Carteret, NJ, thank you for the cards and the donation! Well done!
  72. Jane C. of Valdosta, GA, thank you for the terrific cards! So many designs and sentiments!
  73. Valerie H of Farnham, VA, thank you for the cards, hero mail, and donation!! Awesome
  74. Lina W, Hampton VA....thanks for these awesome cards.
  75. Naomi S, Camarillo CA - love your cards, thanks so very much :)
  76. Laura S. of Kerhonkson, NY, thank you for these great cards! I especially like your collection of "Thank You" cards!
  77. Trini S. of Holly Springs, NC, WOW!! What a treasure trove! Thank you for the cards and the generous donation!
  78. Kelly H and students at Grandport Elementary, Ecorse MI......thank you so much for taking some time this summer to write these wonderful letters to our heroes. They will love them!
  79. Sharon N and ladies of Waterloo IL.......WOW! Two more awesome boxes of cards. That's 8 boxes in 10 days!! You all rock. Fabulous Christmas cards!!
  80. Valerie R, Nancy W, SandraM and Jennifer K, Lawton awesome first box of cards! Love them. Welcome to OWH!!
  81. Diane S, Gallatin TN......thanks so much for these fabulous cards!!
  82. Lori D, Albuquerque NM.....WOW! Fantastic cards!!! Love them.
  83. Debby P, Buffalo MO......another awesome package of cards! Thank you.
  84. Emily W, Marissa IL......awesome cards! Thanks so much.
  85. Donna K, Gainesville MO......Fabulous cards!!!
  86. To our anonymous donor in Milwaukee OR - thanks so much! Please email Sandy so we can get your name in our system - thanks!
  87. Lindy C of Seattle WA - I love your cards!! So darned cute....and your donation and AnyHero cards are much appreciated!
  88. Kay W, Chattanooga TN - thanks so very much for your generous donation!
  89. Paula P of Bellevue, OH, thank you for the terrific cards and generous donation! What cute designs!
  90. Denise I. of Williamsville, NY, thank you for lining and matching envelopes and organizing and shipping these cards! Thank you too for the donation! You rock!
  91. Monica D. of Hendersonville, TN, thank you for the pretty cards and the Hero Mail! Love kids cards to heroes!
  92. Donna H. of Seekonk, MA, thanks for the cards and donation! Love your Christmas designs! Let it snow!
  93. Debra K. of Burke, VA, awesome cards, donation and hero mail! Thank you for all!!
  94. Karen C. of Union Bridge, MD, thanks for the "Thinking of You" cards!! Beautifully done!
  95. Erica C. in Kenmore, NY, thanks for the cards, donation, and hero mail! Awesome designs! Love the Thanksgiving paper and cards!
  96. Jan R. of Akron, OH, thank you for these gorgeous cards! They are all gorgeous! Thank you too for the donation!
  97. Marianne K. of Harrisburg, NC, thank you for the cards! Love the Christmas cards!
  98. Anonymous, Dassel MN.....a wonderful box of cards with no name so I don't know who to thank. If it's yours....thank these!


Cindy's Card Co said...

I vote for mailcall 2

Patti C said...

My vote is for mailcall 2!

Cyn said...

I vote for the 2nd one Mailcall 2!

Sherry Hickey said...

Mailcall 2!

Anonymous said...

Deffinately #2. She blends into the carpet too much on the #1 photo.

Unknown said...

Mail Call #2. She looks heroic herself in that pose!

Unknown said...
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Carol L said...

oh, definitely mail call 2!!! Who wouldn't want to be greeted with a darling expression like that? Big hugs to you Ciara!!! (and your friends) :D

ThePurplePlace said...

My vote goes to Mail Call 2! Cute pictures...thanks for sharing!1


Rufus said...

So far it's unanimous! #2!!

Unknown said...

#2 because Ciara is looking right at us.

Jennifer Martin said...

Mailcall 2

Doris T. said...

how adorable! I vote for mailcall2. Doris :)